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Oracle Systems _ Jeff Schwartz _ Engineering Solutions Exadata - Exalogic.pdf Oracle Systems _ Jeff Schwartz _ Engineering Solutions Exadata - Exalogic.pdf Presentation Transcript

  • August 2011Engineered SystemsExadata and ExalogicJeff Schwartz – Engineered Systems Solution Specialist ANZ
  • Agenda•  Introductions•  Industry evolution and Oracle strategy•  Introducing Exalogic•  Introducing Exadata•  Bringing it all together•  Summary 2
  • Industry Evolution
  • From Infrastructure as “Layered Components” to “Integrated Systems” •  Uses open standards and commodity •  Vendor competition drives components –  Lower component cost –  A real “Systems Architecture”, not just pre- –  Innovation at each layer integration •  Drawbacks •  Drawback - does not fit current model –  IT becomes an SI •  Barriers to adoption –  Integration cost/time now outweighs benefits –  The Competency TrapSource: Kevin McIsaac – Intelligent Business Research Services 4
  • Oracle Strategy
  • Move to Grid Computing 20 years of evolution •  Dedicated silos are inefficient •  Lower computing costs (x86) •  Sized for peak load •  Pay as you grow •  Difficult to Scale •  Re-distribute resources as needed •  Expensive to Manage •  Highly available •  Unique to support •  Incrementally scalable 6
  • So what is the next evolutionary or obvious step? 7
  • Engineered Systems
  • What  is  an  Engineered  System?  “An  engineered  system  is  typically  something   that  provides  out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box  capabili:es  and  does  away  with  as  much  building,  configuring   and  maintaining  of  systems  as  possible  –   Engineeredac:vi:es  that  have  tradi:onally  been  done  by   Fully integrated and deployed as a complete systemIT.  Not  only  is  this  task  repe::ve,  error  prone   Applicationsand  :me  consuming,  but  it  is  also  very  costly.  ”   Platform Optimised Infrastructure Exadata Traditional Exalogic Oracle Optimised Solutions/ Reference Configurations Best of Breed Oracle Software (or ISV SW) plus Highly Available HW 9
  • Oracle’s Vision: Engineered SystemsHardware and Software. Engineered to Work to Together. •  Operaonal  Efficiencies   •  Simplified  Management   •  Cost  Reducon   •  Reduced  resource  requirements  for  lower  value   operaonal  work   •  Moving  exisng  resources  to  higher  value  work   •  Quick  to  Deploy   •  Improves  Service  Levels   •  Extended  Refresh  Cycles   •  Faster  me  to  value  for  projects   •  One  number  to  call  for  support   10
  • Oracle Exadata and Exalogic Elastic CloudSoftware. Hardware. Complete. Building the 21st Century Datacenter 11
  • Agenda•  Introductions•  Industry evolution and Oracle evolution•  Introducing Exalogic•  Introducing Exadata•  Bringing it all together•  Summary 12
  • One Platform for the Whole Enterprise Performance, reliability and simplicity •  Oracle Application and Middleware Performance –  2x the performance, ½ the cost •  Mission Critical Cloud for Oracle Consolidation –  Oracle’s standard platform –  Built for Oracle application and middleware consolidation –  Lowest cost to deploy and operateCopyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation - Proprietary and Confidential 13
  • Oracle Applications on ExalogicBest Oracle Applications Ownership Experience ü Easier deployment ü Integrated management Standardization ü Simplified & Consolidation maintenance ü Improved support ü Streamlined supply chain 14
  • Exalogic vs. HP BladeSystem Equivalent to (1x) Exalogic X2-2 Full Rack Application Platform Layer OS Layer Integrated 100’s of Components Tuned Compute 1 Machine à HP Blades Different Platform 1000’s of Hours Optimized Layer 1 Day à HP Networking Every I/O Layer Identical Time Storage Layer HP Storage 1 Engineered System 162 parts Unpack to production in hours Months from start to productionCopyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation - Proprietary and Confidential 15
  • Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2 Integrated Compute, I/O, Networking and Storage Integrated Storage •  Central storage for system images •  Clustered for HA •  40 TB SAS disk •  4 TB read cache •  72 GB write cache InfiniBand I/O Fabric and 10GbE/GbE •  40 Gb/sec links •  10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to datacenter Compute Nodes •  30 x86 compute nodes •  360 Xeon cores (2.93 GHz) •  2.8 TB DRAM •  960 GB SSD EL X2-2Copyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation - Proprietary and Confidential 16
  • Extreme Java EE Performance The power of the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 250 450 (Higher is better) 400 (Lower  latency  is  Better) 200 350 300 150 Tx/Sec 250 100 200 150 50 100 50 0 Update Insert Delete 0 CreateWS Purchase Manage Browse Standard WebLogic Server GridLink for Exadata Standard  Platform Exalogic 2-3X improvement 60% more Up to 10X faster in Database OLTP Java Operations/sec. response time –  Run-time connection –  Buffer Copy Elimination –  Parallel Muxer load balancing –  Exalogic-aware Self- –  Scatter-gather IO –  SQLNet for InfiniBand tuning –  IPC for InfiniBand (JDBC over SDP) –  Balanced hardwareCopyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation - Proprietary and Confidential 17
