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  1. 1. Film studies evaluationAs the director of my short film opening I created a hybrid genre of a drama-thriller. Influenced by films such as Kidulthood,5..4..3..2..1 and teeth I wasinspired by the narrative of a drama as well as the uncomfortable responsefrom a thriller. Trying to incorporate and marry two contradictory genres wasdone by making the drama the main genre whilst the thriller would be the sub-genre.The narrative is similar to kidulthood as my protagonist ‘Montana’ is a normalteenager raised in a working class environment on a rough estate trying tofind a way out. The twist to create the thriller effect is that she is a secretassassin, (her alter ego) as she kills for money so that her and her family mayeventually escape from the lifestyle they are living at the moment and be free.I used various camerawork, sound effects and editing to enable a shockedresponse from my audience. I decided that there should be no sound for thecredits as I wanted to build suspense and tension from the audience. The useof slow fades as the title and credits came in also complimented the thrillerlike effect. The first image is of an alarm on a mobile phone. Mobile phonesare an iconic stereotype of teenagers, however the alarm alerts danger astime represents a count down to a specific effect. Through mise-en-scene theprotagonist is introduced as a normal teenager going through normal day-to-day activities such as getting dressed.The use of trunk shots and point of view shots enable the audience to interactwith the film and feel apart of it as though they are inside the film. The type ofmusic I used was a funky house song as my target audience would be able torelate to the music and also has an upbeat happy tempo. The song ‘Hey Hey’by Denis Ferrer is the consistent song played throughout the whole bedroomscene as Montana begins her routine of getting dressed. The change fromdiegetic to non-diegetic was used to distinct the different change in moods theprotagonist is going through and was also synchronic with the atmosphere. Inorder to change the mood and theme to emphasise to the audience that the film is also a thriller I created quick flashes of murderous weapons being inserted into Montana’s bag. The last frame close up shot of
  2. 2. Montana’s sinister smile represents a spooky like character introducing heralter ego which is a factor from the conventions of a thriller. At this frame themusic funky house music fades away gradually introducing the thrillersynthesiser instrumental to inform the audience what the film will consist of asthe title of the film is then introduced.Trying to create a storyline that could suit both drama and thriller together wasa hindrance especially trying to incorporate a waking up scene. Trying to findthe correct lighting and making it clear was also hard as the location wasinside and needed extra lighting to get the best quality and effect.My original plan was to have a normal wake up scene where the maincharacter wakes up and gets dressed to music. Her only trouble would befinding the right suitable clothing for that today. The feedback I gained fromclassmates and others was that they wanted to see more and more shouldhappen. The genre was supposed to me a drama/comedy, however as Ibegan making changes to the character the narrative changed as did thegenre also thus changing it into a drama-thriller. After changing my short filmopening the reviews from viewers was much better as satisfied their needs.