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Eco Vision Industries, Greater Noida, Interlocking Pavers


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Manufacturer and trader, we bring forth quality assortment of Interlocking Pavers, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, Bricks & GFRC products which are highly appreciated for its strong construction, high …

Manufacturer and trader, we bring forth quality assortment of Interlocking Pavers, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, Bricks & GFRC products which are highly appreciated for its strong construction, high quality. Our products are Interlocking Paver (Eco/EP/001), Interlocking Paver (Eco/EP/002), Interlocking Paver (Eco/EP/003), Interlocking Paver (Eco/EP/004), Floor Tile (Eco/FT/001), Floor Tile (Eco/FT/002), Floor Tile (Eco/FT/003), Floor Tile (Eco/FT/004).

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  • 1. Creating & Delivering Reliability Eco Friendly Solutions for Cost Effective, Sustainable Customized Construction and Home Decor…
  • 2. Jai JagannathM.L. Pareek Chairman
  • 3. ECO VISION A bout Us There is enough for everybodys need, but not enough for anybodys greed. –Mahatma GandhiO ur pursuit of modernisation leaves behind a trail of waste by taking what we can have and not what we really need. This disturbs the ecological balance of mother naturewhich has been preserved since millennia. Eco Vision is a initiative torestore the balance and harmony with natures elements; Creating anOrganisation Endeavouring for a Greener World.Started in 1998 by Jitendra Pareek with a rented barren land, ourefforts and product brought us to be a Cover Story in a NationalBusiness magazine Intelligent Investor (March 2002). In span of 12years the organization has a wide platform from mining, crushing andproduction range of Eco Friendly, Cost Effective, Sustainable,Customized, Construction and Home Decor Solutions. In year 2003,Avinash Pareek joined the Eco Vision team to strengthen theorganisation. “Coming together is beginning, Working together is progress and Keeping together is Success.” Pareek brothers believes 1
  • 4. Hotel Crown Plaza, Rohini, New DelhiCreating & Delivering Reliability
  • 5. GFRCGlassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is one of the most versatile Lightweight Cladding Material for Industrial and Commercialbuilding materials available to architects and engineers. Buildings, Residential Complexes and Individual Villas as decorative facade or total prefab enclosure.Developed in the twentieth century, GFRC has been making asignificant contribution to the economics, technology, and aesthetics of Individual decorative elements of various types as requiredmodern construction worldwide for over 50 years. in a structure, like Sunscreens (Grills), Column Cladding,GFRC is not a single material but a family of high-performance cement- Capitals, Brackets, Keystone, Window Sill and Doorbased composites reinforced with special alkali resistant glass fibres, Surround, Cornices, AC Cover, Planters, Landscapingwhich can be engineered to suit a wide range of applications. items, Corbells etc, customized.Distinct Advantages4 Resistant to Weather, Corrosion, Fire, 4 Suitable In Earthquake Prone Areas 4 Can Impart Any Surface Texture & Finish Abrasion and Fungi 4 High Density With Low Porosity 4 Manufacturing Flexibility4 Light Weight Due To Thin Sections 4 Ease Of Forming Complex Shapes 4 Easy to Handle, Transport and Fast to4 Non Combustible 4 Effective Noise Barrier Install4 Low Thermal Movement 4 Very Low Maintenance 4 Environmental Friendly4 High Impact Resistance 4 Proven Long Term PerformanceStandards and SpecificationsB.S. 6432:1984 - Methods to determine properties of glass Surface Finishesreinforced cement material. Eco Vision GFRC offers GFRC Components in wide range of finished like:Specification for the manufacture of GFRC GRCA0110. White Smooth Pigmented • White/Colour Painted StonePrestressed concrete institute, USA manual 128-recommeneded • Exposed Aggregate • Acid Washed • Sandblasted • Acidetchedpractice for manufacture of glass reinforced concrete panels, • Veener Backed • Colour PigmentedEDN 4th. Note: As GFRC uses iron oxide based pigments, colour variationPrestressed concrete institute, USA Manual 130-91 for quality in shade is expected, dark colours tend to fade.control for plants and production of GFRC panels. GFRC can be Painted as it is Cement based productRaw Materials Recommended paints are:Ordinary Portland Cement, B.S. 12, ASTM 150C • High Silica • Cement based masonry paints • AcrylicsSand ASTMC 144 Glass Fibre - Alkali Resistant, MIN 16% • Water based resins paintsZirconium Admixtures-ASTMC494 • Pigments-ASTMC979 • Mineral based coats• Sealants-ASTMC1193/C920 Primary Fixing Hardware-S.S.304• Support Material-M.S./G.I.-ASTMA36 (Courtesy: PCI Manual 128 Edition 4) For more designs & details 3
  • 6. GFRC Applications4
  • 7. For more designs & details www.ecovision.inOur Associations 5
  • 8. Courtesy: Science & Art College, QatarGFRC Installation B Eco Vision undertakes GFRC Installation using skilled & experienced GFRC technicians. GFRC panel Oversize washer Fixings change from site to site and location were GFRC is to be installed, hardware can be Neoprene pad Locking nut or Locking device Cast-in Socket either G.I. or Stainless Steel. Drawings represent typical GFRC installations only normal Steel support angle GFRC components have either built-in-fixing like welded nut plates, wedge anchors, cast in Light duty fixing sockets etc. Direct fixing to wall takes place through use of angle cleasts, expansion anchors, oversized washers etc. sometimes thraded rods are used. C GFRC panel Timber Bonded Fixing Joints between components are not to be filled with anything. Neoprene pad Cast-in washer Typical Properties (PCI manual no. 128 edition 4) Light duty fixing Properties Units Premix Spray GFRC panel Dowel pin Fibre Content % by Wt 15-35 3-50 Engraved rubber Packing Density (Dry) gms/cms 1.8-2.0 1.9-2.1 Compressive Strength Mpa 40-60 50-80 sleeve Bending Steel support angle Dowel Connection Ultimate Strength (MOR) Mpa 10-14 20-30 Joint Patterns Elastic Limit (LOP) Mpa 5-8 7-11 Tensile Ultimate Strength Mpa 4-7 8-11Courtesy: PCI manual no. 128 ed. 4 Elastic Limit Mpa 4-6 5-7 Shear Interlaminar Strength Mpa N/a 3-5 In Plane Strength Mpa 4-7 8-11Our Associations Fire incombustible incombustible Co. eff of thermal expn. Per deg °C 10-20 x 104 10-20 × 104 Acoustic Transmission Loss dB 27 27 at 125 Hz Please Note: 1MPa = N/mm2 = 145 Psi (Courtesy: PCI Manual 128 Edition 4, NEG, Chem-fil, Reckli)Photocatalytic Active PrinciplePhotocatalysis is a natural phenomenon in which a substance known as a photocatalyst uses light to expedite the rate of a natural oxidationprocess. Ever-increasing air pollution affecting urban areas has recently compelled researchers to take advantage of photocatalytic propertiesto abate the noxious substances that are contaminating the environment. All Eco Vision products have Photocatalytic treatment6
  • 9. WA L L C L A D D I N G For more designs & details 7
  • 10. WA L L C L A D D I N G Te c h n i c a l S p e c i f i c a t i o n High strength & UV Resistant non-fading permanent durability synthetic inorganic Acrylic sealant for pigments better washability Reconstituted Stone EcoStone is highly refined architectural precast concrete building stone made from white portland cement, alkali resistant glass fibre & UV resistant synthetic inorganic pigments combined with range of chemical additives.Inbuilt SS wire mesh for Surface water absorption better adhesion Extraordinary versatility is less than 1% & availability of various colors, sizes, Total water absorption designs & textures less than 8% Mechanical Strength The compressive strength of EcoStone Wet Transverse More than 7 N/mm products averages above 400 Strength Kg/ days. Water Absorption Less than 8% of dry weight by Thermal 1.63 w/Mk at 3% moisture content immersion over a period of 24 hours Conductivity 1.80 w/Mk at 5% moisture content sealed stone surface absorption is less than 1% Abrasion Resistance less than 2.0 for E.H.D. Typical Density 2300 Kg/M3. + 200 Thickness Brick : 10mm + 5mm Walling : 15mm + 5mm Flooring : 22mm + 5mm8 For more designs & details
  • 11. PL ANTERS For more designs & details Creating & Delivering Reliability 9
  • 12. GARDENFurniture & Fountains Creating & Delivering Reliability
  • 13. PAV E R S & T I L E S ConcreteEco products combine the look and feel of traditional stone with the high performance, long life,low maintenance qualities of modern materials. Creating an inviting and durable area for bothresidential and commercial applications.P aving has been around for almost 5,000 years. One of the oldest paved roads was discovered in the summer of 1994, in Giza, Egypt. InEurope the earliest known use of precast buildingstone dates about the year 1138 and was seen atCarcassonne, France the cite’ which contains one ofthe finest remains of medieval fortification. Theproduct gained wide spread usage in London in theyear 1900 and in America around 1920, the WhiteHouse being a superb example. The imposingbuilding facades adorning the streets of London,Paris and other major cities in Europe and America,which appear to be composed of natural stone areactually precast building stone. Interlocking paversare manufactured by machinery in factories. Theyconsist of both fine and coarsely grained aggregate,along with cement compounds. The ingredients areput through pressure and vibration courses, whichproduce a strong, durable concrete that can then bemolded into various shapes and designs. Product Quality as per : IS : 1237-1980, IS : 15658-2006 11
