Srujana Industrial Marketing Associates, Hyderabad, Machine Tool Bearing


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The renowned and trusted name of supplying branded products of CENLUB, Poly Fluoro Ltd, Kushako Pneumatics (India) Sign Age such as Pump-Hand Pump Without Reservoir- Model H-7, Hand Pump With Reservoir Model H-250-4 A, Hand Pump With Reservoir Model H-250-4, Hand Pump With Reservoir Model H-600-6, Manual Grease Pump-Model GP 15-6, Manual Grease Pump- Model AHGP-700/CLHA-50, Pneumatic Grease Pump- Model PNGP 15-10..

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Srujana Industrial Marketing Associates, Hyderabad, Machine Tool Bearing

  1. 1. ONE STOP SHOP We can meet your demands for Quality, Price & Service.
  2. 2. - Who We Are - SRUJANA is the renowned and trusted name of suppling branded products of CENLUB, Polyfluoro Ltd,Kushako Pneumatics (India) SignAge. The company was incorporated in the year 1992 and is synonymous for quality Lubrication Products. CENLUBwhich stands for Centralised lubrication system for Machine / Machine Tools. We are the Authorised Distributors & Representatives for CENLUB products in Andhra Pradesh. POLYFLUORO LTD : Machine Tool Bearing Division We are the Authorised Distributors of Polyfluoro for linear surface bearing Material for Machine Tool Guide ways Kushako Pneumatics (India) : Air Filter Regulator Lubricators& Valves. We are the Authorised Distributors for FRL Units & Solenoid Valves Sign Age Products : Machine Too Guide Way Protection. We are the distributors of Machine tool Guide Way Protection like Bellows, Telescopic covers, Apron covers etc.
  3. 3. MACHINE TOOL LUBRICATION EQUIPMENT-Centralized Lubrication SystemSingle Shot Type: IntroductionSingle Shot Centralised Lubrication System for MACHINE/ MACHINE TOOLS is an efficent and safe method for a predetermind amount of oil to be delivered at various lubrication points of a Machine/Equipment from a centralised source. It is a TOTAL LOSS SYSTEM and does not require any return line for collection of used oil. Advantage: 1. Pump-Hand Pump Without Reservoir- Model H-7 Hand Pump With Reservoir Model H-250-4 A Hand Pump With Reservoir Model H-250-4 Hand Pump With Reservoir Model H-600-6
  4. 4. MACHINE TOOL LUBRICATION EQUIPMENT-Single Shot Centralised Grease Progressive Lubication System: This System basically comprises: 1) PUMPING UNIT It can be either manually operated, pneumatically operated or motorised. The function of this pump is, to deliver calculated amount of grease on each stroke of the handle/pneumatic cycle/minute. Manual Grease PumpModel GP 15-6 Manual Grease PumpModel AHGP-700/CLHA-50 Pneumatic Grease PumpModel PNGP 15-10 Motorized Grease Pump
  5. 5. MACHINE TOOL LUBRICATION EQUIPMENTS-Centralised Lubrication System for Sugar & Allied Plants: Srujana Industrial Marketing Associates offers some branded versions of lubricating mill bearing. These includes Radial Lubrication System, Progressive Single Line System, Double Line Lubrication System, Gear Box Lubrication etc. Radial Lubrication System (Multiline Point) Progressive Single Line System Double Line Lubrication System Gear Box Lubrication
  6. 6. MACHINE & TOOL LUBRICATOR-MIST & SPRAY Lubrication System: Srujana Industrial Marketing Associates is the prime supplier of MIST or SPRAY Lubrication System which includes Spray Lubrication, High Pressure Intermittent MIST, OIL and Air Lubrication and Cooling System. Spray Lubrication High Pressure Intermittent MIST OIL Plus Air Lubrication Oil Plus Air Lubricating And Cooling System
  7. 7. PLANT LUBRICATION SYSTEM-Centralised Lubrication System-Multi-Line Radial Type: SIMA is the leading supplier of Centralised Lubrication System-Multi-line. In this type of system Multi Plunger Pumps at high pressure discharges oil or grease individually and delivers meterd quantity of the Oil/ Grease to the Lubrication points. This System is meant for intermittent cycle, however can run continuously also. The dose of the pump is adjustable. Miniature Radial Lubricator Progressive Block ARSeries Progressive Block LPBSeries Multi Line Radial Lubricator
  8. 8. PLANT LUBRICATION SYSTEM- Dual Line Lubrication System: Dual Line Lubrication System are basically of 2 Type: (1) Loop Type (2) End Type 1) Loop Type : In the loop type system lubrication line starts from pump and ends at the pump covering all the points in the loop form. At the end pressure building is sensed by special valve and the line changes from I to II. Motorised Grease Pumping Station Dose Feeders Hydraulic Over Pressure Reversing Valve (For Loop Type) Electrical Change Over Valve (For End Type)
  9. 9. VEHICLE LUBRICATION: Srujana Industrial Marketing Associates is the leading supplier of various lubrication systems for oil & Grease to serve the industrial applications for the last 15 years. Being pioneer in this field and following the motto of friction free running of industries, CENLUB is venturing out for the chassis lubrication of vehicles and earthmoving equipments in an efficient manner. VEHICLE LUBRICATIONManual Grease Pump Model CIL-GP-700 Vehicle LubricatorElectrically Operated Pump Of 12v/24v Dc VEHICLE LUBRICATIONSystem of Prograssive Distribution Chasis Lubrication of Bus/Truck
