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  • Measurement can be used to help in the following areas:Planning: Which content drove past results – traffic, conversions, ‘shares’Reporting: Is the content meeting your objectives? Which type of content is best?Optimizing: How can we move the needle above benchmark?
  • InboundWriter - DivvyHQ Webinar 5-23-12

    1. 1. 9 Steps To Building Your Internal Publishing Department
    2. 2. The PresentersPelin Thorogood is a new media marketer and entrepreneur,and was named one of the “20 Women to Watch” in saleslead management in both 2011 & 2012. Pelin also serves asa Executive-in-Residence at Cornells Johnson GraduateSchool of @PelinTJayme Thomason is the founder and CEO of DivvyHQ, thespreadsheet-free editorial calendar application. Prior to that,Jayme was the Chief Content Strategist for her agency, AllureNew @jaymethomason #contentmarketing
    3. 3. All Too Typical A Scenario Useless, promotional content No consistency Writer‟s block Missed deadlines and missed opportunities Poorly managed resources Miss the target on reach, engagement and conversion Painful, difficult-to-use tools No measurementls #contentmarketing
    4. 4. 9 Steps to Building Your Internal Publishing Department Establish your content strategy Determine your ideal content marketing vehicles Establish your publishing schedule Assemble a great editorial team Utilize editorial planning tools to execute consistently Utilize content optimization tools to create more compelling content Build an efficient production, distribution and promotion workflow Reach & engage your audience through search & social channels Monitor their results & make adjustments on the fly #contentmarketing
    5. 5. The Simplest Content Strategy on Earth Who is your audience? What are your objectives? What type ofcontent do you need to support each objective? What are you going to say (that matters)? Where will you say it? (vehicles, channels) How often? Is it working? #contentmarketing
    6. 6. „Lifecycle‟ Content Reach/Acquisition Conversion RetentionBlogging White papers Email newslettersOnline press releases Explanatory videos Social media contentInfographics Customer video testimonials Customer support contentSurveys and trend data Case studies Product toursViral video Data sheets WebinarsSocial media content Product reviews BlogPodcasts Webinars ContestsBlog and forum comments Advertising and search copyContests #contentmarketing
    7. 7. Sample Editorial Plan Blog Posts = 4 times per week eNews = 2 times per month Video = 2 times per month Webinars = 1 time per month Podcast = 1 time per month PR/News Releases = 2 times per month Twitter/FB/LI/G+ = Daily #contentmarketing
    8. 8. Welcome to Journalism 101Editorial Organizational Chart #contentmarketing
    9. 9. 1. Newspaper Org. Chart Photographer #contentmarketing
    10. 10. 2. Corporation Writer #contentmarketing
    11. 11. 2. Corporation Writer #contentmarketing
    12. 12. 2. Corporation Writer #contentmarketing
    13. 13. 3. Small Biz #contentmarketing
    14. 14. 3. Small Biz #contentmarketing
    15. 15. 3. Small Biz #contentmarketing
    16. 16. 4. Agency #contentmarketing
    17. 17. Unleash Your Inner Data AnalystFamiliarize yourself withweb and socialmeasurementUnderstand how contentdrives results based onyour objectivesKnow how to establishbenchmarksUse data to optimize andcreate better content #contentmarketing
    18. 18. Know The Right Toolsmeasurement distribution production #contentmarketing
    19. 19. Create Relevant ContentUse data to understand what youraudience is interested in, what istrending, what types of content workbest, who are the influencersMarcus Sheriden: “Your customers‟first 50 questions should be your first50 blog posts.”Be creativeLink to relevant external sources,including articles, blogs, photosTell a storyCall to action #contentmarketing
    20. 20. Content Creation Best PracticesSEO best practices define “keyword focus”as one of the most important things in onlinewriting.The “right” keywords are very muchdependent on your content strategyEngaging content not only requires the use ofthe right words but also the right structure #contentmarketing
    21. 21. Develop Your Process Regular brainstorming meetings SMEs & Sales should be part of thisprocess Assign content projects withschedules/deadlines Develop your production workflow #contentmarketing
    22. 22. Sample Workflow #contentmarketing
    23. 23. Get it ReadLeverage yourCommunity: Socialchannels, customeradvocates,influencers, paidadvertising, etc.Work w/marketingand public relationsLeverageemployees #contentmarketing
    24. 24. Measure & AdjustMeasure impact ofcontent based onobjective – leads, sales,etc. – by audiencesegmentUse measurement todrive content decisionsTest Test Test!Remember: creativityw/out conversions =zero #contentmarketing
    25. 25. eBeanstalk.comSelected and optimizedfour category landingpages specificallydesigned for mid-to-long tail keywords: 3 year-old toys 2 year-old toys Gifts for a 1 year old Gifts for a 2 year old #contentmarketing
    26. 26. Results: eBeanstalk.comSeven-week results, averaged across the four optimized pages: Reach: Increase in search engine traffic (29%) Reach: Increase in paid search impressions (45%) Engagement: Increase in time on page (153%) Conversion: Increase in conversion to sale (17%) #contentmarketing
    27. 27. Convince&ConvertOptimized and repostedfive existing blog postsusing new focus terms Compared average traffic and key metrics for 30 days before/after rewriteCreated seven new blogposts Compared to average engagement and other data for 30 days of posts before using InboundWriter #contentmarketing
    28. 28. Before and After
    29. 29. #contentmarketing
    30. 30. Results: Convince&ConvertFour weeks of results for the 12 pages (5 rewritten, 7 new) onConvince&Convert:Reach: Traffic from search engines increased an average of 33% across thefive posts that were rewritten (optimized) using InboundWriterReach: Four of the five rewritten posts achieved top 10 Google rankings fortarget keywordsReach: Six of the seven newly written (optimized) posts achieved top 10Google rankings for target keywords within 48 hours of publication #contentmarketing
    31. 31. Results: CorePsych #contentmarketing
    32. 32. Thank You!Pelin Thorogood, Schulman+Thorogood Group @PelinT www.schulmanthorogood.comJayme Thomason, Founder and CEO, DivvyHQ @divvyhq, @jaymethomason #contentmarketing