INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE - when and how to make the move


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This Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) presentation by InTechnology's Stefan Haase looks in-depth at IaaS and its role within businesses, the benefits and the demand. It also looks at how an IaaS solution can be deployed and how your IaaS service can be designed and tailored to meet your business needs.

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INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE - when and how to make the move

  1. 1. Stefan Haase – Divisional Product Director29 May 2013INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICEWHEN AND HOW TO MAKE THE MOVE
  2. 2. WEBCAST AGENDA• IaaS in the year 2013• IaaS and Business Drivers• Relationship of IT and the business• Demand for IaaS• IaaS Design, Migration and types of deployment• Auxilliary options and DR options• What about the big vendors?• Out-sourcing vs Out-Tasking• Summary
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION TO INTECHNOLOGY• Serving the UK IT market for nearly 30 years•Unique position in the managed IT services market•Full range of managed IT services delivered to over 800 UKbusinesses
  4. 4. IAAS IN THE YEAR 2013• Infrastructure as a Service is established• The concept of IaaS is understood• The benefits are knownThe focus is on:• Requirements• Design• Migration
  5. 5. BUSINESS DRIVERS• Fast changing environments• Business agility• Cost reduction• Opex models• Focus
  6. 6. INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE – DRIVERS• The drive of virtualisation• Commoditisation• High bandwidth networks• Doing ‘things’ in the Cloud• Improving availability and scalability• Cost savings• Focussing on bespoke business applications
  7. 7. RELATIONSHIP OF IT AND THE BUSINESS• IT as an enabler• Adding value• Board member• Vision and strategy• Integrated with business objectives• Move from cost centre to revenue generation
  8. 8. DEMAND FOR IAAS• 100% year-on-year growth for last two years• No specific drivers in private sector• G-Cloud as an enabler in public sector• Extension of onsite deployment• Easy next step for already virtualised environments• Proven technology
  9. 9. TYPES OF DEPLOYMENT• Few, but mission-critical applications• Long-term rather than short-term• High performance rather than ‘easy’ apps• Microsoft Exchange environments• Application environment powered by MS SQL/Oracle• Entire production, or DR environment, or both
  10. 10. IAAS DESIGN PHASE• Define the requirements• Analyse the environment• Which servers can be virtualised?• Which apps need physical servers?• What are the storage requirements?• Assess networking and security
  11. 11. IAAS MIGRATION• Migration is key• Interoperability of systems• V2V and P2V• Migration over the network, or bulk upload• Key milestones• Fine tuning and go-live
  12. 12. AUXILIARY SERVICES• Network– Dedicated links– Internet– Security• Data centre colocation• Backup and recovery• Data replication
  13. 13. DR OPTIONSManaged backup service• Geographically-diverse data centre• Automated and scheduled• Compressed and deduplicated• Protected and encryptedVirtual DR server in geographically-diverse data centre• Selected servers or all servers• Combined with managed backup service
  14. 14. WHAT ABOUT THE BIG VENDORS?Should I use Microsoft/Google/Amazon?•Shrink-wrapped requirements (e.g. CRM)•Looks the same to everyone•No tailoring of solutions•Geolocation of data is important•Limited to no integration with existing apps
  15. 15. OUTSOURCING VS OUT-TASKING• Large outsourcing projects tend to fail• Removes ownership and skills from onsite IT team• Lack of understanding of business-critical apps and workflows• Costly, and long rollout• Difficult to extract from contract• Out-tasking is low risk
  16. 16. SUMMARY• IaaS is established• Business drivers• IaaS drivers• Demand for IaaS• Design – migration - auxiliary services• Public vs. private cloud
  17. 17. ANY QUESTIONS?THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIMEEmail: contact@intechnology.comTelephone: 0800 983 2522Website: www.intechnology.comTwitter: Studies: