Organised Retail in Tyres: Global Examples


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The report gives a quick overview of leading names in global tyre market - their size, history, country of origin, and they products and services they offer.
In cases where the companies are listed, their key financial numbers are also presented.
IBR is positive on tyre retail business - we find retail margins are good, and it is possible to offer various other auto products and services from the same outlets. Hence there is scope to value add, and increase margins even further

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Organised Retail in Tyres: Global Examples

  1. 1. Organised Retail in Tyres: Global Examples Sector: Retail Sep 2013
  2. 2. Index US 3 Europe 12 ROW 16 Transactions 20 Global Tyre Retail 2
  3. 3. US Indian Dental Services Market
  4. 4. Discount Tire (unlisted) • Started in 1960 • Claims to be the world’s largest tyre retailer, with over 850 stores • The company remains privately owned • Has stuck to the knitting – sells only tyres and accessories like alloy wheels 4Global Tyre Retail 1 7 36 209 418 790 850 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2013 Store Count - Discount Tire
  5. 5. TBC Corporation (was listed, now acquired) • Traces origin to 1956, then called Cordovan Associates. • Cordovan Associates changed its name to Tire & Battery Corporation in 1972 • Brands include Tire Kingdom, National Tire and Battery, and franchised stores under Big O Tires. Has close to 850 outlets • Markets and sells nine proprietary brand of tires • Also does tyre distribution through Carroll Tire wholesale distribution centers, where it markets to independent tire dealers across the United States. • In 2005, TBC Corporation was purchased by Sumitomo Corporation of America (SCOA) in a $1.1bn transaction 5Global Tyre Retail
  6. 6. Les Schwab (unlisted) • Started in 1952, in Pinedale, Oregon • Close to 450 stores, present in nine states in Western USA • Employs 7000+ people, highly regarded for its employee friendly policies • In addition to tires, the company sells a variety of other auto parts and auto related services, including brakes and shockers. • Privately held • Revenues reportedly around $1.6bn 6Global Tyre Retail
  7. 7. Monro Muffler Brake and Service Inc (listed) 7Global Tyre Retail • Started in 1952, listed in 1991 • 935 stores in 22 states, of which, 397 tire stores are tire stores, and the rest are service stores • Has the following business areas: Tyres (42%), Maintenance (29%), Brakes (15%), Steering (10%), Exhaust (4%) • 2012 turnover - $686mn, EBIDTA margin – 16.8%, Net Margin – 8% • Tyres 42% of total sales, from 434 stores. Has done 24 acquisitions in 11 years to build the tyre vertical. Aiming for 1300 tire stores • Market cap: $1.38bn. • Valuation ( – EV/EBITDA: 14x – Price/Sales: 1.8 – P/E: 32 (trailing) – P/E (FY15): 20x ($mn) FY11 FY12 FY13 Revenues 637 687 732 Growth (%) 12.8 7.8 6.6 EBITDA 101 116 101 Margin (%) 15.9 16.9 13.8 Net Income 46 55 43
  8. 8. The Pep Boys (listed) 8Global Tyre Retail • Started in 1921 • Has 750+ stores in 35 states of US, and 19,000 employees • 12.8 million sft of retail space, 7300 service bays • Apart from tires, provides a variety of automotive repair services including: Scheduled maintenance services, oil changes and tune- ups, brake repair and replacement, air conditioning, financial services • Tires are 19% of revenue, other parts and accessories are 60%, and service is 21% • Market cap: $639mn. • Valuation ( – EV/EBITDA: 7.8x – Price/Sales: 1.15x – P/E: n.a – P/E (FY15): 18x ($mn) FY11 FY12 FY13 Revenues 1989 2063 2091 Growth (%) 3.7 1.4 EBITDA 83 66 12 Margin (%) 4.2 3.2 0.6 Net Income 36 29 13
  9. 9. TCi Tire Centers (unlisted) 9Global Tyre Retail • A wholly owned subsidiary of Michelin North America Inc. • 58 retail locations • 77 wholesale distribution centers • 10 retreading plants • Has two divisions: distribution and commercial. – The distribution division serves passenger and light truck tire retailers across the country. – TCi supports its truck and earthmover customers from its 68 commercial centers located throughout the United States.
  10. 10. S&S Tire 10Global Tyre Retail • Started in 1974 • Current size: – 8 Retail Tire Stores – 18 Commercial Truck Tire Centers, – 3 Tire Retreading Plants, – 10 Wholesale Tire Distribution Centers – Over 1 million square feet of inventory space • Does business in 15 states.
  11. 11. Tire Distribution Systems (TDS) 11Global Tyre Retail • 44 locations in 8 states • Formed in 1996, when Bandag, world’s largest supplier of retreading materials, acquired 100 percent interests in five Bandag dealerships through a newly formed subsidiary, Tire Distribution Systems, Inc. • In 1996, these dealerships had aggregate pre-tax earnings of $16 million, net sales of approximately $366 million • Aggregate cash purchase price of the transactions was approximately $158.5 million • In 2006, Bandag itself got acquired by Bridgestone Americas Holding, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Japan’s Bridgestone Corporation