  • Agenda•  Introductions•  Industry evolution and Oracle evolution•  Introducing Exalogic•  Introducing Exadata•  Bringing it all together•  Summary 18
  • Introducing Oracle Exadata V2 •  Ideal Database Platform –  Best Machine for Data Warehousing –  Best Machine for OLTP –  Best Machine for Database Consolidation •  Unique Architecture Makes it –  Fastest, Lowest Cost, Most Agile –  Best processors, Best networking, Best Storage, Best Database, Best Setup© 2010 Oracle Corporation 19
  • Select APAC Exadata Customers Small & Large Customers; Across All Industries; Household Names"We implemented it in a record four days from delivery prior to Christmas to provide a dev/ 20test environment to a number of projects," - CBA
  • Complete Family Of Database Machines For OLTP, Data Warehousing & Consolidated Workloads Oracle Exadata X2-2 Oracle Exadata X2-8 •  Up to 8 DB and 14 storage server • Up to 2 TB of RAM nodes • 5.3 TB Flash •  Up to 336 TB of storageCopyright © 2010, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates 21
  • Oracle Exadata Performance Extreme Performance Intelligent Storage Hybrid Columnar Smart Flash Grid Compression Cache •  Smart Scan •  Speed-optimized •  >1.5M IO/sec offloads complex query mode (10x) for SQL operations to storage servers •  Space-optimized •  Sub-millisecond archival mode (15-50x) response times© 2010 Oracle Corporation 22
  • Example Results from an Australian Customer  Retail Data Warehouse Type of Query or Operation Amount of Data Type of Data Existing System DB MachineAccount Report 7 months 20,000,000 rows Account 03:50:37 00:04:50Account Report 12 months 34,000,000 rows Account Did not complete 00:07:03Account Report 24 Months 71,000,000 rows Account Ran out of space 00:13:40Account Report 96 Months 336,000,000 rows Account Not tested 01:34:48 Customer Configuration: SMP Server & EMC SAN DB Machine Configuration: V2 Half RackResults: This Demonstrates how the Database Machine was able to process 8 years worth of data in much less time that the existing system was able to process 7 months worth of data. 23
  • Agenda•  Introductions•  Industry evolution and Oracle evolution•  Introducing Exalogic•  Introducing Exadata•  Bringing it all together•  Summary 24
  • Oracle Exadata & Exalogic Elastic CloudBuilding blocks for private Clouds Building the 21st Century Datacenter Engineered Engineered System for System for Middle-Tier Database and Application Storage Workloads Workloads 25
  • Engineered SystemsBest Oracle Applications-to-Disk Ownership Experience •  Every unit is the same, from applications to disk •  Open, standard, proven •  Best performance, highest quality of service •  Designed for supportability •  Each Exa is optimized and balanced for specific workload requirements 26
  • Engineered Systems Exadata and Exalogic Best Oracle Applications-to-Disk Ownership ExperienceExadata Exalogic•  Optimized •  Optimized system for deployment Database and platform for Storage Middle-tier workloads Application•  Best for Data workloads Warehousing •  Best for Application•  Best for OLTP Performance•  Best for •  Best for Database Middle-tier Consolidation Consolidation 27
  • Oracle Exalogic and Exadata Together Designed for Seamless Shared Application Infrastructure •  Exclusive: direct InfiniBand integration •  Extreme performance, reliability, security •  Simple to deploy and manageExadata Exalogic Up to 3X OLTP Performance Active GridLink for RAC •  Resource-aware load balancing •  Instantaneous connection failover •  Transaction affinity to RAC nodes •  SQLnet optimized for InfiniBand SDP 28
  • Standard Platform for Enterprise Consolidation SOA Custom ERP Data CRM E20 3rd Party CRM Data IDM Batch E20 Warehouse Content Logs Jobs InfiniBand 3rd Party Data Mart ERP Java Apps HR Records DR ServersDatabase and Storage Tier Application Tier 29
  • Start Small and Grow Field Upgradeable Quarter Half Full Rack Rack Rack Balanced, Incremental, Predictable ScalingCopyright © 2010, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates 30
  • Complete and Integrated ManagementMaintain DeployRemote Management Provisioning of Firmware, EnterprisePhone Home Manager OS, Middleware, andMy Oracle Support Integration Applications Grid Clone and Scale-out Control OpsCenterManageEnd-to-End Diagnostics Test Functional TestingConfiguration ManagementPatch Automation Load Testing Test Management Monitor Application-to-Disk Exalogic Monitoring Integration Energy Utilization and Impact 31
  • Oracle Exadata and Exalogic Elastic CloudDelivering real business value Extreme Complete Faster Time to for Cloud &Performance Value ConsolidationAcross Tiers, Operational Cost Time to Deployfrom Apps to Reduced Reduced from Disk Dramatically Months to Weeks 32
  • Next Steps | Explore, Education, EX-CITEExploreMeet with the account team to discuss the Exalogic solution to agreater depth.EducationMeet with the technical team to get a greater technicalunderstanding of the solution.Exalogic EX-CITE 1.  A business assessment of how Oracle Exalogic could enhance your business 2.  An architecture assessment to determine precisely how you could leverage Oracle Exalogic in your current IT environment 3.  A joint execution plan, roadmap, and action items for the highest-priority opportunities 33
  • 34