  • 14. A d va n t a g e s o f P ave r s Asphalt Concrete Stamped Concrete PaversInstallation Low-Messy, foul smelling Messay installation, large Messy installation, large Quick to install, no mess installation, can track equipment involved and long equipment involved, long installation and can be aspahlt/tar into home, large cure time. cure time. walked on immediately! equipment involved, moderate cure time.Durability Not Flexible - will crack from Not Flexible. It will crack! Not Flexible - It will crack! Extremely flexible base and freeze/thaw cycles, Settlement application with Lifetime and salt deterioration cause Product Warranty against further instability. cracking.Maintenance Wear and weather breakdown Oil can be hard to remove. Oil can be hard to remove. Stains are well hidden within surface. Will require black seal Cracks are unattractive and Cracks are unattractive and color patterns or deterred by coat in a about 3 years to costly to fix. costly to fix. sealant. Washing off with a maintain stability and hose is usually enough. appearance. Pavers can be flipped or replaced.Repairs Oil drips can errode surface Difficult and Costly to repair. Difficult, costly to repair. Easy to remove, replace or and pothole repairs leave Patch repairs leave Hard to match color, pattern. flip a paver. Lifetime Product unattractive and/or uneven unattractive scar marks. May Repairs leave unattractive Warranty makes this a safe patches. require remove and replace. scar marks. May require bet! remove and replace.Appearance Unattractive with mainly black Usually grey with few color Limited style and color Wide range of colors, as color option. No texture variations. variations. Looks artificial. patterns and shapes. variations. Endless design options. Great visual appeal. COMPOSITION COLOR RANGE Eco pavers constitute fibre reinforced The wide choice of standard concrete UV resistant pigments and custom made colors combined with a range of additives & available gives the architect effort of Eco Vision Team. The a high degree of freedom. process of making Eco pavers are both a science and an art. Colour Contribution: Chemical Contribution: For more designs & details Creating & Delivering Reliability
  • 15. TILES ConcreteRecommended Grades of Paver Blocks forDifferent Traffic Categories (Clauses 5 and 9.1.4) IS 15658:2006 Sl. No. Grade Specified Traffic Recommended Traffic Examples of Application Designation of Compressive Category Minimum Paver Block Paver Blocks Strength of Paver Thickness Blocks at 28 Days N/mm2 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (i) M-30 30 Non-traffic 50 Building premises, monument premises, landscapes, public gardens/parks, domestic drives, paths and patios, embankment slopes, sand stabilization area, et. (ii) M-35 35 Light-traffic 60 Pedestrain plazas, shopping complexes ramps, car parks, office driveways, housing colonies, office complexes, rural roads with low volume traffic, farm houses, beach sites, tourist resorts local authority footways, residential roads, etc. (iii) M-40 40 Medium-traffic 80 City streets, small and medium market roads, low volume roads, utility cuts on arterial roads, etc. (iv) M-50 50 Heavy-traffic 100 Bus terminals, industrial complexes, mandi houses, roads on expansive soils, factory floor, service stations, industrial pavement, etc. (v) M-55 55 Very heavy- 120 Container terminals, ports, docks yards, mine traffic access roads, bulk cargo handling areas, airport pavements, etcNOTES1. Non-traffic areas are defined as areas where no vehicular traffic 4. Heavy traffic is defined as a daily traffic of 450 - 1500 commercial occurs. vehicles exceeding 30 kN laden weight, or an equivalent of 2.0 to 5.02. Light-traffic is defined as a daily traffic up to 150 commercial MSA for a design life of 20 years. vehicles exceeding 30 kN laden weight, or an equivalent up to 0.5 5. Very heavy-traffic is defined as a daily traffic of more than 1500 million standard axles (MSA) for a design life of 20 years (A commercial vehicles exceeding 30 kN laden weight, or an equivalent of standard axle is defined as a single axle load of 81.6 kN). more than 5.0 MSA for a design life of 20 years.3. Medium traffic is defined as a daily traffic of 150-450 commercial vehicles exceeding 30 kN laden weight, or an equivalent of 0.5 to 2.0 MSA for a design life of 20 years. For more designs & details 13
