Virtual server-hosting


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Virtual server-hosting

  1. 1. MULTIPLy multiple resources, not multiple costs. Having made the first step with on-site server virtualisation to drive consolidation RESOURCES, and reduce running costs, customer can now make further strides by working with Cloud-based server infrastructures. SUBTRACT InTechnology’s Virtual Server Hosting service allows you to create virtual resources InTechnology’s Virtual Server Hosting Service, underpinned by industry leading at the click of a button within our highly technology from VMware and NetApp, COSTS. resilient and secure Cloud infrastructure. No more inflexible, energy hungry, high maintenance and expensive on-premise enables you to leverage our storage, network and computing resources to secure increased capacity, responsiveness hardware – just the servers and the storage and cost-efficiency for your business. you need when you need it, available on demand from the InTechnology Cloud.
  2. 2. features and benefits q&A Is the service only applicable to file & print servers? key features key benefits No, the Virtual Server Hosting Service can cater for the most demanding application server. Do I need to log a call to create a new virtual server? • Delivers server and storage capacity • Reduces call on capital investment for No, InTechnology gives you access to a unique self-provisioning portal that allows you to that scales seamlessly with demands servers and storage create new virtual servers at a click of a button. • Pay only for the virtual resources • Reduces operational costs (people, Can I change performance or type of storage? you use power and processes) Yes, you can change performance parameters such as CPU or memory and you can also • High availability and high performance • Improves server and application switch from standard to performance storage at any time. availability • User-driven, fully configurable How can I protect the application data on virtual servers? service via intuitive customer portal • Delivers more predictable and InTechnology can offer a variety of data protection options. These range from our consistent performance industry-leading Managed Backup Service that automatically backs up data to virtual • Full protection through replication to secondary data centre • Ensures greater responsiveness to DR servers, all of which are provisioned from a second InTechnology data centre. business demands How do you provide data security? • Secures enhanced business InTechnology’s data centre facilities and networks are government approved, with each continuity and disaster recovery customer having secure access into InTechnology’s Virtual Server Hosting Service. Additionally all data can be protected off-site. • Facilitates more effective regulatory compliance What resilience does the service offer? • Reduces carbon footprint The data centre infrastructure is built to N+1 specification. In addition, all physical servers and associated storage are clustered to provide and guarantee ultimate service availability. What are the up-front costs? InTechnology charges no upfront costs as we take all the financial risk. You only pay for what you use on a monthly basis. We call it “Pay as you grow – save as you shrink”. next steps Ready to step into the Cloud? To find out more give us a call or visit our website. 0800 983 2522