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  • Updated slide
  • OBI is a platform to automate the distribution of information through channels such as phone, email, handhelds. In this example, as an executive, I automatically receive an alert for any project that is in trouble and sponsored by me.
  • Email contains attachment that contains the needed data and personalized to the individual’s viewing and analysis style.
  • Show main dashboard and scroll down to show resource centric information on dashboards
  • Click on Cordova project and navigate to Performance Trend
  • View is automatically filtered based on cordova project. In addition, executive can see time phased performance data and easily see trouble areas from the conditional formatting. Click on manufacturing projects to drill into Cordova.
  • Drill into project and there executive can send email to program manager who will perform further analysis. Click ‘Create Bookmark Link’, copy URL, click to email program manager, paste in link and send email.
  • Return to dashboard and remove project filter to see performance trend for all portfolios.show the links to the briefing books. Briefing book captures point in time information. The views are saved to the briefing book with the data from the point it was added to the briefing book.
  • Click into May briefing book and click ‘print now’
  • Navigate to Portfolio overview section to show bubble chart. Highlight that customers can create their own KPIs for measuring, prioritizing and selecting projects.
  • Show the ‘cost’ pivot table . Show ‘on the fly’ slicing by multiple attributes (codes). Talk to totals and drilling in by clicking on columns and rows
  • Click on Concrete Foundation Sub contractor
  • Over allocation in red, represent utilization as percentage

P6 analytics P6 analytics Presentation Transcript

  • Combining Oracle Primavera P6 with Oracle BI: A Single Source of Project TruthYasser MahmudSenior Director, Product StrategyOracle Primavera Global Business UnitAugust 16, 2010
    The most comprehensive Oracle applications & technology content under one roof
  • The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decision. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.
    Safe Harbor Statement
    © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  • Agenda
    P6 Analytics What, Who, Why?
    P6 Analytics Capabilities
    Guided Tour
  • Management Excellence:The Next Competitive Edge
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 3
  • BI Challenges Hindering Management Excellence
    Fragmented Information
    Inconsistent Needs
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 4
  • What is P6 Analytics?
    Answers 5 key questions:
    • What happened?
    • What is happening?
    • Why did it happen?
    • What will happen?
    • What do I want to happen?
    A packaged application for gathering, storing, analyzing, sharing & providing access to project data to help enterprises make better business decisions
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 5
  • MS Office
    and Alerts
    Ad-hoc Analysis
    Reporting &
    What is P6 Analytics?
    • Built on combination of P6 Reporting Database & Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Suite
    • Provides out of the box interactive dashboards
    • Delivers a rich metadata layer for ad-hoc report/dashboard creation by business users
    Primavera P6 Analytics
    Oracle BI Server
    80+ prebuilt, interactive
    Integrated Security

