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Mnod linsync10 oba

  1. 1. Oracle Business Accelerators Fact or Fiction Mogens Nørgaard & Debra Lilley Miracle A/S & Fujitsu August 2010 The most comprehensive Oracle applications & technology content under one roof
  2. 2. Mogens Nørgaard • Mogens is a charismatic figure in the Oracle World. • He started his company Miracle in 2000 along with a childhood friend, after over 10 years with Oracle. • A co-founder of , BARF • He created and is an Oracle ACE Director. • His presentation style is sometimes contentious, often hilarious and always challenges you to think about what you think you know, teaching you more. • When he isn’t making us laugh he is busy with his other project, their own Miracle micro brewery .
  3. 3. Debra lilley • Deputy Chair UKOUG Board of Directors • Chair of Product Development Committee IOUC • Oracle ACE Director, OCP & Master • Principal Consultant Fujitsu Services • Working with EBS since 9.4.1 (1996) • Once was a Financials Consultant now Strategy & Education • Oracle Magazine ‘ User Group Evangelist of the Year 2008’
  4. 4. Miracle A/S Fujitsu Miracle A/S is thought of as Fujitsu is one of the world’s one of the Denmark’s (and largest global IT providers, who maybe even the world’s) design, build and operate IT leading companies when is systems. We are the Fujitsu comes to expertise on Oracle Practice, offering database centric platforms. expertise in all three of these We are mainly known for our processes through ability to save systems and implementation, consulting, databases where others delivery-and -support of Oracle have had to give up, but of technology-and-applications, course we do normal things and our global platinum Oracle as well. partnership.
  5. 5. Agenda Why would a technical oracle partner move into E Business Suite, and why would a Systems Implementer with 100+ functional consultants adopt a policy of always using Oracle Business Accelerators. Learn how this methodology gives you an EBS footprint tailored to your industry quickly and without scope creep risk. This ensures that your budget and project do not overrun and if you do have bigger needs, this approach for a conference room pilot means you are working on an instance that suits you, with your setup and data and not just some generic demo system.
  6. 6. OBA according to Oracle • Oracle Business Accelerators for Oracle E-Business Suite are powerful and easy-to-use implementation solutions for new Oracle E-Business Suite customers. Oracle Business Accelerators for new Oracle E-Business Suite implementations are available from our approved partner channel or through Oracle Consulting. • Available in industry-specific versions for more than 20 industries, they make the initial configuration of Oracle E-Business Suite simple, fast, and predictable. Oracle Business Accelerators for Oracle E-Business Suite allow companies the flexibility to select the accelerator offering that meets their specific business or market requirements. • Also Available for JDE, PeopleSoft and Siebel
  7. 7. The Sales Pitch Oracle’s Midmarket Go-to-Market Initiative
  8. 8. What Does That Mean? • Template Based Implementation = faster, more secure less errors • Uses the same technological stack as the standard implementation of the ERP system. • Consultants must be certified in OBA • Afterwards you can configure as per standard implementation
  9. 9. HuBa Why Miracle A/S Adopted OBA HuBa /video/567567/how-apps- finally-got-to-me
  10. 10. Why Fujitsu went into OBA? • Very big Public Sector Market • Can be too expensive for Local Government • OBA could be the answer
  11. 11. OBA • DBA installs OBA environment (fully patched) Process • • Standard Processes Only Data Gathering Exercise Up Front (Workshop) • Client told one off configuration – changes later CR* • Enter data in Configuration Tool • Review Configuration Tool Data • Oracle create Configuration File • Download Configuration File • Run Configuration Across Instance • OBA Post Install Steps • Non OBA Post Install Steps • Traditional Steps from now on
  12. 12. Miracle Case Study • Nordic Ferry Services operates eight ferry routes each year 4.8 million passengers. • The company is legally organized as three separate companies, which in its old ERP system was difficult to handle. It was an older version of Navision. • At the same time wanted to also get procurement management put into the system.
  13. 13. Customer Assessment • Oracle, SAP or Microsoft ERP • Oracle won on: – Template Approach – Cost – Technology – Miracle reputation
  14. 14. • Templates suited the part of the How did it go? business, similar to other companies. Apx. 80% • In Nordic Ferry project business differentiators such as Tax Free Shopping not templated. • Templates could however not be used for integration with external systems. • On Time, on budget (30% less than standard approach). René Madsen, Miracle PM
  15. 15. Miracle A/S Summary • Quick Structured Implementation • Organization had poor business process, OBA gave them some, e.g. Proper Purchasing • Alignment of their Organization • Consolidation of 19 old systems • Money save went to fund BPEL integration of business critical systems like retail and bookings • Proper ERP system
  16. 16. Fujitsu Case Study • Mid Size Public Sector Organisation • Existing 11i EBS with customisation • Reimplementation with OBA - 12.1 EBS – Financial & Procurement – Now Managed Service
  17. 17. Lessons Learnt • OBA not easier option, need really good consultants • Need intensive ‘second opinion’ data entry review • Strip out all Oracle Seeded Data • Look at Apps seeded data • Where bulk data can be loaded easily into application leave out of OBA in certain areas • Get infrastructure in place and supported • Need no less instances • Get OBA project specific CSI (for support issues) • Need strong Oracle relationship management • When running load program get a prescription for valium
  18. 18. Fujitsu Change of Process • Great in Sales cycle to show ‘what you get’ • Use OBA for all projects (whatever You can’t use size) for CRP1 – get there quicker OBA for • Keeps scope in check upgrades • Keeps focus on implementation – discipline
  19. 19. OBA Consultants must be…. • ‘Top drawer’ able to talk to CIO and end user • Strong negotiation skills • Understand Industry processes • Experienced, need to know impact of actions – this is not for the typical ‘train on the job’ partner Passing the tests and exams is not enough!
  20. 20. Conclusions • OBA is structured approach but not alternative to good consultants • Helps envision the solution • Keeps project team focused • Get going quickly • Saves money
  21. 21. Questions
  22. 22. Tell us what you think… •