Let the Cloud weather the storm


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This presentation by InTechnology looks at how Cloud computing could cut your costs and increase business efficiency, while improving your disaster recovery plan and IT security. http://www.intechnology.co.uk/resource-centre/webcast-let-the-cloud-weather-the-storm.aspx

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  • Both co-location and IaaS can deliver significant cost savings. Utilising latest cooling technology means rack density is significantly improved allowing more servers to be housed in a single rack Experience has shown a reduction in hosting footprint by 20-30%
  • Let the Cloud weather the storm

    1. 1. Let The Cloud Weather The Storm?15 February 2013Stefan Haase – Divisional Product Director - Data Cloud Services
    2. 2. Webcast Agenda• Introduction to InTechnology• The role of IT in 2000/2020• Predictions• The concept of Hybrid Cloud• The relationship of IT and the business• Questions and Answers
    3. 3. Introduction to InTechnology• Serving the UK IT market for 30 years• Unique position in the managed IT services market• Full range of managed IT services delivered to over 800 UKbusinesses
    4. 4. The role of IT in the year 2000IT were keeping businesses going•Network (LAN / WAN) & security•Servers & storage•Operating systems & applications•Desktops & end point protection•Independent systems
    5. 5. The role of IT in the year 2020IT are shaping the business and driving change•Managing Cloud suppliers•Reducing operating costs•Increasing ROI•Delivering revenue•Business visionary
    6. 6. What is driving the change?Need for:• Business agility• Cost reduction & Opex models• Improved efficiencies• DR and BC planning• Security & compliance
    7. 7. Predictions• Gartner predicts worldwide software as a service (SaaS)application revenue will reach $22.1 billion by 2015. Jan ’13• IDC forecast that by 2014, one-third of all IT organizationswill be providing cloud services to business partners ratherthan providing IT internally Oct-12
    8. 8. So how do we get there?
    9. 9. A new era - Hybrid Cloud
    10. 10. The concept of Hybrid Cloud•The combination of physical customer owned & co-locatedsolutions and cloud services•Offering the flexibility if the cloud alongside traditional hostingsolutions•Efficiency / Flexibility / Security•Accessible on the same network
    11. 11. Hybrid Cloud- DriversWhere does the requirement for Hybrid Cloud emerge from:•Budgetary pressures – making the move from capex to opex•Pressures to move to the cloud•Business agility & flexibility•DR & BC protection & reduction of risk•Predictability of budget
    12. 12. Why Hybrid Cloud?• Best of both worlds - Not pushed into one corner• Paced journey – tailored to customer requirements• Reduced risk• Reliability• Scalability• Operational & commercial flexibility
    13. 13. Hybrid Cloud – cost savingssavings
    14. 14. Relationship of IT and the businessIT as an enablerIntegrated with business objectivesMove from cost centre to revenue generation
    15. 15. Summary• The role of IT is changing• Key drivers for change• Concept of Hybrid Cloud• Cloud benefits• Availability• Flexibility & scalability• Resilience & Security
    16. 16. ANY QUESTIONS?Email: contact@intechnology.co.ukTelephone: 01423 850000Website: www.intechnology.co.ukTwitter: twitter.com/InTechnologyTHANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME