SPRING 2011 EDITION /                                         WIN                                         A WEEK          ...
Going spare?                                                                                                              ...
NATALIE                DUFFIELD                          S&             DIRECTOR SALE                             MENT    ...
SPRING                    FOCUS                                      ES                        MANAGED SERVIC             ...
HOSTED Voice.Key considerations when weighing up the benefits of managed services versus in-house operations:   1         ...
CASE STUDY /MANAGED SERVICES /TOWERGATE PARTNERSHIP /                                                                     ...
HOW INTECHNOLOGY                                BENEFITS /HELPED /                                                With InT...
INSTANT SUCCESS!ICMC makes lone workers less lonely.We’re proud to say that our latestPC-based Instant Communications     ...
ON TOP OF THE CLOUDAt November’s Cloud Circle Forum, InTechnology once again demonstrated a keen aptitude for thoughtleade...
TH E VO ICE     Stefan Haase     Divisional Director     Data Services10
FAUTHORITY!OAfter inviting two local MPs, Nigel Adams and Andrew Jones, along to our Harrogatesite last September, InTechn...
ON THE RECORD...The complete call recording solutionWhether we like it or not, regulation is taking over the world. Busine...
Live-PA now                                                                     supports                                  ...
P       2010                            ARDS             LONG SERVICE AW     As testament to our investment in people, we’...
ED BYP    ER  OW PEOPLE  THE    Cutting edge and customer friendly    InTechnology has a proud history of looking         ...
 To support our broad range of managed services, we’re pleased to unveil a brand new suite of brochures. From ...
Paxton                                                                                                                    ...
WIN                                                                                                                       ...
IP TELEPHONY POWEREDBY POLYCOM?GOOD CALL /Our range of products will take your voice operations to the next level. Quite a...
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InSpire Newsletter - Spring 2011


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News from InTechnology plc, the leading UK Managed Services provider

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InSpire Newsletter - Spring 2011

  2. 2. Going spare? TAKE OUR DATA C E £100M INNTRES / SECUR FRASTRUCTU TOUR E & RES R ILIENT E / / N+1 AR C CLIMAT HITECHTURE E / FIRE PR CONTROL / O COLOCA TECTION & SUP T REDUC ION & PRIVAT RESSION / E E CHALL CARBON TAX SUITES / ENGE U / S/SO ARE 100 OF OUR HIGHLY SECURE DATA CENTRE RACKS.If downtime or power outages are driving you up the firewall, we can help. Currently, our highly securedata centre at Harrogate HQ has 100 racks available, all at competitive prices.With 24 /365 monitoring and support that takes away the For a reassuring, reliable and cost-effective way to protect yourheadache of maintaining on-site equipment, you can relax critical environment, call InTechnology. We’ll be happy to showin the knowledge that fires, floods or any other unforeseen you where your systems could soon be housed, and let you seedisaster won’t put you in the red...or make you see it. just how secure they will be in our state-of-the-art data centre. Call: 0800 983 2522 email: challenge@intechnology.com Visit: www.intechnology.com
  3. 3. NATALIE DUFFIELD S& DIRECTOR SALE MENT CU STOMER MANAGE PAGE 4Welcome to the new look edition of Spring focus: Building a strong relationshipour quarterly newsletter, InSpire. with your Managed Service Provider.I’d like to take this opportunity towish you all the best for 2011. PAGE 6As we ease our way into the newyear, now is the perfect time for Case study: Giving the best service and solutionsbusinesses to make a few timely to Towergate.resolutions. Cost-cutting, for example,is a top priority, but it doesn’t haveto be a painful process. Managed PAGE 8services like Cloud data storage Instant success: Staying in touch with your mobilefrom InTechnology can make a huge workforce through Instant Communications.difference to back-end efficiency,eliminating the need to spendprecious capital on unnecessaryhardware or maintenance along PAGE 9the way. On top of the Cloud: Talking managed servicesWe’ve news too of how the latest at the 4th Cloud Circle Forum.version of our Instant CommunicationsManagement Client (ICMC) is helpingcompanies across the UK make PAGE 10a fresh start by looking after their The voice of authority: Stefan Haase makes alone workers, in accordance with parliamentary point.government regulations. Take alook at our feature overview formore details. PAGE 14I hope you enjoy the read...feedback Powered by people: For almost 30 years!is always appreciated viainspire@intechnology.com PLUS! New case study, staff charity event, a competition and much more... WIN A WEEK END BR EAK IN HARR OGATE SEE ! PAGE 1 8