    Multidimensional Calculation and

    roject information model
    Integration Engine

    (metadata) for Ad
    hoc analysis
    Intelligent Request Generation &

    Custom configured dimensions
    Optimized Data Access Services

    Primavera P6 Reporting Database
    Operational Data Store
    Project, Activity, and
    Resource Stars
    ETL Process
    Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 6
  • P6 Analytics
    Turn Insight & Foresight into Action
    Link back to PrimaveraP6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management from the Oracle BI EE Plus Reporting Portal to view and update projects and portfolios.
    Drill down, exception reports, root-cause analysis, multidimensional analysis
    Detailed operational data
    Sharing standardized reports
    Dashboards, scorecards and alerts
    Primavera P6 Reporting Database is the basis for Primavera P6 Analytics, turning mass amounts of data into insights.
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 7
  • What Value Does P6 Analytics Provide?
    Business Decision Makers (from C-Level on down)
    • Access to PPM data for reporting & management by exception
    • Several consumption/delivery methods (Dashboards, Alerts, MS Office, Disconnected)
    • Deep analysis in context
    • Alerting on changes in data
    PMO’s, Project & Resource Managers
    • Uncover root-cause of poorly performing projects
    • Capable of blending project data from multiple sources
    • Resource centric dashboards
    • Historic snapshots and trending
    • Interactive/drillable dashboards (insight into action)
    IT Managers
    • Centrally managed
    • Mission critical scalability and performance
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 8
  • Who is P6 Analytics For?
    Business Decision Makers (from C-Level on down)
    What projects should we work on?
    How are my dollars and resources aligned to strategy?
    What is my organization’s project performance?
    What projects are in the pipeline?
    What are the early warning indicators?
    What are the trends over time?
    How good are we at PPM governance?
    Do we have the skills to execute on our projects?
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 9
  • Who is P6 Analytics For?
    Program/Project Managers
    What is causing my project performance and trends?
    What areas need my attention?
    Is upcoming project work staffed?
    Are there over-allocated resources on my project that could cause delays?
    Resource Managers
    What is the utilization of my resources?
    What upcoming demand is needed?
    How are resources performing my location, department and role?
    What projects are causing my resources to be over-allocated?
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 10
  • P6 Analytics Benefits
    Any Interaction Style
    Published Reporting
    Interactive Analysis
    Drill anywhere visualization
    Page-Oriented, High Volume, Pixel-Perfect
    Smart Office Access
    Dashboards and Scorecards
    Secure Integration with Microsoft Office
    Role-based and Personalized
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 11
  • This is no longer about a stack of reports. Guided Analytics drives alignment and actions through the organization by modeling and making accessible discovery and decision making best practices.
    P6 Analytics Benefits
    Leading Users from Discovery to Action
    Arcadia Automated System is delayed by 30 days
    P6 Analytic Dashboard
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 12
  • Disconnected Metadata & Report Definitions
    Web Catalog
    The user experience is identical to the connected user. Dashboard and Answers functionality will act identically as if the user were connected to the server.
    P6 Analytics BenefitsDisconnected Analysis * (OBIEE Feature)
    • Business Model
    BI Server
    • Server Cache
    • Calculations
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 13
  • The bottom of every Dashboard page has an
    “Add to Briefing Book”
    Link that automatically builds an electronic briefing book that you carry with you.
    P6 Analytics BenefitsBriefing Books - “Pack & Go”
    Bring along an electronic “Briefing Book” which is a collection of your most important dashboards. Briefing Books are extremely small, and can be delivered daily for enterprise collaboration.
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 14
  • Typical Effort & Customization balance
    Additional dashboards and reports, guided and conditional navigations, iBots, etc.
    Dashboards & Reports
    Additional derived metrics, custom drill paths, exposing extensions in physical, logical and presentation layer, etc.
    Extension of DW Schema for extension columns, additional tables, external sources, aggregates, indices, etc.
    DW Schema
    Extension of ETL for extension columns, descriptive flexfields, additional tables, external sources, etc.
    Level of Effort
    Degree of Customization
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 15
  • Speeds Time To Value and Lowers TCOP6 Analytics
    Build from Scratchwith Traditional BI Tools
    Oracle P6 Analytics
    Training / Roll-out
    Define Metrics& Dashboards
    • Faster deployment
    • Lower TCO
    • Assured business value
    DW Design
    ETL andMapping
    Training / Rollout
    Easy to use, easy to adapt
    Role-based dashboards and hundredsof pre-defined metrics
    Define Metrics& Dashboards
    DW Design
    Prebuilt DW design
    ETL andMapping
    Prebuilt Business Adapter for P6
    Weeks or Months
    Quarters or Years
    Source: Patricia Seybold Research, Merrill Lynch, Oracle Analysis
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 16
  • Guided TOUR
    Primavera P6 Analytics
  • P6 Analytics Complements P6 EPPMKey Differences
    Offers several consumption/delivery methods (Dashboards, Alerts, MS Office, Disconnected)
    Capable of blending project data from multiple sources
    Manage by exception
    Effectively displays…
    Top understaffed projects
    Best/Worst performing projects
    Status of most strategic projects
    Over/Under Allocated resources for next X months
    Unstaffed roles for next X months
    Conditional formatting
    Cell/text coloring and style
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 18
  • P6 Analytics Complements P6 EPPMKey Differences
    Insight to action
    Built-in drill down and navigation to expedite root cause analysis
    Quick analysis through on-screen filtering
    Daily time phased information for trending over time
    Drill down from year to quarter, month, week, day with support for financial period
    Period based metrics that don’t exist in P6
    CPI, SPI, Variances
    Flexibility to report on multiple financial calendars
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 19
  • P6 Analytics Complements P6 EPPMKey Differences
    Resource Centric dashboards and views
    Deliver resource information in formats that make sense to each role
    Utilization percent for resources and roles
    FTEs by time period
    Unique ‘slicing’ capabilities, pivoting, P3 matrix type reporting
    Historic snapshots
    Complete meta-data layer for ad-hoc analysis by business users
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 20
  • Integration with MS Office
    Quickly refresh data in Excel and Power Point presentations
    Export reports to PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel
    Briefing Book
    Capture favorite reports and store them with point in time information along with option to use latest data
    Push/pull information to handhelds
    Alerts can be sent to mobile devices
    iPhone app for viewing OBI dashboards
    HTML, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint
    P6 Analytics Complements P6 EPPMKey Differences
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential 21
  • Q
  • Appendix
    Primavera P6 Analytics
  • Automation
    Automatic Delivery of Information
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 24
  • Email Attachements
    Email contains personalized graphic report with navigation into P6 Analytics
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 25
  • Dashboards
    P6 Analytics dashboard providing further information on project performance
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 26
  • Click Through Navigation
    Click through - guided navigation provides full analysis
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 27
  • Filtered View
    View is automatically filtered on the desired project/portfolio
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 28
  • Drill Down to Project Level Details
    Drill into view for more details and email program manager
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 29
  • Dashboard View: Performance Trends
    Analyze performance for all projects
    Briefing book captures ‘point in time’ reports for later reference
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 30
  • Data Comparison
    Reference previous briefing books to compare against current data
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 31
  • Portfolio View: Bubble Chart
    Slice portfolios, projects, and programs by organizational KPIs
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 32
  • On the Fly Analysis
    Slice information ‘on the fly’ for agile analysis
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 33
  • Now lets talk about the Program Manager and see the email sent from the Executive and continue our analysis
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 34
  • Email: Executive to PM
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 35
  • Single Click for Analysis Process
    ‘One click’ navigation guides analysis process
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 36
  • Root Cause Analysis
    Root cause analysis by driling down through project WBS
    Act on analysis by navigating into P6
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 37
  • Project Context Navigation
    Navigate in context of project
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 38
  • Issue Resolution
    Find issue and course correct
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 37
  • Now lets take a resource centric view of our projects
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 40
  • Alert: Unstaffed Work
    Alert for upcoming unstaffed work
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 41
  • Issues Identified
    See problems before they occur
    Navigate from email into P6 Analytics
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 42
  • Drill Down: Time or Project
    Multiple analysis paths –drill into time or project
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 43
  • Drill Down Options
    Drill into time for granular analysis
    Navigate into P6 to perform staffing
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 44
  • Manage Resource Allocation
    Analyze and resolve resource over allocation
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 45
  • Over Allocations Highlighted
    Conditional formatting and display options to match customers business
    Analyze by time to identify when over allocation exists
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 46
  • Ad-Hoc Analysis
    Ad-hoc analysis through OBI Answers
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 47
  • P6 Analytics Enables an Insight-Driven Enterprise
    Empowers Everyone & Improves Project Success Rate – Every person is provided with relevant, complete information tailored to their role
    Provide Actionable Intelligence – Provides powerful insight & foresight across project functions in time to influence the business outcome
    Use Insight to Guide Actions – Lead people to take action based on facts to optimize decisions & actions
    Becoming an insight-driven enterprise will drive the next level of project value creation & competitive advantage for organizations.
    Oracle Corporation © 2010 . Confidential - Internal Use Only 49