SEO Crash Course

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SEO Crash Course Presentation at M-Stars.

SEO Crash Course Presentation at M-Stars.

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  • 1. Crash CourseSearch Engine Optimization
  • 2. Inbound Marketing Indonesia
    Founded in 2009
    Pioneer in providing inbound marketing services
    Hubspot Partner, Certified Educator
    Based in Bandung and Jakarta
    Friendly 
    Get Connected
    Website :
    Email :
    Twitter :
    Facebook :
    LinkedIn :
  • 3. me: RidhoPutradiS’Gara
    Co Founder at Inbound Marketing Indonesia
    Studied at InstitutPertanian Bogor, majored in the computer science
    Also working as Internet Marketing Manager for Asia at LaSalle College International
    Get connected
    Email :
    Twitter :
  • 4. This Workshop
    Is an open forum, so bring on questions, comments, and shared experiences
    We’re also a learner
  • 5. Search Engine Optimization
    The use of various techniques to improve a web site's ranking in the search engines and thus attract more visitors
  • 6. Recent Updates
    Google Algorithm
    Universal Search
    Social Media Search
  • 7. Google updates
    Reduce rankings for low-quality sites
    Provide better rankings for high-quality sites
  • 8. Universal Search
    Web Pages
  • 9. Social Media Indexing
  • 10. So, Why SEO is important?
  • 11. SEO is important because
    Search engine drives high quality traffics
    90% of people only click website that are visible on the #1 page of SERP
  • 12. Agenda
    Keywords Analysis
    On Page SEO
    Link Building Strategies
    Geo Targeted SEO
    Social Media for SEO
    Ongoing SEO Improvement
    Black Hat SEO
  • 13. Keyword Analysis
    Search engines works with keywords
  • 14. Initial Keywords
    Root names
    Related names
    Competitors names
    Geographic variations
    Descriptive variations
  • 15. Primary Selection
    Sufficient search volume
    Relative competition
    Choose the right keywords!
  • 16. We can use :
    Google Adword Keyword Tool
    Wordtracker, Wordstream, SEO Book
  • 17. Choosing relevant keywords
    Not only pull in traffic, we need keywords that convert.
  • 18. Competitive research
    Number of search result
    Top 10 Competitors
    Having our keywords on the first page of SERP is great. But having keywords that convert well is awesome.
  • 19. Winning the competition
    Links to website
    Links to specific page
    The anchor text links
    Internal navigation
    Keywords on URL
  • 20. Remember this!
    You're not married to your keywords. Be flexible. Works only with keywords that work!
  • 21. On Page SEO
    Optimizing the SEO on the internal website
  • 22. The Basics
    Page Title
    Meta Tag
    Content / Keyword Density
  • 23. Search Engine Friendly URL is less friendly than
  • 24. Page Title
    Keywords on title
    No duplicates
    Rather than having repetitive page title like
    Download Music, FREE Download Music, Download Latest Music
    .. use the variation
    Download Free And Latest Musics
  • 25. Meta Description
    • Search Engine use Meta Description as snippet for their search result
    • 26. Meta description help increase the CTR
    • 27. Most of search engine has 160 char on their snippet
    <meta name="description" content="Inbound Marketing Indonesia was founded in 2009. Our goal is to help your company convert more of its leads into sales. By optimizing your conversion process, we can help increase your company’s bottom line." />
  • 28. Content / Keyword Density
    Don’t choose between readability and SEO.
    Keyword stuffing is not going to work
    Avoid duplicate contents
    Human visitor is your priority
  • 29. User Generated Content
    Content Summary
    Content Tagging
    Let your users help your on page SEO.
  • 30. Link Building Strategies
    Links help website's ranking better by increasing the search authority.
    Off Page SEO
  • 31. Check your links
    Google Webmaster Tools
  • 32. Anchor Text
    Anchor is a clickable text of a link
    Anchor text rich
    Text links are much better than images links.
  • 33. Link Building Tactics
    Completely Manual
    High quality links = Vote for your website.
  • 34. Manual Link Building
    Paid Links Submission
    Link Exchanges
    Article Submission
    PR Submission
    Directory Submission
    Guess Blogging
    Sponsored Post
  • 35. Editorial
    Create a high quality content and let people recommended it.
  • 36. Link Bait
    Provide the easiest way to link back to your website. Use badges, copy-able codes
    Invite your communities to link back to your website.
  • 37. Geo Targeted SEO
    The Places reviews on Google search result
    Build local trust
  • 38. Geo Targeted SEO Techniques
    Geo Tagging
    Local Listing
    Geo Targeted Keywords
    <meta name=”geo.position” CONTENT=”49.2;-123.4″> (latitude, longitude)<meta name=”geo.placename” CONTENT=”London, Ontario”> (city, State/Province)<meta name=”geo.region” CONTENT=”CA-ON”> (Country, State/Province)<meta name=”ICBM” content=”49.2;-123.4″> (latitude, longitude)
    Local listing / directory website- Google Places- Yahoo Local Listing- Bing Local Listing- DMOZ- Etc
  • 39. Social Media for SEO
    Social Media Indexing / Realtime Search on Google Search Result
    High Ranking Social Media
  • 40. Ongoing SEO Improvement
    Monitor your SEO Campaign
    Adjust your keywords
    Maintain On-Page Optimization
    Focus on External Link Building
  • 41. Ranking Dashboard
    Google Webmaster Tools
    Website Grader
  • 42. Small but big
    Alt on images
    Title on anchor
    Keywords on file name
    Un-shorted URL sharing
  • 43. Thank you
    SEO Games 2011, win $500 cash prize
    This Slides