  4. 4. SPRING FOCUS ES MANAGED SERVIC WHY d iy? Let InTechnology ‘Do It For You’, for less...We’ve all experienced DIY disasters. In contrast, turning to a Managed Service Above all, though we’ll be managing yourBut in the world of IT & Communications Provider (MSP) will free up resources, save services, you’ll be controlling them:deciding to go it alone could set you back precious time and give you complete cost We’ll effectively become an extension oftens of thousands of pounds. Initial costs control. However, though the key priority in your IT team.will obviously dent a hole in your budget, the current age of austerity is undoubtedlyand your operational spend will soon add saving money, the right MSP will add valueup. Hardware needs procuring, software as well as offering it. As budgets are frozenneeds updating, kit will need fixing. And of or reduced, more and more businessescourse, staff will need training. seek to do more with less, which means InTechnology’s service MSPs are increasingly seen as a strategic increases our resource, partner as opposed to a mere supplier. but we retain control. Even if you’re doing a good job of ‘Doing Dundas & Wilson It Yourself’, there are compelling reasons to hand over some responsibilities to InTechnology.Building long-term relationships is as important to us as the technology expertise we offer. Only byputting ourselves in your shoes, understanding the context of your requirements and tailoring ourservices accordingly can we hope to add value.With InTechnology, you’ll no longer suffer the headaches and distractions of overseeing Managed Service Providers really can makeback-end operations (however good you are at doing so), which means front-end life easier, and cheaper, for businessesbusiness activities like building customer relationships, developing products and devoting large and small. It’s down to you tomore time to core strategies will receive your full attention. Add to that the expertise and challenge suppliers like InTechnology tosupport you’ll have access to, our own nationwide network, geographically separate data show you how. When you consider thecentres and over 25 years’ experience. hassles and headaches of looking after your own IT & Communications projects, the case for calling in the experts is stronger than ever. In a world full of acronyms, where ROI can be compromisedThere is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that by WAN outages, PBX failures andwhich should not be done at all. ADSL connection breaks, one particular abbreviation should be approached withPeter Drucker, “Father of modern management” caution: ‘DIY’. For more information email us at4 challenge@intechnology.com
  5. 5. HOSTED Voice.Key considerations when weighing up the benefits of managed services versus in-house operations: 1 What m suppor on in-h aintena n t can yo ce and u call 2 How w and ma o manag uld your syste e comm in unicatio continu tain busines ns m 3 How m an speciali y IP telephon st employ s do you y ou it s ? much w se... and how severe y during a ill it co outage st? ... ? InTechn With ou ology h InTechn Unity to as olo r service hosted voice organis delivered dedicate gy provides , varying ations o with 99 d 24 /36 5 suppo calls ar Unity, all siz type. Ou e and busine f e .99 availab % core system rt, InTechn processed in consult r engin eers an ss o ility. An of our fu d as pa networ logy’s core an quickly ts can respon d rt k. This , but ad d ll the cus means telepho y managed IP to proacti vis ny serv depend mer has no vely – g e ice, we’l e iving yo look aft er l site. In ncy on any sin peace o fm u mainte every aspect th site outa e event of a gle momen ind from the nance a of ge, call t you ch with the sso to save all platform ciated immed ia s can b e you mo enge us . alterna tely diverted to ney. tive des tination an . COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS OF MOVING A CRITICAL MANAGED DA A. T APPLICATION INTO INTECHNOLOGY’S CLOUD: DETAIL IN HOUSE (DIY) INTECHNOLOGY MANAGED SERVICE Hosting facility Single point of failure. Physical infrastructure, network, network power supply etc. Storage environment Linked to hosting facility: single point of failure, limited Resilient storage configuration with mirrored RAID disk and resilience, performance storage (SAS disks) rarely provided. clustered storage head units. SAS disks provided. Virtual server Does the onsite physical host offer any resilience? Clustered physical hosts ensure virtual server availability. environment Backup Is backup performed on-site? Is data backed up to another Industry-leading managed backup service for both full backup and location? Can it be recovered over the network? restore from a 2nd data centre. 24/365 management Support during business hours only, from general 24/365 ‘hands and eyes’ support provided by solution experts IT admin. for: VMware, servers, storage, applications, backup, data centre infrastructure and networks. Scalability Limited due to existing server and storage allocations. Both virtual servers and backup service are scalable. Flexibility Can additional memory and CPU be easily provided? Additional memory, CPU as well as storage, easily provided, added and removed as required. Upgrades and Unpredictable costs of upgrading, patching and All software & hardware upgrades and the maintenance of the maintenance maintaining both servers and storage environment. entire environment are included in our service charges. Expenditure Fixed costs, limited commercial flexibility. Flexible charging model based on actual customer usage and demand. No capital expenditure necessary.