  12. 12. Europe Indian Dental Services Market
  13. 13. Euromaster • Fully owned subsidiary of Michelin • Started in the 1967 in UK, known as ATS then. • In 1991, the brand Euromaster is created, ATS network became ATS Euromaster. • In 1992, the first center branded Euromaster is opened in France • Network now present in 17 countries, and over 2200 outlets • Key countries: – UK: 476 – France: 408 – Germany: 352 – Spain: 350 – Italy: 105 – Netherlands: 101 – Sweden: 76 • In 2011, Euromaster reported turnover of €1,872m, and had 11,500 employees • Sells over 9 million car tyres per year, of all brands (not just Michelin) 13Global Tyre Retail
  14. 14. Kwik Fit • Started in 1971 • 1,218 directly-managed tyre fitting centres in the UK, France and Holland. • Market leader in UK and Holland • In 1995 Kwik Fit Insurance Services was launched to offer Kwik Fit branded motor insurance on behalf of a panel of leading insurance companies. • The Group’s turnover in 2010 was £875 million, of which the Group’s major business, Kwik-Fit UK, with 673 centres, represented £561 million Ownership changes at Kwik Fit • 1999: Acquired by The Ford Motor Company for more than $1billion • 2002: Ford divests to CVC Capital Partners • 2005: Acquired by PAI Partners, which sold sold its German subsidiary Pit- Stop and also sold Kwik Fit Financial Services to Fortis UK. • 2011: Acquired by Itochu Corp 14Global Tyre Retail
  15. 15. Vianor Tyres • Owned by Nokian Tyres, a leading Nordic tyre manufacturer • Vianor is the biggest tyre chain, in terms of size and reach, in the Nordic countries, Russia and the CIS countries. • In year-end 2012, the chain comprised 1,037 sales outlets in 26 different countries in Nokian Tyres’ core market regions. • The Nokian Tyres Group owns 182 Vianor outlets, while the rest operate on a franchising/partnership principle. • In 2012, the chain grew with 127 new outlets. • Net sales in 2012 was Euro 315 mn • Apart from tyres and related accessories (like rims), its outlets sell other car parts like: car batteries, shock absorbers, exhaust pipes, oils and other car parts. • Its service selection includes tyre storage, oil change, air conditioner service, brake adjustment and adjustment of steering angles. 15Global Tyre Retail
  16. 16. RoW Indian Dental Services Market
  17. 17. Canadian Tire Corp (listed) • Started in 1922 • 490 tire outlets, all in Canada • Has moved much beyond tire retail, into areas like gasoline retail, home products, garments • Does not disclose tire revenue separately. Total retail revenue was C$10.4bn in 2012. • Market Cap: $7.5bn • Valuation ( – EV/EBITDA: 12x – Price/Sales: 0.68 – EV/Sales: 0.88 – P/E: 15 (trailing) 17Global Tyre Retail (C$mn) 2011 2012 Revenues 10,387 11,427 Growth (%) 10.0 EBITDA 762 803 Margin (%) 7.3 7.0 Net Income 467 499
  18. 18. Beaurepaire (unlisted) • Started in 1922 • Australia's leading tyre retailer, with approximately 300 stores nationwide. • Merged with Dunlop Group in 1980 18Global Tyre Retail
  19. 19. Bob Jane T Mart (unlisted) • Started in 1965 • Has 156 outlets currently through Australia • Apart from tyres, sells car batteries as well 19Global Tyre Retail
  20. 20. Transactions Indian Dental Services Market
  21. 21. Japanese conglomerates entering US, Europe 21Global Tyre Retail TBC Corp – Sumitomo Corporation • In 2005, TBC Corporation was purchased by Sumitomo Corporation of America (SCOA) in $1.1bn transaction • Was listed on Nasdaq prior to this Kwik Fit – many —Itochu Corp • Sold in 1999 by the promoter to the Fort Motor Company for US $1.6b. • Ford sold in 2002 to CVC Capital Partners • In 2005, Kwik Fit was sold for £800m to PAI Partners, a leading French-based private equity firm. • The Kwik Fit Financial Services arm of the business was sold by PAI to Fortis Insurance UK, now Ageas (UK) Limited, for a figure of £215m in 2010, while the tyre retailing and service centre business was sold to ITOCHU Corporation for $1bn
  22. 22. Acquisitions by Tyre Cos 22Global Tyre Retail Pirelli’s several acquisitions • Däckia Holding AB, Sweden, 2011: Acquired Sweden’s multi-brand tyre distribution from the private equity group Procuritas Capital and minority shareholders for 625 million kronor, or approximately 70 million euro. • Campneus, Brazil, 2012: Acquired 60%, 54 outlets • Abouchar, Brazil, 2013: Abouchar had 29 outlet Michelin - TCi • Michelin acquired USA’s largest commercial tyre retailer and retreader TCi in 1999 • At that time, TCi had revenues of around $500mn, from 163 locations
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