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WebLogic Diagnostic Framework  Dr. Frank Munz / munz & more WLS11g
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WebLogic Diagnostic Framework Dr. Frank Munz / munz & more WLS11g


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WebLogic WLDF Presentation of Dr. Frank Munz / munz & more @InSnyc Melbourne Australia.

WebLogic WLDF Presentation of Dr. Frank Munz / munz & more @InSnyc Melbourne Australia.

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  • 1. WebLogic Diagnostic Framework For the Busy IT Professional welcome! munz & more Dr. Frank Munz Insync, Aug2010 about me Frank Munz Java EE and EAI 10 years with some BPM = SOA 1
  • 2. 3 years ago munz & more working globally based @ Manly & Munich 2
  • 3. Oracle Fusion Middleware 3
  • 4. Weblogic Server Oracle Service Bus Version 4 to 11g Architecture Operation from the very beginning Development Training / Coaching Weblogic Server Course Architecture, Features and Operation high end curriculum Monitoring, Sizing and Performance WLS / OSB / SOA Tuning arch / features / operation Oracle Service Bus Course monitoring / sizing / performance tuning Architecture, Development and Operation 4
  • 5. “Best of WLDF” reasons 1. failure 2. becomes news 5
  • 6. some passengers per year 45.000.000 (max) 30 821 in 6 hours 30 821 passengers 6
  • 7. looking at: worse: this went on for hours… monitoring + diagnostic is important important 7
  • 8. “So far, this was not necessary” 3. how is tools your most important application doing right now? ? 8
  • 9. Free Heap? Size of http session? Time to Free DB connections replicate http session in connection pool? in cluster? What SQL is sent to the DB? At which LOC? positioning How long is it executing? 9
  • 10. WLDF Operations Developer features EM Profiler Nagios AOP persists data monitoring + diagnostics is already installed server + applications is free only minutes to activate JMX MBeans encapsulate 10
  • 11. Configuration Data + MBeans have Runtime Values WLST attributes start WLST with: operations children java weblogic.WLST [] notifications -> domainRuntime() WLST Quick Reference ls() show current mbean / cmo = current managed object ls('a') shows attributes , 'c' child mbeans, 'o' operations cd() navigate serverConfig() change to config mbeans serverRuntime() change to server runtime domainRuntime() change to domain runtime jndi() edit() change to jndi tree change to edit tree WLDF basics startEdit() start an edit session, then use set('pn','v') / get('pn') save() persist changes activate() activate changes undo() undo changes easeSyntax() easeSyntax() switch off python syntax, do not use for scripting 11
  • 12. Diagnostic System Module Create a system modul, target it to any number of servers • You can have many modules configured collected metrics • Set target to particular server when needed • You can change module target witout restart Collected Metrics Collected Metric Type and Attributes ... replace your WLST script that contains a loop with sleep() e.g. to monitor free heap. Remember: Collected metrics = harvested data Diagnostic Archives • File (default) watches • DB archive & both come with retirement options notifications 12
  • 13. Watches Watches A watch consists of: Watches can based on: • expression / rule • collected metrics • one or more notifications • server logs • alarm setting • event data (= instrumentation) Watch Notification Rule Expression Triggered based on watch rules. Define all underlying transport protocol configurations first Notification Types Supported • JMX • JMS • SMTP instrumentation • SNMP • Diagnostic Images 13
  • 14. Instrumentation Instrumentation Scope Monitor Server scope = Unit of diagnostic code = fixed location Action Application scope = what happens when monitor is triggered = custom location Delegate Monitor Actions Selection of predefined monitors Actions create events: • DisplayArgumentsAction (captures args and return value) • StackDumpAction • ThreadDumpAction • TraceAction (generates Trace event) • TraceElapsedTimeAction • TraceMemoryAllocationAction (WLS 10.3.3) • MethodInvocationStatisticsAction (WLS10.3) MethodInvocationStatisticsAction MethodInvocationStatisticsAction Computes method invocation statistics MethodInvocationStatistics::= MethodInvocationStatistics Map<className, MethodMap> in memory without persisting. MethodMap::= MethodMap Map<methodName, MethodParamsSignatureMap> MethodParamsSignatureMap::= Map<MethodParamsSignature, MethodParamsSignatureMap Access this information through MethodDataMap> InstrumentationRuntimeMBean by using collected MethodDataMap::= MethodDataMap metrics or a watch with notifcation. <MetricName, Statistic> MetricName:= min | max | ... std_deviation MetricName 14
  • 15. MethodInvocationStatisticsAction MethodStats Application MethodInvocationStatistics cico-wldf-091073.html {java.sql.Statement={executeQuery={java.lang.Stri ng={count=4, sum=1.0015808E7, std_deviation=466173.85858443414, avg=2503952.0, sum_of_squares=2.594 8374738926E13, max=3307465, min=2174694}}}} Custom Monitor Instrumentation Example <wldf-resource ... <instrumentation> always: <enabled>true</enabled> <wldf-instrumentation-monitor> <name>FranksMonitor</name> <enabled>true</enabled> <action>TraceElapsedTimeAction</action> Deploy / Redeploy / Update to apply <location-type>around</location-type> <pointcut>execute ( * com.surfandconsulting.* bookFligh* (...));</pointcut> Instrumentation uses AspectJ </wldf-instrumentation-monitor> Hot Swap Without hot swap -> redeploy With hot swap -> update in place Enable hot swap with: dye injection -javaagent:$WL_HOMEserverlib diagnostics-agent.jar 15
  • 16. incoming requests Dye Injection Monitor dye injection Monitor sets/unsets bits in monitor: 64 bit dye vector user1=sharon to mark requests addr1= to be able to filter them later time Dye Injection Monitor Dye Injection Throttle Dye further reduces number of samples: • THROTTLE_INTERVAL (milliseconds) • THROTTLE_RATE (n-th sample) Capture Image diagnostic images 16
  • 17. You cannot open these .img files with photoshop WLDF ;-) console extension plot mbean attribute example: data over time connection pool with 5 connections under load: 17
  • 18. with “PinnedToThread” enabled: /dashboard is the new WLDF console extension well designed Conclusion well docuemented quick to apply 18
  • 19. What should be needs learning period improved: one sampling interval WLS per module but runtime values one module per not resettable server only motivation/introduction hot swap in Oracle needs in-place update documentation 19
  • 20. more information: WebLogic on Amazon and Rackspace Mike Cico‘s article: Cloud Oracle WLDF docs: the end 20
  • 21. questions? 21