  6. 6. CASE STUDY /MANAGED SERVICES /TOWERGATE PARTNERSHIP / “We want to spend our money on investing in insurance, not maintaining a large IT department. InTechnology lets usFormed in 1997, Towergate is Europe’s largest independently owned do just that and hasinsurance intermediary. It has 4.3 million customers, 100 offices and helped us drive significant4100 agencies & outlets, and annually turns over more than £2 billion year-on-year savings.”of gross written premium. The value for money and scalability ofInTechnology’s managed services in supporting Towergate’s growththrough acquisition has led to a long and continuing relationshipbetween the two organisations.CHALLENGES /In 2002, Towergate needed a modern backup solution as part of a new IT environment itwas creating. It had already decided to look at a managed backup service rather than anon-premise tape solution, as this would remove the need for operator attendance andonsite hardware, significantly reducing both manpower and capital expenditure.Beyond the service itself, Towergate was looking for other specific challenges to be met.Head of IT Operations and Infrastructure at Towergate, Graham Smith explains, “We runa very tight ship and ensuring our IT spend is 100% effective is always high on our agenda.”To meet this requirement Towergate was looking for: Graham Smith, Head of IT Operations and• A supplier who could provide not only the managed backup service it wanted but also the Infrastructure, Towergate network links to make it work• A flexible partner who would react quickly and have the capacity to adapt and scale its services to support Towergate’s own growth and acquisitions• A commercially attractive partnership that would be viable over the long-term, be fit for purpose and provide value for money.86
  7. 7. HOW INTECHNOLOGY BENEFITS /HELPED / With InTechnology, Towergate has theHaving looked at several vendors, long-term, commercially aware partnerTowergate chose InTechnology. Graham it was looking for. When Towergate isSmith explains, “InTechnology was an managing the integration of its manyextremely good fit with our requirements acquisitions, it has found InTechnology toand the service proposition it offered was be particularly agile, quickly absorbingcommercially very appealing”. the new company into the Towergate fold. InTechnology’s services can be readilyWhen it later decided to replace its very modified and scaled to deliver existingslow, expensive data network to increase services to the newly acquired companyperformance and reduce running costs, or to incorporate best practice from it.Towergate again chose InTechnology.And at the beginning of 2011, it turned Graham Smith sees InTechnology as givingonce more to InTechnology to add its Towergate three important benefits:Virtual Server Hosting service. Graham • Minimal IT requirement. Towergate’s “Having our trustedSmith describes implementing the serviceas “trivially simple” because it is again IT operations team consists of only four provider, InTechnology, in-house staff. When a new networkdelivered via the same network: connection is needed or an old one delivering a range of• InTechnology is Towergate’s sole needs deleting, all the planning, supplier liaison, delivery and configuration for the services down a single network provider across all but a very few, recently acquired, offices and outlets new circuit are handled by InTechnology – network has proved no Towergate staff are needed, or indeed• The same single InTechnology network exist, to do this. invaluable for us.” delivers InTechnology’s Managed Backup Services and Virtual Server Hosting, • Driving savings. Through InTechnology’s providing a seamless connection to network and managed services, the Towergate’s Data Centres, its trading whole IT operation has become less Graham Smith, offices and its customer-facing expensive. No capital outlay has been Head of IT Operations and retail premises required, no maintenance or contingency Infrastructure,Towergate costs are accrued and the money saved• With the network in place, new on on-premise services has driven InTechnology services can be added year-on-year savings. Throughout the very easily, and it is simple for Towergate contract term, like-for-like backup costs to add and change locations. have reduced by 20% a year and network FUTURE / costs by 14% a year, meaning that substantially more data can be backed Towergate is currently assessing up without increasing costs. Migration to InTechnology’s Unified Communications INTECHNOLOGY 21CN technology has saved around services that include hosted voice SOLUTIONS / £400,000 a year. services (VoIP), desktop communications (such as Instant Messaging, video calling Networking – 100+ circuits using • Commercially creative solutions. and desktop sharing), and hosted Office InTechnology LANnet, 21CN, ADSL At contract renewal time, InTechnology Communications Server (OCS). Again, lines; all managed by InTechnology. has been very willing to consider Towergate will be able to receive these WAN Circuits range from Gbit creative commercial propositions so that services via the same network over which (for Data Centres) down to ADSL Towergate can continue to benefit from InTechnology’s existing Managed Backup speeds for small branch locations the very latest technology at a cost- Services and Virtual Server Hosting service Managed Backup Services – effective price. For example, a flexibility are delivered, further exploiting the 30TB of source data protected clause has allowed a proportion of network investment. existing in-contract network circuits to Virtual Server Hosting be cancelled before contract term Under consideration for 2011 – without penalty. Hosted IP telephony, voice services and Office Communications Server To learn more about how we could help you, call 0800 983 2522 or email challenge@intechnology.com 7
  8. 8. INSTANT SUCCESS!ICMC makes lone workers less lonely.We’re proud to say that our latestPC-based Instant Communications ICMC at-a-glance:Manager Client (ICMC) has proved a hit Multiple map typeswith customers. Version 1.29 offers an Monitor positions and manage calls in With ICMC as a focal point, our Instantimpressive list of ‘Instant Communications’ a number of locations, with various view Communications solutions (Instant Talk,benefits, from effective workforce options (street, satellite, hybrid & terrain). Instant Locate and Instant Alert) allowmanagement to streamlined cost and employers to communicate one-to-one orcommunications. User status display one-to-all, promoting staff safety. Find out who’s on or off-line, busy or available – and which groups they’re in. Teachers, taxi drivers, traffic wardens, football stewards, HGV drivers and other Make calls from the map lone workers can therefore enjoy close Controllers can select single or multiple contact with other employees, and alert a users by dragging over their positions controller quickly in emergencies. on the map and selecting the ‘call’. In effect, a business can now run a Custom contact for one-to-one calls dispatch centre from their own office, Rather than fighting for your attention (and without the major expense of hiring a running the risk of being overlooked), calls security company, paying for monitoring come in via a queue. software or buying a number of separate mobile devices for employees. As Maria Manual ‘position request’ Pouney, General Manager of Instant ICMC polls positions automatically or Communications explains, savings and enables updates at a click of a button. security can go hand-in-hand: This saves on handset battery life while giving you a regular picture of group or individual activity. “Connecting employers Delete Chat Announce Export, save and print position history and their staff at the push GPS History Call Filter users by name: You can keep records of activity for of a button is no longer legal reasons, or simply to use as a luxury, but a necessity. rrent Call Groups Cu Contacts Name State e training references. BB3G Orang BB3G Black Stealth listening on active SOS From a regulatory point With permission, an ICMC controller can ‘open the microphone’ of any BB3G or a of view businesses have a supported handset and monitor situations. duty of care to vulnerable Controllers request to talk employees, and from the Controllers can catch up with staff at any point, initiating one-to-one, one-to- company’s perspective a group or broadcast communications. For complete transparency and flexibility, SOS PC-based control centre handling in ICMC displays the name and makes financial and status of staff on multiple dispatchers across the business. operational sense.” . To find out more about Instant Communications, call one of our team on 0800 983 2522, email challenge@intechnology.com or visit www.instant-communications.co.uk today.8