  10. 10. Guideway Protection System: The basic design comprises the M/V guideway pair and angled flat cages containing needle rollers or cylindrical rollers and is a linear locating bearing. Bellows Apron Covers Roll Way Covers Telescopic Covers
  11. 11. AIR FILTER & REGULATOR: Srujana Industrial Marketing Associates is the authorised and leading supplier of all Kushako products for Air Filter, Air Regulator, Air Lubricator etc. AIR FILTERS AIR REGULATOR Air Lubricator Air Filter Regulator Combination
  12. 12. FRL Units and Solenoid Valves: Srujana Industrial Marketing Associates is the major supplier of FRL Units and Solenoid Valves in Local and national level. FRL Units Solenoid Valves With Twin Outletsand Double Coil Solenoid Valves
  13. 13. Conveying & Material Handling Application: Srujana Industrial Marketing Associates is the leading supplier of Conveying & Material Handling Application. It offers Magnetic Cooling Filters, Paper Band cum Magnetic Coolant Filters, Chip Conveyor, Magnetic Plain Sheet Type Conveyor and Power Pack Filters in all over Andhra Pradesh and India. Magnetic Coolant Filters Paper Brand Cum Magnetic Coolant Filters Chip Conveyor Magnetic Plain Sheet Type Conveyor
  14. 14. Chip Conveyor: Our organization offers an extensive range of Chip Conveyor, which is available in magnetic, cleat and scrape. These are designed using advance technology to enable automatic removal of ferrous material such as chips, turnings & small parts. Further the finest stainless steel conveying surface helps to eliminates surface deflection & protects magnets from any damage. Hinged Belt Conveyors Hinged Belt Designs Belt Conveyors Chip Conveyors
  15. 15. Clutches Breakes & Telescopic Brushes: Clutches & Brakes play an important role in torque transmission and they provide a positive and step less control to delicate or high powered machinery. They are mainly used where the change of speed and feed are essential to enhance the efficiency and synchronize the various mechanical movements. Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes Wet Type Clutch Plates Telescopic Brushes And Inserts Fail Safe Disc Brakes Mechanical Clutches
  16. 16. Turcite & Lubring: Srujana Industrial Marketing Associates is he authorised supplier of Throttle Valves & Tucites. Turcite Lubring Oil Free Polymer Bearings Bridge Bearings
  17. 17. Hydraulic Equipment: The A.H.S-Series hydraulic system offers accuracy, efficiency and reliability in an extremely quite system. All the hydraulic directional valves and proportional valve are compact installed on the manifold, to reduce the pipe network required. Hose Pipe & Pressure Switch Hydraulic Fittings Multi Tube Clamps Hydraulic Spares
  18. 18. Machinery Spares: We are supplying a wide range of Machinery Spare Parts, Government Sector Machinery & Spares which is customized as per the specifications of our clients. These are in compliance with various industrial standards. Clutches, Plates, Brakes & Brushes Pressure Guage Telescopic Brushes Clutch Plates
  19. 19. GROZ Oiling Equipments: Leading Supplier and Distributor from Hyderabad, our product range includes GROZ Oiling Equipments such as Rotary Barrel Pump, Lever Grease Gun-Heavy Duty, Clear Tube Pistol Grease Gun, Bucket Grease Pumps and Air Operated Grease Ratio Pumps. Rotary Barrel Pump Lever Grease Gun-Heavy Duty Clear Tube Pistol Grease Gun Bucket Grease Pumps
  20. 20. Expansion Joint Bellows: Srujana Industrial Marketing Associates is the leading supplier of Expansion Joint Bellows. Axial Bellow Pressure Balanced Bellow Universal Bellow Hinged Bellow
  21. 21. Guideway Wiper: Way Wipers are made for their high sealing and wiping capabilities in the toughest work environment. It is made up of special polyurethane composition which has low co efficient of friction during movement. It is resistant to all coolants, resisits temperatures up to 135C. Properties: Temperature Range - 40C to 100C. Way Wiper Systems Way Wiper Systems-C2 series Formed Wipers
  22. 22. Metering Cartridges and Lubrication Pipe & Fittings: Srujana Industrial Marketing Associates offers Metering Cartridges (Dozers) and Lubrication Pipe & Fittings. Metering Cartridges Manifolds Tubing & Fitting Throttle Valves
  23. 23. - Company Factsheet - Year of Establishment 1992 Nature of Business Supplier Distributor Manufacturer Retailer Trader Total Number of Employees Upto 10 People Standards & Quality Certifications Standards & Quality Certifications SSI Registration No - (280061200270) Major Markets Indian Subcontinent Primary Competitive Advantage Experienced R & D Department Good Financial Position & TQM Large Production Capacity OEM Capability Provide Customized Solutions
  24. 24. - Contact Us - Contact Details: Srujana Industrial Marketing Associates Mr. G. J. Rama Rao Flat No. 208 & 209, Meghana Complex,opposite Andhra Bank, I. D. A., Main Road, Balanagar Hyderabad - 500 037, Andhra Pradesh, India Website: