Incrementa - Increase your Upselling Revenue


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Incementa is a hotel up-selling consulting firm. For further information contact us in

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Incrementa - Increase your Upselling Revenue

  1. 1. Visit our home page Call Us: +1 (214) 219-9798
  2. 2. Our Work Incrementa is a consulting company devoted to training and developing potential selling skills of key Front Desk and Reservations staff, in order to promote Up Selling guests to higher room categories, generating incremental revenues for the hotel. Our objective is to provide the hotels and their staff with the adequate strategy and tools to generate incremental revenues via Up Sell. Our program includes: Implementation of the Up Sell strategy. Training, coaching and follow-up sessions. Report and analysis of the results.
  3. 3. Goals Our programs: Implement Up Sell strategies and philosophy. Improve Front Desk staff training, by learning how to: Understand the customer needs. Turn the characteristics of the rooms into benefits for the client, by applying a 6-step sales process during check in. Increase hotel income while making a direct impact on ADR and RevPAR. Promote a better use of higher category rooms, which are often used for upgrades. Improve the client’s experience.
  4. 4. The Business Model – A Win-win Situation! Our trainings are based strictly on generating incremental revenues; if your hotel does not increase their actual results after our implementation, the training has no cost for you. How this works: We implement the program with no initial cost for the hotel. With our Shared Revenue option, your hotel pays for our training and consultancy by sharing the incremental revenues that are generated as a result of the implementation of the program. Only the revenues that are made, above of what you are currently making, are considered incremental and only those are shared. Our consultancy is covered by sharing these incremental revenues, at 50/50 for 12 months. If the hotel does not increase its current Up Sell revenues, then our training is free of charge.
  5. 5. Success Stories Thanks to our programs, hotels have seen: Average incremental revenues of 550% in their Up Sell results. Positive impact in RevPar and ADR.
  6. 6. Immediate Increase
  7. 7. Immediate Increase
  8. 8. Our Coverage Tijuana Positive track of record in more than 50 hotels throughout the Americas. Atlanta Dallas Monterrey Los Cabos Veracruz Mexico City Guadalajara Puebla Cancun Cozumel Santo Domingo Merida Offices in Dallas, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile & Sao Paulo. Querétaro Training programs and consultants available in English, Spanish, German & Portuguese. San Jose Bogotá Cali Lima Cusco Paracas Urubamba Rio de Janeiro Sao Paulo Santiago Buenos Aires Programs implemented in hotels ranging from 3 to 5 stars. Trained independent properties as well as hotel chains, affiliated to Leading, Preferred & Virtuoso.
  9. 9. Our Clients
  10. 10. Trained Hotels InterContinental Hotels Atlanta Monterrey Cd. de Mexico – Polanco Cd. de México – Santa Fe Guadalajara Ixtapa Puebla Puerto Vallarta Merida Cancún Cozumel Cali San Jose Costa Rica Rio de Janeiro Sao Paulo Santiago Buenos Aires Starwood Hotels Westin Lima Sheraton Ma Isabel Marriott Bogotá JW Bogota Camino Real Cd. de México - Polanco Cd. de México - Pedregal Cd. de México – Santa Fe Cd. de México – Aeropuerto Guadalajara Guadalajara Expo Monterrey Tijuana Veracruz Velas Hotels & Resorts Grand Velas Riviera Maya Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit Velas Vallarta Casa Velas Tivoli Hotels Sao Paulo Mofarrej Hoteles Libertador Lima Cuzco Hoteles Estelar La Fontana Bogota Starwood Luxury Collection Paracas Tambo del Inka Crowne Plaza Monterrey Santo Domingo Holiday Inn Monterrey Puebla Santo Domingo Los Cabos Fiesta Americana Cd. de México - Reforma Cd. de México - Santa Fe Cd. de México - Grand Chapultepec Guadalajara Guadalajara Grand Puerto Vallarta Mérida Querétaro Veracruz
  11. 11. Contacts & References Contacts: References: Jorge A Bravo President & Managing Director Dallas Corporate Office Phone: +1 (214) 219-9798 Julien Debarle VP Operations Presidente InterContinental Gianella Bravo Director - Mexico Adolfo Cedeno VP of Sales & Marketing Hoteles Camino Real Sina Engelmann Director of Sales – Mexico Enrique Calderon VP of Sales & Marketing Posadas de Mexico Silvia Poppe Director of Sales– Brasil Gianpaolo Bellomunno Comercial Director Hoteles Libertador Perú
  12. 12. Visit our page: