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Photostory: Family by Family Spring Starter Camp II

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  • 1. Friday night. We started with a discussion of the Family by Family values.
  • 2. The values.
  • 3. Saturday morning. Sarah introduced the ‘family signature’ exercise.
  • 4. Families charted the ups & downs of their own lives...
  • 5. ...and identified the things they said, did, or thought to get through tough times...
  • 6. ...the strategies that they could draw on to share with other families.
  • 7. Tricia, a life coach, introduced a session on learning reflective listening skills.
  • 8. The families paired up to try out their listening skills ...
  • 9. ...and then put them to the test in a game...
  • 10. ...a very frustrating game.
  • 11. The families snuggled down to learn about storytelling from Helen, a storyteller.
  • 12. Helen demonstrated storytelling & then worked with families to shape their own stories.
  • 13. We’d arranged some model developmental experiences for Saturday night. The families learnt about bush tucker from an indigenous family...
  • 14. ...and about animals from Animals Anonymous.
  • 15. Sunday morning. Carolyn introduces the programme for Sunday.
  • 16. The families rehearsed sharing the personal stories they’d worked on the day before.
  • 17. Role-play. The families rehearsed recruiting new families to Family by Family.
  • 18. Carolyn displayed considerable acting talent in playing a sceptical mum.
  • 19. Families from our first camp helped the new families to create a profile for their family.
  • 20. A draft family profile.
  • 21. Role-play. Carolyn, back in character, providing Daniel with some challenging situations.
  • 22. Meanwhile, the kids had turned the camp kitchen into a cubby-house shanty town...
  • 23. ...and used their constructions to tell their own family stories.
  • 24. Sunday afternoon. The families ran developmental experiences for each other.
  • 25. The Varona family taught archery.
  • 26. Ashlee taught something really cool...
  • 27. ...how to make miniature paper stars, with a secret message written on the inside.
  • 28. Ange shared her family’s favourite recipe - Yum Yum Balls. They were a hit!
  • 29. Adrienne taught origami...
  • 30. ...and the Shekars taught their favourite family game. Chess.
  • 31. At the last session the families shared their ideas on what to improve for next time.
  • 32. And gave each other feedback to take home.
  • 33. Sunday Afternoon. Carolyn closes the camp. We would meet next at our regular Wednesday night ‘Yarn & Dinner’.