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Started to create milestones, we Sawant High Vac Industries Mumbai marked our presence in the year 2010 and operates in the manufacturing/servicing of Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Pumps Accessories, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump System, Cavity Pumps Slicer since 2 years. Our quality services/products have always won us many appreciations from our clients. Our spontaneous performance and confident approach in offering the excellent range of Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Pumps Accessories, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump System, Cavity Pumps that has made us to deepen our roots in the market. We Sawant High Vac Industries Mumbai breathe with the aim to satisfy our clients with our smart products/services. We are a unit of highly experienced professionals who all contribute best of their potentials to offer high efficiency.

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Vacuum Pumps By Sawant High Vac Industries Mumbai

  1. 1. “SAWANT HIGH VAC” established with an experience ofmore than 20 years in Vacuum Industries. Our highly motivatedteam of professionals sharply focuses on providing the finestservice to our customers. Our product range is manufacturedwith latest technology and goes through strict qualitysupervision. With passions & dedication we work towardscustomer’s satisfaction.Customers are always looking for one stop solution provider forall range, so we are dedicated to supply not JUST VacuumPump but the complete system and repair service too. Differenttechnology from different people can miss something for finalresult. We understand our client & their requirement best so weprovide complete system in many cases. Even we can consultfor same if in need.
  2. 2. We Manufacturer & Supply Variety ofVacuum Pumps As listed below:• Oil Sealed Rotary High Vacuum Pumps• Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps & Compressors(Oil Free).• Water Ring Vacuum Pump.• Two-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps & Compressors.• Complete Vacuum & Water Ring Recirculation Systems.
  3. 3. SAWANT HIGH VAC” Oil Sealed Rotary High VacuumPumps are available in single & double stage models.These are oil sealed so named Oil Sealed Rotary HighVacuum Pumps & they are rotary vane type positivedisplacement pumps. These pumps are constructed such away that not only complete assembly is immersed in oilbut also shaft seal is designed in such a way that it totallyeliminates the possibility of suction of air through it.These are designed to achieve maximum vacuum in avery short time.While creating vacuum rise in temperature of the unit alsoremains under check, which in turn reduces the wear andtear of its components. “SAWANT HIGH VAC” OilSealed Rotary High Vacuum Pumps are suitable fornoiseless and trouble free performance..
  4. 4. These pumps are very compact and are so simple in designthat all minor repairs, in case of need, can be carried outeasily without removing the main housing from its base plateand without disturbing the alignment.And In order to keep it cool, a jacket is constructed aroundthree sides of the pump housing, in which water is compel tocirculate for keeping the temperature of vacuum pump undercontrol and retaining the performance at its best.In this model an inbuilt device, known as Gas Ballast isprovided, which effectively checks to a large extentcondensation of the water vapours which otherwise wouldnot only had contaminated the oil, but had also diminishedthe performance of the pump. cases. Even we can consult forsame if in need.
  5. 5. • High Efficiency• Elegant in Appearance & Robust in Construction• Fitted with Inbuilt Air Ballast.• Thoroughly tested for designed vacuum on McLeod Gauge.• Ready availability of spares.• Compact in Design & Minimum in Weight.• Service after sales with one year guarantee against manufacturing defects.• Models up to V-12A are air cooled provided with single phase motors.• Models V-13 onwards are provided with water cooling Jackets
  6. 6. This is a one-way valve, to befitted on the suction of vacuumpump. It is provided with aspring-tensioned rubberdiaphragm.The diaphragm ispulled down due to suction of airwhen the pump starts and itblocks the port by spring-tensionand vacuum, as soon as thepump stops and thereby preventssudden back-flow of oil. This isfor limited time only
  7. 7. Vacuum Gauge with This is a metallic chamber Regulator covered with a removableIt has a bourdon type glass top and is providedgauge having range with an air admittance0 to 760 mm of Hg. valve. A tray is alsoSuitable for rough included for keepingindications only. The hygroscopic materialregulator is screwtype which leaks which absorbs moisture inatmospheric air into the air before entering intothe pump and the pump. This isthereby maintains advisable only in case ofany desired vacuum small systems having littlein the system. moisture.
  8. 8. • Evacuation Of Vacuum Systems• Vacuum Flasks• Bulbs, Neon Sign Tubes.• AC. & Refrigeration• Transformers,Vacuum Moulds• De-aeration• Filling,Drying,Forming,• Bright Anealing,• Filtration,• Distillation• Impregnation,• Leak Testing.
  9. 9. “SAWANT HIGH VAC” Water Ring VacuumPumps are available in wide range of sizes.These are designed in such a way that two-foldfeatures of suction and pressure combinationare possible in same unit. Hence the same unitcan be employed for either function.When “SAWANT HIGH VAC” Water RingVacuum Pumps are used as vacuum pump, theycan create vacuum up to 710 mm (28" Hg)provided the temperature of the sealant water isbelow 30 C.The main Body & other components aremanufactured from Cast.Iron. except the mainshaft, which is made up of MS / EN-8.However, we can offer Water Ring VacuumPump in various combinations of resistantmaterials for specific application.
  10. 10. A Water Ring Vacuum PumpB Flexible CouplingC Electric MotorD Base Frame.E Vacuum GaugeF Pressure GaugeG Isolation ValveH Air VentI Automatic Drain ValveJ Water Inlet ValveK Pipe LineL Non Return ValveM SilencerN Concrete PlatformO Coupling Guard
  11. 11.  Distillation Filtration Vacuum Drying Water Extraction from paper and cloth Evaporation & Crystallization Sizing for PVC Pipes Priming of Centrifugal Pumps Extruders Sterilizers.
  12. 12. SAWANT HIGH VAC” Two-Stage Liquid Ring VacuumPumps & Compressors has construction is such that Twostages are connected in series to get backing action andincreased efficiency. Each stage consist of independentimpeller eccentrically housed in independent casing butmounted on a common shaft. Sealing at the stuffing box iseither by gland packing or mechanical seal. Bearings arebat exreme ends and do not come in contact with liquid.This pumps can also be supplied to run as Liquid-ringCompressors Varing Capacity From 100 to 1000 m3/hr.
  13. 13. • Distillation• Filtration• Drying & Crystallization• Also as Tailgas• Evaporation• Biogas or Recycle Compressor
  14. 14. “SAWANT HIGH VAC” Oil Free Diaphragm vacuumpumps & Compressors are available in single & doublestage models.These are oil free so named Oil Free Diaphragm VacuumPumps. These pumps are constructed such a way that itdoes not require even a drop of oil. Still the performanceis excellent with durability. In many applications theseOil Free Diaphragm vacuum pumps are highlyappreciated.A minute change in design of Oil Free Diaphragmvacuum pumps converts it in to Oil Free Diaphragmvacuum Compressors. Vacuum pumps and Compressorswork on same principle but purely opposite in direction.
  15. 15. DP-1 DP-2No Of Stages One TwoAirFlowCapacity 40 50(Lits/Min)Vacuum(mm Of Hg) 570 710Pressure (kg/cm) 2.0 ---Electric 1/3 1/3Motor(HP/Phase) Single SingleApprox Weight (kgs) 7.0 9.0Approx 240 x115x190 330 x115 x230Dimension(mm)
  16. 16. DP-1 DP-2No of Stages One TwoHousing Aluminium AluminiumHead Aluminium/ Aluminium/ Teflon Coated. Teflon Coated.Diaphragm Rubber / Teflon Rubber/ Teflon Coated Coated
  17. 17. • Filtration & Distillation• Chemical Analyzer• Pollution Monitoring Equipment• Desoldering Suction Station.• Labeling & Packaging Machines.
  18. 18. • Oil Free• Low Noise Level• Light Weight• Compact & Portable• Practically Maintenance Free• Very Low Vibration• Lubricated Oil Bearing
  19. 19. We at “SAWANT HIGH VAC” believe in to be one stop solutionprovider for all range, so we are dedicated to supply not JUSTVacuum Pump but the complete system. Different technologyfrom different people can miss something for final result. Weunderstand our client & their requirement best so we providecomplete system in many cases. Even we can consult for same ifin need.LIQUID RING VACUUM PUMPING SYSTEMLiquid ring Vacuum pump complete with seal liquidclosed loop recirculation arrangement.Vacuum : 30 torrApplication : Fractional Distillation and Solvent Recovery
  20. 20. SAWANT HIGH VAC ” established with an experience ofmore than 20 years in Vacuum Industries. So our team has indepth knowledge for products manufactured and theirproblems after some working period. We believe in to providecomplete service to client than to give JUST product. We giverepair services for “SAWANT HIGH VAC” products as wellas for other brands too.Our Engineer can visit the site with nominal charges OR thepump can be sent to our workshop by client.We provide the estimate for the repair service (repairing)(Actual Bill may vary optionally according to actual serviceprovided)After approval of estimation we provide complete servicing.In actual practice the client does not have issues only in thevacuum pumps, but the complete system may need properupgrade. So we can consult for complete system too. Even themaintenance for complete system is possible.