Jaideep saikia   islamic militancy in north-east india
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Jaideep saikia islamic militancy in north-east india






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    Jaideep saikia   islamic militancy in north-east india Jaideep saikia islamic militancy in north-east india Presentation Transcript

    • Jaideep Saikia
    •  Burmese invaders in1829 destroyed the whole structure of Assam. In 1921, the Army corps had practically captured the area of Goalpara. Over half a million population has transplanted itself from Bengal to Assam.
    • Muslim Population in Assam3,500,0003,000,0002,500,0002,000,000 Muslim Population1,500,0001,000,000 500,000 0 1901 1931 1941
    •  Islamist militant activities have begun to breed in the region with an urgency. ISI and DGFI are expanding their support in North-east area by including Islamist groups.
    •  It facilitates immigration more than prevents it. It is a “piece of legislation” which makes it impossible to direct and deport illegal migrants. The onus of proving citizenship, etc rests on the immigrant. BJP tried to repel the IM (DT)act
    •  Bangladesh has discarded secularism and chosen to become a Islamic state. No misconceived and mistaken notions of secularism should be allowed to come in way of deporting migrants.
    •  Indigenous people of Assam are reduced to minorities in their own land. The influx of illegal migrants is turning these districts into a Muslim majority region. It will then only be a matter of time when a demand for their merger with Bangladesh may be made.
    •  Supplying explosives and weapons to terrorist groups. Promoting militancy among the Muslim youths in the name of jihad. Promoting communal tension between Hindu and Muslim citizens. Providing active support to the local militant outfits. Causing sabotage of oil pipelines and other installations, communication lines, railways and roads.
    •  ULFA-Hindu organization helping Muslims to accomplish their selfish means. The major leaders of the organisation are:  Paresh Baruah (Commander-in-Chief)  Arabinda Rajkhowa (Chairman)  Anup Chetia (General Secretary) (in Government of Bangladesh custody)  Pradip Gogoi (Vice-Chairman) (in Government of Assam custody)
    •  ULFA never shy away from taking Muslim interests. ISI has influenced ULFA. ULFA Vice president, Pradeep Gogoi, stated Dhaka arranged passports for ULFA leaders to travel Pakistan in various Muslim names. ULFA and NDFB have set militant camps in eastern-Nepal. ULFA perpetrated genocide against Hindi- speaking Assamese, with the help of Jamaat- e-Islami.
    •  PareshBarua is the self-styled commander- in-chief of the militant group ULFA. Paresh Barua is now a permanent resident of Bangladesh and with full knowledge of the Bangladesh authorities. Hefrequently visits Pakistan under a Muslim name Kamarudin Zaman Khan.
    • Fundamentalist slogan in present-day Bangladesh
    •  Sheikh Mujibur Rehman took first step in Islamization of Bangladesh. Whosever came to power in Bangladesh had to fulfill two stipulation for surviving in power. He/she should maintain certain amount of distance from India. The person should confirm the Islamic identity of Bangladesh.
    •  After the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman process of islamization of Bangladesh grew in its magnitude. Gen. Zia-ur-rehman amended the constitution and replaced socialism, secularism with absolute faith in almighty Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful” Lt. Gen. H.M. Ershad amended constitution in June 1988 and introduced Islam as the state religion.
    •  The Islamist resurgence in Bangladesh begun with the resurfacing of the Jamaat-e-Islami. Jamaat is the third largest political party of Bangladesh. It promotes anti-India and anti-Hindu.
    •  The East Bengal Evacuees Act 0f 1951: The Hindus were not allowed to take with them immovable assets. The land left behind was taken over by the state. The Enemy Order II of 1965: India was declared an enemy, and the regulation allowed “enemy” lands to be appropriated by the state. Vested and Non-resident Property Act 1974: approximately 2.5 million acres of land were seized from Hindus and almost all of the 10 million Hindus were affected.
    • Nasreen’s interview to the New Yorker of 12September 1994
    •  Phisician Tasleema Nasreen, Journalist Shahriyar Kabir and teacher-activist Professor Muntassir Mamoons, for documenting and speaking out against the atrocities committed on the Hindus were preceded by a fatwa.
    • HUJI-B are arraying themselves to imposeIslamic rule in the erstwhile East Pakistan.Osama Bin Laden is said to have called Faridand Farooqui and advised them to go backand create a Dar-ul-Islam in Bangladesh.23 February 1998, Fazul Rahman, leader ofjihad movement in Bangladesh signed theofficial declaration of jihad against the US.
    • MFO’s aim is to spread Islam stealthily.
    •  30% reservation in education and employment for Muslims. Establish Muslim court in Assam Reservation of seats in the Legislative Assembly for the Muslims of the Barak Valley.  To ensure the security of the Muslim communities.  To establish flood relief camps in the Muslim dominated char areas.  To enforce prohibition in Muslim dominated areas  To enforce the IM(DT) Act on illegal migrants who have entered India after 1972.
    • Abu Bakr Siddiqui
    •  What sort of work were you asked to do in Assam after your training in Pakistan? Were you told to carry out explosions?- No, we were not given any instructions about bombings, etc. we were simply asked to enter Assam, take shelter and wait for our strength to grow. Did you receive any instructions from the ISI about any specific task?- Yes, we were instructed by the ISI to assassinate Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani.
    •  What is the strength of HuM in Assam?-There are about 300-400 boys in Assam. In our group of 15. save 2 all have surrendered. After we left, some fresh recruits have been sent for training. Also we have heard that the Jaish-e-Mohammad & Harkat-ul-Jihad have entered Assam. Some fidayins have also come. The fidayins (sucide squads) are from which country?-They are from India. Which state in India?-Uttar pradesh.
    •  History asserts the role of madrassas in the birth of the Taliban in Pakistan. With certain madrassas in UP and Gujarat found to have huge caches of arms and ammunitions Urdu letters are taught like this  Jeem stands for jihad  tay stands for tope  kaaf stands for Kalashnikovs  khay stands for Khoon
    • An illegal migrant elder in a small hamlet in Assam’s Sonipur district: