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Integrating brands into Indian mainstream, the mobile social way - Rajiv Kumar, RockeTalk at the IndiaSocial Summit 2012
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Integrating brands into Indian mainstream, the mobile social way - Rajiv Kumar, RockeTalk at the IndiaSocial Summit 2012


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Rajiv Kumar's presentation on Leader Speak: Integrating brands into Indian mainstream, the mobile social way at the IndiaSocial Summit 2012

Rajiv Kumar's presentation on Leader Speak: Integrating brands into Indian mainstream, the mobile social way at the IndiaSocial Summit 2012

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  • 1. Once Upon A Time...
  • 2. WhenJai and Veeruhad not met FOR 20 YEARS
  • 3. Thakur toJai… Ghabbar ko pakadne ka contract loge?
  • 4. What Will Jai Do?
  • 5. CASE 1Jai calls Veeru Veeru, Mujhey Ghabbar ko pakadna hai. Join karega kya?
  • 6. RESULT Saala 20 saal baad phone kar raha haiVeeru says, woh bhi matlab sey.“Dekhta hun.Time hogatoh…”
  • 7. CASE 2Jai calls Veeru Day 1, Call 1: Kaisa hai bhai? Dhandha Kaisa chal raha hai? Day 10, Call 3: Veeru, Mujhey Day 4, Call 2: Ghabbar ko pakadna hai. Apan ekdum partner Join karega Honey chahiye pata hai! kya? Bhai hai tu!
  • 8. RESULT Main kitna lucky hun aisaVeeru say, dost hai mera!“Sure yaar…”
  • 9. Case 1: Display, click, sell, sell Ley lo! Ley lo! Ley lo! Ley lo! Ley lo!
  • 10. Case 2: Social Engagement “Hi! Howdy?”
  • 11. This is not “GYAN” It’s a Car-builder Saying“If I give you a CAR, DRIVE it… …DON’T pedal”
  • 12. The Mobile Social Publisher’s GuideTo Market Your Brand 1 The Mode is the Message. Content is the Advertisement.
  • 13. FantaObjective: The brand aimed at getting user to associate the‘Uchhal Uchhal Jaye’ ad track & with the attributes of Campaign Resultspringy, bouncy masti associated with Holi! No. of Days - 15 daysSolution: Fanta played Holi with 1.4 million users on Fanta TVC PollRockeTalk through various engagement methods likeContests, Greeting cards, TVC poll etc. more than 4 lac Fanta Viewed by: 511881Greeting cards were sent by users . Entries: 216946 Fanta Greeting Cards Viewed by: 983563 Sent by: 411730 Attached audio (personalize): 32838 Fanta Share your Holi Moments Campaign Reach: 1.3 million No. of entries received : 4385 Entries after moderation: 1600
  • 14. 2Social Contests aregratifications by themselves.
  • 15. IdeaObjective: To promote IDEA 3G to tier 2-tier 3 city Campaign Resultusers. To increase the number of unique users, No. of Days - 30raise awareness and increase subscriptions. Banners With JingleSolution: Jingle based banners promoting thetheme of IDEA 3G with lead capturing. Promotion No. of banner views : 3662161of IDEA TVC campaigns running across Electronic& Digital media. No. of banner clicks: 65097 CT R : 1.78 % Banners Without Jingle No. of banner views : 20583481 No. of banner clicks: 193557 CTR : 0.94 % TVCs feature in Media Gallery No. of Videos : 6 Avg. Views : 352784
  • 16. 3The Mobile is thebrand whispering …In the bedroom,In the waiting room,On the pot,In the cab…
  • 17. Case Study: Channel VObjective : Channel V’s exhausted was areality game show that required 8 finalists Campaign Result -23 daysto stay awake for more than 48hours, doing impossible tasks. And Channelwanted mobile media campaign. Channel V/Wake-a-thon Videos viewed 2,54,431Solution : RockeTalk replicated the same onits social mobile environment, using a Channel V contest questions 43,729program called Wake-a-thon, where users attemptedparticipated & send audio/video entries ofthe tasks they were asked to perform. Channel V/Wake-a-thon banner 27,50,111 impressions Unique users who saw Login message 1,98,466 about Channel V Impressions for System Buzz sent for 27,50,111 show introduction and TUNE IN
  • 18. 4If it’s Social, Mobile, andin India…Try Looking beyond FacebookHere’s Why?•No apps on mobile. Does not talk.•Indians are different. We want new friends, notold ones on our network.•We want music and dance on our network.•We want games.•We want it on the go. On our mobile. In ourlanguage.•Doing things that we do.
  • 19. 4If it’s Social, Mobile, & in India…Facebook is still a “Kahaani”We also need to seek out properties thatare "Dabang"
  • 20. RockeTalk A Global Social ApplicationAt Rich Social Modules that create user clusters…A Glance Mobile People Contests, Games Talk Shows Profile Social Entertainment Content Communication M-Store UGC Posting & Sharing LIVE Multimedia Community Chat
  • 21. RockeTalk Significant Active User BaseAt The largest credible Social Space on mobile in India with easy reach intoA Glance Metros & Small towns Registered Users: Over 14 Million Page Views/Month: Over 1.5 Billion New Users/Month: 6 Lakh India Audience: 8.2 Million (Active Users) Rest Of The World: 3.5 Million (Active Users)
  • 22. RockeTalk Home ScreenAt Product SnapshotA Glance Snapshot of Profile, settings, log & What’s Hot imp stuff! & New! Messages from groups, Friend-list & Users or RockeTalk search for Create and join friends Communities & Shows Videos, Astrology, news, movies, photos, voice music, sports, religion & mixed media gallery Messages from groups, Users or RockeTalk Real-time Notifications of friends’ activities
  • 23. RockeTalk User Engagement MatrixAudience How much they consume 8.3 Visits/User/Month 8 Mb – 12 Mb Data Usage/User/Month 9.8 Downloads/User/Month 13.5 Million Voice & Video Message Streams/ 24 hrs Engaged users with high data consumption, content download, social interactions & contesting.
  • 24. 5A model of brandconversations that isevolved out of social notimposed upon it
  • 25. RockeTalk’s Conversation FrameworkStage 1: Reach-out tools to an 8.5 million month-active user-baseHome Screen High-traffic Pages Rich Inbox What’s Hot Communities Contest Media GalleryTickers Animated Banners Broadcast Featured Spot Featured Spot Featured Spot Featured Spot With On-Page-Load Audio Jingles Conversation Starters between Brand & UserStage 2: Innovative Branding tools to an 8.5 million month-active user-base Brand Buzz on Brand Brand Badges IM WatermarkStage 3: High Engagement Zones & Tools to engage users filtered through Stage 1 & Stage 2 Brand Brand Brand Contest – Brand Contest Survey Multimedia Downloads Profile Page Community Record & Post – QnA & Poll Forms Greetings Free LIVE Subscription Chat Shows Engaged Conversations between Brand & User Brand Ask the Friends Expert FREE Subscription Brand Members
  • 26. About Us Who We’ve Worked With