  • 16. TA C T I L E S Eco Vision range of paving designed specifically to meet the use of Tactile Paving Surfaces.4 Hard wearing under typical Applications pedestrian usage Tactile flag paving is suitable4 Available in a range of colours to suit specific guidelines for for high volume pedestrian specific areas areas, town centres and4 Designed to assist visually traffic free zones. For correct impaired pedestrians choice of flag size to suit your4 Provides tactile indication of application, refer to BS7533 hazard areas and safe travel Part 8. routes Hazard warning paving Blister paving Guidance paving For use in identifying any potential For use in identifying a crossing place For use in identifying a safe route for hazard to pedestrians and warning for the visually impaired. Guidelines exist concerning pedestrains to travel, avoiding them to proceed with care. the use, layout and colour of blister paving. obstacles and hazards. Platform edge warning (offset blister) Platform edge warning (lozenge) Cycleway Paving Denotes the proximity of a railway Used at street level to denote the Used at the beginning of a shared platform edge. It can be used on either existence of a platform edge for light pedestrain/cycle route to denote the surface or underground rail systems. transport systems (eg. monorails and trams). path that each should follow.KERB STONES R75 300 300 150 50 50 250 200 300 100 For more designs & details www.ecovision.in14
  • 17. F LY A S H Bricks & BlocksA Bare Fact Eco Vision Flyash Bricks & Blocks areMore than 80% of power generated in India is from made using BIS 12894-1990 revised 2002thermal power stations. Ash content of 40-50% in coal specificationgenerates nearly 130 million tonnes of flyash every Fal-G (flyash-lime-gypsum) is a technologicalyear, reaching upto 200 million tonnes by the year 2018. renaissance of age-old pozzolanic chemistry, proven forBesides air and water pollution, the disposal of this its longevity for thousands of years. A process offlyash results in extensive land wastage. Today, there is blending flyash, lime/cement and calcined gypsum foran urgent need of well planned programmes for the making a useful product, named Fal-G has beenproper management of flyash to protect our perilously developed. Flyash lime mix is mixed in predeterminedimbalanced environment. proportions with calcined gypsum which produces-Fal-GResearch & development indicates that bricks, portland having strong binding proportions and can be used as apozzolana cement, sintered aggregates, tiles, light cement. It can be mixed with sand and I or aggregate toweight aggregates and hollow blocks can be produced produce building blocks of any desired strength.using this flyash as raw material. The properties of the Approved, accepted and promoted by variousmaterials made from flyash have been found to be Government agencies like BMTPC, SERC, HUDCO,better than conventional materials for use in DDA etc., these products have substituted theconstruction work. Besides these uses, flyash can be conventional products used for construction.utilised for backfilling of mines, lining irrigation canals,agriculture, aggregates in road construction etc. 115mm 290mm 190mm 115mm 225mm 350mm 70mm 230mm 110mm Creating & Delivering Reliability 15
  • 18. FLY ASH Bricks & BlocksAnalytical Chart of Fly Ash Products & Clay Products PROPERTIES CLAY BRICKS FLY ASH BRICKS FLY ASH BLOCKS REMARKSDemo House 2011, Trade Fair Demo House 2005, Trade Fair Relevant Reference In LEED & TERI-GRIHALEED: TERI-GRIHA:MR Credit : 4.1, 4.2 - Use of Recycled Contents (1-2 points) Criteria 15 - Utilization of flyash in building & structure. (6 points)MR Credit : 5.1, 5.2 - Maximum use of Local and Regional Criteria 16 - Reduce volume, weight and construction time bymaterial. (1-2 points) adopting efficient technologies (4 pts.)Mr Credit : 6.0 - Use of rapidly renewable building materials Criteria 22 - Minimum 5% reduction in Embodied Energy compared& products. (1 point) with equivalent products. (1 pt.) Creating & Delivering Reliability
  • 19. 17
  • 20. F LY A S H Interlocking BlocksThe blocks replaces conventional bricks/blocks doesnt require sand-Cementmortar i.e., dry stack masonry is done/binding material is gravity. The othercomponents of the conventional building system remain unchanged.Interlocking blocks have smooth & even finish on both sides thus saving onplaster Recovery rate in case of dismantling of wall is up to 85%.Advantages 115mm3 Masonry with no mortar.3 Fast and simple masonary. 225mm3 No plaster, walls can be left ecposed.3 Time and labour saving. 220mm 115mm3 Eco-friendly construction.3 Cost Effective. 112mm3 Re-usable masonry. 220mm For more designs & details www.ecovision.in18
  • 21. FLY ASH CLC Cellular Light Weight Concrete CLC blocks are light weight, high strength, eco-friendly, cost-effective & have dimensional stabilityCLC InsightsCellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC), technology has been used in Weight reduction becomes highly beneficial for structural reasons,over 45 countries of the world over the past 30 years to construct saving steel reinforcement in the foundation, resulting in substantialOver a hundred thousand houses, apartments, schools, hospitals, savings upto 12% of the material in steel.industrial, commercial buildings etc. CLC Blocks are competitive with bricks in pricing and offer significantThe process for CLC production is DIN 4232 & BIS 2185 (Part 4) : savings for finished structures. Savings in construction cost can be as2008 specification. much as 18% when using CLC Blocks, as compared to brick, after taking into account the resulting savings in gravel, cement, steel,The introduction in India of a modified version using over 40% fly ash labor, structure, foundation etc.has made it an even more eco-friendly and cost effective version ofCLC. The new product is set to revolutionize the manner in which 4 Require minimum skilled workforce and primarily deployingbuildings are constructed. In the process, the product brings quality unskilled labour.housing closer to the masses at a faster and at a lower cost. 4 Environment friendly - consuming fly ash and replacing burntCLC blocks are environmental friendly manufactured from common clay bricks. (Clay bricks are high energy consumption, wastesnatural raw materials. The Energy consumed in the production agricultural land, soil erosion, banned in more and moreprocess is only a fraction compared to the production of other countries) without wasting natural resources nor creatingmaterials, and emits no pollutants and creates no byproducts or toxic pollution.products. 4 Economy in Energy Consumption & faster execution.CLC blocks provide thermal and sound insulation as well as fire 4 Finished dwellings are weather-proof, thermally comfortable andprotections, eliminating need for many different layers of plastering, durable.and do not emit any toxic gas when exposed to fire. 4 Suitable for Hurricane / Earthquake – proof constructions.Due to the cellular structure of the material the blocks can be easilycut with carpenters saw & nails can be driven into them with equal 4 Converting and making productive use of industrial wasteease. products. 4 Cost effective in comparison with conventional alternative.Comparative Chart For more designs & details 19
  • 22. C L C B l o c k s A d va n t a g e s4 It has excellent compressive strength with 4 Fire resistant and excellent acoustic barrier. minimum compressive strength of 3N/mm2. 4 Regular shapes leads to reduction in plastering.4 Bending strength is 15 to 20% of compressive 4 Option for any finish on walls - external plastering, strength. tiling, cladding, internal tiling, dry lining, spray4 Good earth quake resistance properties easy plasterer anything of your choice. handling / faster construction leading to huge 4 The structural savings in the cost of steel and saving of labour. concrete due to reduced weight of walls would be4 It offers thermal insulation making cool summers additional advantage, as well as savings in and warm winters reducing air conditioning transportation, foundation, piling and crane expenses. handling. Technical Specifications Particulars Units Sizes Size mm 500×230×200 Thickness mm 100, 200 2 Compressive Strength N/mm >3 Water Absorption % 12-15% Sound Absorption Db Upto 42 Fire Resistance Hrs 4* Thermal Resistance M2-°k/w 0.46 2 Heat Transmission w/m -°k 2.13 CoefficientU Trade Fair Buildtech-2011 For 200 mm Thick Wall Low Cost Demo House Parameters Eco Vision CLC Basic raw materials Cement, Fly Ash, Sand, Water and foam 3 Dry density kg/m 400-600 800-1000 1200-1800 Compressive 1-2 3-4 8-25 strength N/mm2 Usage Thermal Partitions, non-load Load bearing insulation, bearing, load bearing elements (Cast-in- void filling (block, cast-in-situ, situ, precast) precast) Aging Gains strength with age (like conventional concrete) 3 Thermal conductivity 0.096 – 0.550 0.098 for 400 Kg/m (w/mK) (depending on 0.151 for 700 Kg/m3 density) 0.238 for 1000 Kg/m3 Ease of working Superior: Can be cut, sawn, nailed, drilled, ordinary mortar/plaster Eco friendliness - Pollution free - No primary energy consumption - Consume fly ash (waste material) Eco Friendly Cost Effective, Sustainable Customized Construction & Home Decor Solutions Creating & Delivering Reliability
  • 23. A Journey Towards Excellence…..Eco Vision Mines, Rajasthan Endeavours & Facilities Eco Vision Crusher Eco Vision Office Landscape Eco Vision Factory, Uttar Pradesh Eco Vision Factory, Uttar Pradesh
  • 24. Eco Friends Eco Vision Industries AN ISO 9001 (QMS) & ISO 14001 (EMS) Certified CompanyD-15 & 16, Site-B, UPSIDC, Greater Noida-203 207 (U.P) INDIA Mobile : +91 98103 09630, +91 98102 79630 NSIC/NOIDA/GP/RS/07/EN-037