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Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs - One Tool The Marketing Toolkit
Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs - One Tool The Marketing Toolkit
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Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs - One Tool The Marketing Toolkit


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  • 1. Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs - One Tool The Marketing ToolkitMaslows Hierarchy of needs ; its old hat for a marketer, right? After 65 years what can possibly benew for todays sophisticated, internet-based marketer? Plenty. The hierarchy of Needs deals withhuman needs and can still be a useful tool in a sophisticated marketers toolbox. As a refresher, thebasic needs are:• physiological• safety• love• esteem• self-actualizationComprehending Maslow is more intricate than quickly glancing at a chart of the basic needs.Unfortunately, that is about all of us receive in most marketing books -- if they mention the man at all.A well-developed marketer will gain a more sophisticated understanding from a thorough reading ofthe original article.In studying Maslow, one finds he never claims to have authored a theory that answers all aspectsabout human motivation. It is not an "end-all, be-all" as to what motivates us. Yet the Hierarchy addsan additional perspective one can reference when creating an ad campaign. I find Maslow to be onetool among the many I use when seeking to deliver maximum value to a client. When I fix somethingat home , I often use a hammer , a drill and sometimes several wrenches. I could attempt to repairevery broken door or appliance with a pair of pliers, but thats not very efficient and usually I end upmarring a surface or stripping the head of a bolt or screw.In a similar way , if I am building a promotion for a client I may combine my understanding of theHierarchy of Needs with Campbells explanation of the Heros Journey, and the Ries and Troutpositioning ideas. I might well consider a half-dozen other psychological and marketing theories,depending on the extent of the campaign and the time allotted to it.Maslow can often provide a ground floor to work from, especially when we try to determine what setof needs our target audience likely needs fulfilled. "Man is a perpetually wanting animal" Maslowwrites, and yet we need to establish which of the needs we think are already satisfied, at leastpartially , in our target audience. Then we can determine which of the "unsatisfied" needs to focus onas we develop our campaign.There is a vital point I glossed over when i first ran across Maslow in a simple "chart form". Heindicates that only percentages of the needs are filled at any one time. Most people simply dontneatly fill each stage entirely, and then move up to the next stage.This fact , that only a percentage of the needs are fulfilled at any time , allows us to craft unique,focused campaigns targeting multiple needs.The next article will address specific applications in creating a marketing hypothetical campaign for abank. For our campaign , we will use the concept of duty (as part of the Esteem needs) and combineit with the safety and Love needs.
  • 2. Maslow is a fascinating read.What is article marketing?