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Infusionsoft: Stealth auto case study


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  • Great presentation! Excellent observations. I pretty much laid of the foundation of this presentation in my 17 (so far) myths of computers on Twitter @shockeyk,
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  • 11.8% signup rateBy asking for more info you can send better targeted messages
  • Move stats to relevant results slides
  • Transcript

    • 1. Who is this guy?
    • 2. Make the most of your web traffic
      Capture. Nurture. Convert.
      Presented By:
      Todd Staples, Owner, Stealth Auto
    • 3. How do we get traffic?
    • 4. We implemented a plan to get more traffic.1) Developed an AMAZING SEO system. 2) Created educational videos. Our Youtube channel has over 900K views.3) Formed a strong social media presence . Facebook Page has 4200+ members.4) “Syndicated” our products across many other websites. (This is just the tip of the iceburg! If you want more informationon any of this, please talk to me after the show).
    • 5. So….is it working?
    • 6.
    • 7. #1 and #2 Ranking is good, but there is something even better…
    • 8. This is better:Ranking #1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10!
    • 9. How are we getting such good rankings?Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks!
    • 10. You can see our efforts are paying off.More traffic = More leads!
    • 11. Results
    • 12. How we capture new leads.
    • 13. How to build your list:Have various opt in forms. Rotate them until you find a winner.
    • 14. Example: “Win $100 Gift Cert” Newsletter Signups 2011
      67/282 Newsletter signups converted to sale.
      That’s 23.8% conversion rate.
    • 15. Key Concept:
      After we get a new lead, we try to get more detailed information about them so we can send them ONLY relevant information.This lowers our unsubscribe rate and creates happy, educated customers.Happy, educated customers love to buy stuff!
    • 16.
    • 17. Results:I get better data to help make my marketing decisions.
    • 18. Key Concept:
      “People buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell to them.”Lesson:You MUST nurture your leads until they are ready to buy!
    • 19. How we nurture our leads.
    • 20. New Hot Lead Sequence
    • 21. New Hot Lead Sequence
      Example of a educational sequence
      5 Step invitation to give us info.
    • 22. It is also very important to continue to nurture these customers AFTER a sale is made. We find a good way to do this is to engage them in“The Stealth Auto BMW Tribe”
    • 23. YouTube Invitation Email (9 Days)
    • 24. Invitation to Facebook Page (NOT Stealth Auto) 15 Days
    • 25. “BMW Modifications” Facebook Page
    • 26. Cool Data I Dug Up
      76K Unique in 2011
      Roughly 2740 Opt Ins
      457 Sales from these opt ins – 16.7% C.R
      That equals an estimated value of $23.02/email.
      Have built a list of almost 20K automotive enthusiasts.
      Sales are up over 500% since we started capturing & nurturing.
      Lesson: GET MORE OPT INS!
      How do you get more opt ins?
      1) Get more traffic2) Perfect your offer
    • 27. How has all this affected our business?
      Have built a list of almost 20K automotive enthusiasts.
      Sales are up over 500%
      Automation makes us seem like a much larger company and has allowed us to grow bigger without hiring a lot of people.
      We are having fun doing what we love.
    • 28. What I Learned…
      Have a compelling lead magnet to get opt-ins
      Segment contact list three ways:
      Lead source
      Behaviors and interests
      Automate follow-up so no lead falls through the cracks
      Automation helps bubble up hot leads
      Killer content = higher conversions
    • 29. What this means in “the big picture?”
      The better I get at marketing, the more people I can help!
      If any of you need help with your marketing or ecommerce strategy, let me know.
      How to get more help?