  9. 9. ON TOP OF THE CLOUDAt November’s Cloud Circle Forum, InTechnology once again demonstrated a keen aptitude for thoughtleadership, presenting the case for managed services in the Cloud. Highlighting the many benefits of usinga trusted MSP, Stefan Haase was one of 17 influential speakers to express his views on the day, and furtherraised InTechnology’s profile amongst the likes of Google, Accenture and Microsoft.The case for managed services:By taking away the logistical stresses and financial strains of a ‘self-service’ process, Cloud services allowInTechnology can help businesses not only save money, but also concentrate on making businesses to focus onmore of it. Without the distractions of buying hardware, upgrading software, maintainingthe whole operation and fixing problems along the way, a business can put more effort into making money, insteadfront-end activities such as talking to customers and developing products. of spending it. Hosting IT services off-site seems likeCloud services give access today to the IT It’s the perfect way to grow your IT a straightforward solution, becauseof tomorrow. Before long, all corporate capability, with powerful communications it is. Why waste hard-earned capitalIT services will be delivered this way, and and telephony, hosted exchange, data on something that others can supplyby 2012, 20% of businesses will own no IT protection, servers & storage, secure and oversee – while offering budgetassets*. The centralisation of your IT data centres and best-in-class network predictability and 24/365 supportinfrastructure means consolidation, technology all at your disposal. from technical experts? Of course,virtualisation, flexibility, availability, lower there are those who take comfortcosts and reduced carbon footprint. from owning their own equipment, recruiting their own engineers and updating their own software. But such responsibilities may not seem so desirable when outages occur and critical data is lost. As the delegates at the 4th Cloud Circle Forum learned, InTechnology can take care of everything within our own nationwide network Cloud, and save organisations money in both the short and long-term. To learn more about our regular contributions to this event visit www.intechnology.com/thecloudcircle*Gartner
  10. 10. TH E VO ICE Stefan Haase Divisional Director Data Services10
  11. 11. FAUTHORITY!OAfter inviting two local MPs, Nigel Adams and Andrew Jones, along to our Harrogatesite last September, InTechnology’s Stefan Haase was recently invited to join theParliamentary IT Committee, CEO Forum. As our data services director, Stefan isperfectly placed to spread the word in government circles, and offer our trademarkbest advice to key decision-makers in Westminster.Engaging with the public sectorOne of the main areas of discussion Stefan hopes to engage During their visit, both Mr Adams and Mr Jones gainedMPs in is the red-tape involved in a typical medium-sized a clearer understanding of the size, power consumption*supplier tendering process. Our managed services can and and general scale of operations at InTechnology. They weredo save organisations millions of pounds collectively, and particularly interested in our green data centre ambitions,in an age of austerity that requires ‘quick fixes’ in efficiency and were extremely receptive to our argument that theand savings, Stefan’s position will be central in helping benefits of flexible, specialist and experienced serviceInTechnology overcome the bureaucratic barriers that make providers such as InTechnology far outweigh those ofpublic-to-private sector engagement so difficult: large-scale and comprehensive outsourcing via multi-national providers – especially in terms of cost.• Most public sector contracts are completed through outsourcing contract frameworks• Public sector procurement programmes are prohibitive – only a limited number of listed multi-national providers such as Fujitsu, HP and IBM can sell their services If you ’d• Smaller providers such as InTechnology are often used only Stef like to ben an’s e efit f to back up ‘Catalyst framework’ contracts, providing find o xp ro ut how ertise and m expertise and specialist skills service mana integ ge ra• Contracts through multi-national providers are too complex help y d services ted ou c and costly a ‘ D r business ould ata in , req prese th uest ntatio e Cloud’ n tod ay: 0800 challe 983 L-r 252 Stefan Haase , nge@ 2 intec Andr ew Jones, hnolog s, y.com Nigel Adam Bryn Sage. *As an indication of scale, InTechnology uses 15% of Harrogate’s entire power consumption. 11
  12. 12. ON THE RECORD...The complete call recording solutionWhether we like it or not, regulation is taking over the world. Businesses have never needed to track, trace and record callsas often as they do today, and with costs rocketing, most businesses are turning to voice solutions such as VoIP to help themreduce their bills. No other service provider is better placed to help them do this than InTechnology.With Live-PA, a server-based call recording platform that supports both Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and Office Communications Server2007 R2 (OCS), companies can keep an eye (or an ear) on conversations that take place between staff and customers, or within theconfines of their organisation. Using a number of features, employers can now pinpoint calls as and when the need arises, whether theyneed to use a working example for staff training, resolve a customer dispute or find evidence to support a legal case.InTechnology‘s Live-PA at-a-glance:Call recording Sharing LicensingAny inbound or outbound calls are Users have the option of sharing a call This is based on a concurrent modelcaptured and recorded at server level, with a colleague via the Live-PA portal, and each licence is dependent on themaking them compliance-ready. by direct email or by downloading the number of Lync users you have signed file to their desktop. in. For example, you would only needTagging 100 licences for a company with 400Any recording can be tagged with Viewing from the Outlook toolbar users as the majority wouldn’t need callskeywords, which means customers can Call recording really is in your hands. recording all day. These licences can besearch for it at a later date. Thanks to our Outlook plug-in, you’re handled by an administrator using the able to view and manage calls directly Live-PA portal and extra licences can beBookmarking with no need to use a browser. added immediately, if needed. SecurityAny recording can be bookmarked either threshold alerts can also be set up to letduring or after a call, allowing you to Utilising network storage you know when you are getting close toinstantly play it back from that moment. All calls are recorded at server level to maximum recording capacity. a Windows Media Audio (WMA) formatManaging and are available to download andRecordings can be managed easily and playback less than 5 minutes after thesafely via an intuitive SharePoint portal, call has ended.using any browser.12
  13. 13. Live-PA now supports Microsoft Lync Server 2010!“Live-PA call recording is the first in a series of applications from Live-PA that pluginto Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2, and Microsoft Lync Server 2010,to help improve business processes and reduce costs.”Yancey Smith, Director of Product Management, Microsoft Lync. 13
  14. 14. P 2010 ARDS LONG SERVICE AW As testament to our investment in people, we’re delighted to congratulate our longest serving employees, who have all played a major role in shaping one of the UK’s broadest range of managed IT & Comms services. 10 YEARS’ SERVICE 15 YEARS’ SERVICE Estelle Croft Natalie Duffield Rachel Dixon Deborah Wilson Kai Marshall Nigel Metheringham Richard James Marc Roberts James Jordan James Purcell Paul Wilson John Docherty Neil Benton14
  15. 15. ED BYP ER OW PEOPLE THE Cutting edge and customer friendly InTechnology has a proud history of looking We’ll be profiling our new recruits in due to the future. Now, in an age of cuts and course, but to kick things off, here’s a quick caps, we’re showing yet more commitment introduction to someone who’s been with to progress, having recruited a number of the company for over 15 years! key people to drive the business forward and enhance an already impressive offering. People, as they say, deal with people, By focusing on (and preparing for) a post- and we’re fortunate to have some of the recession era, InTechnology will be very best here at InTechnology. perfectly placed to continue offering the best products and services at every stage Peter Wilkinson, CEO, InTechnology of a customer’s IT & Comms journey. PROFILE NATALIE DUFFIELD Position: Director of sales and customer management. Married/Children? Yes...with a fabulous daughter – my greatest achievement to date! Favourite pastime: Horse riding and spending time with my little girl. Pets? Two! A Tibetan Terrier called Cilla who thinks she’s human, and a thoroughbred gelding called Orange. Music in your motor? Gosh, a wide range from Richard Ashcroft and Duran Duran to Jamiroquai and Rihanna (my daughter’s influence!). Dream holiday: Definitely has to be somewhere hot and relaxing...ideally in the Caribbean, sipping a cocktail. Favourite food & drink: I’m a bit of a foodie so I like all sorts...especially if it’s made with chilli and garlic. A nice glass of red is a must too. Famous person you would like to have dinner with: Now that’s a good one. Got to be a great comedian for sheer entertainment value – so let’s invite Keith Lemon. But I’d also love to meet Richard Ashcroft for his intellect, creative depth and genius. Where would you like to be in 10 years? Comfortable and retired. With a stable full of horses! 15
  16. 16.  To support our broad range of managed services, we’re pleased to unveil a brand new suite of brochures. From calls & lines rightthrough to data storage and unified communications, we’re here to remove your IT headaches and save you money.To order any or all of the brochures below,     INTECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES:2011 PRICES ANNOUNCED...With a growing team of experts and With a simple, transparent pricingconsultants here at InTechnology, our structure, our clear approach to STANDARD DAY RATES2011 service charges offer better value professional services means there’ll bethan ever. In fact, our costs are significantly no nasty surprises during your contract.lower than some of our competitors – and ENGINEER £750you could save up to 30% on services suchas WAN design and configuration, training, In order to provide flexibility as well as CONSULTANT £1000firewall changes, failover testing and value, we can also charge an hourly rateholistic consultancy. for minor engineering or consultancy work Applies to work carried out 9am – 5pm on weekdays, undertaken remotely. Discounts are also including 30 mins lunch break. Rates inclusive of 2 hours’ available when you purchase multi-day travel time. service bundles. Please speak to your account team for more details. OUT-OF-HOURS RATES ENGINEER £900 CONSULTANT £1200 Applies to work carried out on bank holidays & weekends, or between 5pm and 9am on weekdays. Rate shown is per 8 hour project including 30 mins break.16
  17. 17. Paxton st & Sean Adam Hur pictured: Odom. Not Benton & James son, Neil , Bob Hob efan Haase n, Matt Slater, St Mark Halpi Jenkinson, uxall, Ash Parry, Gareth H r - JamesPictured l- The men of InTechnology did their bit to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer (and over £2150 in the The funds raised through Movember’s UK process) last November. The rules were simple: start campaign benefit The Prostate Cancer Charity on the 1st of the month clean shaven and grow a ‘mo’ (TPCC), across a number of world-class and for the duration! innovative education, support, research and awareness initiatives. With a range of styles (we use the word loosely!) on display, the hairy hombres above did us proud. Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in males, and one man dies every hour in the UK as a result of it – but you can help to make a difference by donating to ‘Team Yorkshire’ (or any of its members) at http://uk.movember.com/mospace/947970/ 17
  18. 18. 18
  19. 19. WIN A WEEKEND IN HARROGATEINTECHNOLOGY /Perfect hosts!We’re as proud of our home town as we are of the secure 25,000 sq. ft. data centre we manage here.So this month, we’re giving you the chance to enjoy a weekend away for two in Harrogate!The lucky winner and their guest will exploring the boutiques, gardens,be invited to join us on a Friday of theirchoice, take a tour of our highly secure restaurants and architectural delights that have earned this beautiful spa town Questiondata centre and meet our team of experts its reputation as the ‘London of the North’.for a FREE Spend & Strategy Review. Our Harrogate data centre houses And remember, your trip wouldn’t be 450 racks with both ‘Colocation’ andAs our special guests, you’ll then enjoy complete without a Fat Rascal in Bettys ‘Private Suite’ service options, but howa two-night stay in the Yorkshire Hotel* – Tea Rooms! many square feet does it occupy?an ideal place to relax after a day inspire@intechnology.comFor your chance to see our state-of-the-art data centre andenjoy a weekend in Harrogate, just email the correct answer to Everyone’s a winner...inspire@intechnology.com with your full name, company position Runners up will receive a bespokeand address – please enter ‘DC TOUR COMP’ in the subject field! InTechnology branded thermal mug!*Subject to availability. Answers by 28/2/2011. Winner will be drawn at random from correct entries on 2/3/11. Valley Gardens – Copyright & Credit Harrogate Intern ational Centre Bettys – Copyright & Credit Harroga Royal Pump Room – te Interna tional Ce ntre Photograph courtesy of Mike Hine 19
  20. 20. IP TELEPHONY POWEREDBY POLYCOM?GOOD CALL /Our range of products will take your voice operations to the next level. Quite a few next levels in fact,thanks to designs that progress from standard handsets to multi-functional models. With ‘Unity’,InTechnology’s IP telephony proposition, you have the option to rent devices as part of the service. As such,you can benefit from a per user, per month charging model that could save thousands on your spend.Whether you need crystal clear conversations between staff, easy-to-use systems for reception orall-singing, all-dancing innovation for the boardroom, InTechnology and Polycom combine to bringyou the best solutions.LET’S TALK /If you like the sound of next generation telephony hostedwithin the Cloud, call InTechnology today on 0800 983 2522,email challenge@intechnology.com or ask your accountmanager for a brochure.