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Infographic trends impacting search 2012 - 2013 Indenty


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The three prominent trends are Social Media, the increased amount of mobile devices and the updates from especially Google that affect the market. Local search is a trend that impacts the market as well and is becoming more important as a result of Google updates and local search queries on mobile devices.
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Infographic trends impacting search 2012 - 2013 Indenty

  1. 1. Trends impactingSEARCHSOCIAL MOBILE LOCALSOCIAL +88% +174% Total Internet Social networking2007 2011Rise of social networking15-24 years Instant Messengers Email 34% Social Networking -22% -42%Change in averagetime spent $33 MILLIONValue of real-time SocialMedia contentStudy with 154.756 unique real-time search queries social integrationGoogle + Your World awesome things Images for awesome things Urban Dictionary: awesome +1 Veronica Mars fans are awesome. They love the show so much they ... You + 1’d this 7 awesome things that don’t mix with anything else +1 That post, the blog, and the song “1000 Awesome Things” have been ... You, Kari Hensien and 17 other people + 1’d thisThe New Bing Ask friends....Friends who might know Kari Hensien posted photos of ‘Honolulu 2012’ + FRIENDS Luka Abrus lives in Oahu, Hawaii +People who know OTHER Jeff Ford is a travel PEOPLE guru Activity YOU You i’m going to Honolulu this Summer, any ideas for hotels? sersMOBILE ers to p u e us Desk il Mob Main activity navigating the web 68%mobile internet usersovertakedesktop usersin 2014 30-40% local search on mobileLOCALAbout 80% takes action Venice update from G ogle feb 2012 Increased localized resultsGoogle Chances for Small and Medium Enterprises family lawyers Your location: Amsterdam, NL Family Solicitors Amsterdam C Family lawyers and divorce solicitors in A Amsterdam Rosleys Solicitors ... B Family Law Solicitors Amsterdam Andersons Solicitors family & divorce experts in Amsterdam, provide becomes moresociallocal andSOURCESShaw, M. (2012). The State of Social Media. London: comScore.Jansen, B., Liu, Z., Weaver, C., Campbell, G., & Gregg, M. (2011).Real time search on the web: Quearies, topics and economic value.Information Processing and Management, 491-506.Meeker, M., Devitt, S., & Wu, L. (2010, April 12). Morgan Stanley.Retrieved Mei 22, 2012, from (2011, September 15). Retrieved May 23, 2012, from The worldis mobile:, P Gonzalez, H., Jensen, C. S., & Havely, A. (2011). .,Hyper-local, Directions-Based Ranking of Places. 37th InternationalConference on Very Large Data Bases. Content by Jorn ter Huurne Design by Marli Bolscher