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Reduce your communications wastage with the UK’s first hosted OCS and integrated IP telephony service.

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InTechnology InSpire Newsletter - Issue 7

  1. 1. ISSUe 7 AUTUMn 2009 InTechnology launches first true Unified Communications service Reduce your communications wastage with the UK’s first hosted OCS and integrated IP telephony service Leaders! Unified Communications brings together all productivity. InTechnology is launching Unified Our revolutionary UC package is the the tools of communication we use, in order Communications as a hosted solution and market leading result of combining to streamline the communication process, is the only provider to integrate Microsoft InTechnology’s IP telephony expertise improve productivity and reduce a lot of Office Communication Server with enterprise with the world leading OCS specialisation the costs in today’s business environment. class hosted IP telephony. InTechnology’s of Microsoft partner, POSTcti. Unified Communications aims to reduce ability to give ‘voice’ to our customers means A UK first! No other provider can the time, cost and frustration associated we have the missing link in the evolution of currently deliver it for you. with the unnecessary delays in decision communication through the desktop. Call us on 0800 983 2522 to find out more. making, improving business efficiency and Read more inside. In this issue... page 2 page 3 page 4 inserts What is Unified Communications? InTechnology has the missing The latest on InTechnology’s Reply to our questionnaire Read how UC can make you more link for Microsoft Office hosted events and corporate and win two tickets for the efficient and save you money. Communication Server. hospitality. Champions League! Call us on 01423 850000 or contact your Account Manager for more information -
  2. 2. What can Unified ISSUe 7 AUTUMn 2009 What is “Unified Communications”? Well, you know how frustrating and time-wasting it is when you can’t contact a Waste of colleague? Unified Communications joins everything up in a space streamlined way so you can: Because of the poor hit rate with current 1 View a user’s current availability (presence) telecoms practices, staff often cast the net wider by sending 2 Consolidate your contact lists to just one multiple emails. Inevitably that means 3 eliminate 50% of your daily communications other staff receive lots of unnecessary and associated costs messages! The result? Delay, distraction, 4 Greatly increase your business productivity interruption - and email overload, probably with a few extra v-mails too 5 Speed up the communication and decision making process (“just in case”). All this because neither side 6 Share information and move seamlessly from knew what the other was doing before they one medium to another tried to make contact... 7 Make desktop calls with no fixed line Neil May Available The Waiting Game The Universal Modern methods of business communication have Desktop Who’s it for? developed rapidly and randomly. One result is that users Unified Communications waste a lot of time. Recipients may be unavailable – busy, Just imagine… instant messaging, audio, is perfect – essential absent or distracted. Leave a voicemail and you have video, web conferencing, enhanced email, even – for large, multi-site no idea when it will be collected, let alone responded and integrated enterprise class mobile operations with a workforce to. Send an email and the same is probably true. Your and fixed line telephony – all unified that is dispersed, mobile, query may be simple, but getting a response may prove on one ‘universal’ desktop, from which or both. The potential complicated and frustrating. Desk phones are often you can contact anyone. Then, stop streamlining of thousands unoccupied, so your staff call a mobile contact number imagining, and contact InTechnology, of communications on a instead (which usually costs more and incurs yet another the only UK company currently able daily basis has the power voicemail). With the workforce so mobile these days, to provide all this in a single managed to produce huge cross- they may give up calling landlines altogether. And that’s service. Plug into our fully hosted cloud organisation efficiencies, just one side of the equation. On the receiving end, you services and you’ll find the possibility of and ultimately revolutionise get interrupted by non-urgent calls, usually at the worst genuine Unified Communications is no operational communications times. As for the conversation that finally does take place, longer pie in the sky. within the business. At the well, you probably waste the first few minutes talking same time it increases the about how difficult it was to get in contact! company’s ability to track and record all communications. Want to Working progress: join up for Unified Communications ● Improves employee interaction joined-up ● encourages collaboration ● Facilitates faster, better decisions comms? ● Reduces email traffic ● Supports flexible working Then call InTechnology ● Increases network security (0800 983 2522) now… ● Reduces carbon footprint because you won’t find it anywhere else! ● Reduces wasted calls ● Boosts productivity 02 Call us on 01423 850000 or contact your Account Manager for more information -
  3. 3. Comms do for me? ISSUe 7 AUTUMn 2009 Perfect Presence “Where are you?” It’s the standard opener in voice telecoms these days. But with UC, employee location is less of an issue, because availability of the recipient has already been established. Status can be automatically determined from the user’s calendar, phone, or even PC activity (in future, maybe even from GPS). It means cutting out communications redundancy. Cutting out the waste, to cut to the chase. Unique Voice Unified Communications How do you get enterprise class telephony at the heart of your business? It’s simple. Take the best Unified Communications platform (Microsoft Office Communication Server) and the best unified voice platform (Broadsoft). Then use InTechnology to integrate the two in a hosted environment. Why InTechnology? Because, simply, no one else can do it. Shared Decision UC facilitates better, faster decision-making by enabling the sharing of documents. The We provide ability to easily hold online meetings with the feature-rich collaboration capabilities the Missing also significantly saves the time and costs of unnecessary face-to-face meetings. Link! Microsoft has sold Does UC = millions of its Office Communication Server Convergence licences, but most have Is Unified Communications the same as not been deployed. If convergence? no. not at all. ‘Convergence’ you are sitting on one, is about technological merging of systems now is the time to ask at the back end, typically networks for data, whether you can really telephony and video conferencing. Unified make the most of its Communications, on the other hand, is potential by deploying it about joined up communications at end- in-house. Can you truly user application level. At the desktop. At integrate your frontline the proverbial ‘coalface’. It’s about making applications? Can you technology make people more efficient get the most from that throughout their normal working day. investment? Because with InTechnology’s hosted IP telephony service and Office Communication Server integration, you can. IMmediately ! Instant Messaging (IM) may have burgeoned as a youth communications medium, but it’s in business that it really brought something new to the party, providing the key to ‘presence’: the ability to contact someone when you know they are willing and able to reply. Instant messaging is one of the keys to the success of Unified Communications. Fully integrated, it is perfect for quick queries, not only minimising unproductive chit-chat but also reducing email traffic, meaning less storage, backup and lower recovery costs. That all contributes to more efficient working practices (all while introducing operational and security controls). Call us on 01423 850000 or contact your Account Manager for more information - 03
  4. 4. ISSUe 7 AUTUMn 2009 Open Forum Our first ever Open Day on Wednesday 10th June proved a huge success, with a full house of customers joining us to meet the team, network with their peers and find out more about the hot topic of Unified Communications. The day provided a great opportunity for customers to meet their day to day InTechnology contacts face to face, as well as finding out more about the latest industry developments during a number of breakout sessions. Thanks to all those who attended and we look forward to welcoming you back again. Winning chemistry Several high profile new customers have joined us recently, not least Cegedim Rx, part of the Cegedim Group, and a major supplier of healthcare technology and information services across europe. InTechnology’s work for Cegedim Rx will include supporting a multi- million pound roll-out by supplying n3 connectivity to 3,500 UK pharmacies. Summer of fun InTechnology has hosted a number of events over the last few months at its corporate facility at Wembley Stadium, ranging from sell out concerts to Rugby League and World Cup 2010 qualifier football games. events recently attended by InTechnology customers include: An enjoyable day out ● Take That, Oasis and U2 concerts ● Rugby League Challenge Cup Final Sun shines for Golf Day ● International friendly england V Slovenia ● england V Croatia (WC Qualifier) Incredibly, given the poor summer We look forward to welcoming more weather, the sun actually chose to shine of you to Wembley on behalf of on the annual InTechnology Golf Day, held InTechnology. Please contact your on 2nd July. account manager for details. A record 144 of you joined us on the course, whilst an additional 30 people opted to be coached by the professionals on the beginners’ section. The Forest of Arden course provided once The golf day is InTechnology’s way of again, a challenging, yet stunning test, thanking you -our customers- for your ensuring the annual battle for the 1st to 5th business. We have received a lot of great prizes was highly contested, with 42inch feedback on the day and we appreciate plasma TV’s and other top prizes going to those that took the time to let us know the numerous winners. what they thought. 04 Call us on 01423 850000 or contact your Account Manager for more information -