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  • 1. FAIRNESS AT PLAY SAIRAM ENGINEERING COLLEGE,CHENNAI. TEAM MATES Raguraman.A Rajakumar.A.C Bala Kumara.R Surya Teja.P Siddharth.H
  • 2. Scope of the problem Many people in India refrain from casting their vote, foregoing their democratic duty due to lack of faith the prevailing election system. The first step towards choosing the right leader is willingness to cast vote. Elections are conducted to select right leaders who are capable to lead the country through fair and democratic means. Problems faced during Election Booth capturing Malpractices such as casting another people votes A People’s leader can only solve all the problems existing in the nation so by increasing the security at the polling booth so that they can choose their true original leader Overcrowding of booth thereby leading to riots Reason for selecting this theme We need to intensify the election process so that the smart thinking groups dreams end as a dream In order to make the election process more easy, transparent and simple, we have chosen this topic.
  • 3. Quick view of Proposed Solution 1 . Electronic voting machine via finger impression system or Retina scan system 2. Time scheduling for casting their vote 3. SMS alert for people immediately after casting their vote 6.Voting during holidays 4. Server connection to all electoral machines at the booths so that if the booth is captured the counting at that booth will stopped via server immediately 5.Campaign timing from 6.00pm to 9.00pm only 7.Avoiding free issue of materials to the public
  • 4. The same person cannot cast the vote again if tried the machine displays that you have already casted your vote The advanced electronic voting machine opens pnly with the fingerprint impression of the voter which is linked to the server containing all details Details of the voter should be collected with the fingerprint impression with bio-metric fingerprint scanner Bio-metric finger print impression method The voting process will be continued only after the situation is overviewed by the officials This can be achieve by connecting all the voting machines through a server This will be overviewed by a person and if there is any sign of malpractice then the voting machine will be disconnected from the office A surveillance cam will be placed at all the polling booths Server Connection Description about the proposed solution
  • 5. The number of people in an area can be divided and according to their allotted time they can come to the booth and cast their vote To avoid this, the voters should cast their vote at allotted time for him. Over crowding in the booths leads to the riots which will be uncontrollable in some conditions Time scheduling If a voter receives a message before casting the vote then the voter could file a complaint to the Election commission of India A alert message will be sent to the voter stating “Thanks for casting your vote” after the vote has been casted SMS Alert
  • 6. By reducing the campaign time will decrease the buying of votes by giving sophisticated items & more violations to be prevented. Reducing campaign time Avoid free issuing of materials By stopping the free issuing may reduce the tax which is additionally imposed on the people as a burden or that tax amount can be used for the development of the country. Voting during government holidays By keeping the election on the holidays, increase the percentage of peoples casting their votes.
  • 7. Merits of the proposed solution 1.Significantly reducing malpractice during voting 2.Server connection for security purpose 3.The sms alert can provide correct information to the public. 4.A person can cast his/her vote only once in that election at any circumstances. 5. If the machine is being Hacked via server the voting machine shutdowns automatically. 6. The percentage of voting will be maximum on keeping it on holidays
  • 8. This should be funded by the Government of India The Advanced Electronic voting machine costs around 7500 INR to 8000 INR(approx) India needs around 20 lac advanced voting machine Financial resource The total cost for the machine is 1600,00,00,000 INR
  • 9. Human resource A separate group should function for server security purpose to activate and deactivate the machine. New force / commission should be formed under the control of Election Commission for monitoring the whole process in all the stages (i.e. campaign,petetion &during polling times) It should have a individual power to do its work without any destruction of ruling & opposing parities of government.
  • 10. Impacts of the Solution It increases the % turnout for voting It helps in reducing the malpractices It helps to conduct the election in a smooth manner
  • 11. The machine should be prevented from hacking ,damage & periodic maintanence is needed. Challenges of the solutions The voters should be aware of the basics of our ADVANCED ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE The cost of the system is very high as compared to the old method Technological Financial Technological prevention