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  • 1. Achieving outstanding Optim DataManagement practice within yourOracle EnvironmentBen DavisIBM Data Governance Specialist
  • 2. Challenges around governing the usage, sharingand processing of massive amounts of electronicdata “[A]n [information management] strategy should incorporate life-•  Growing infrastructure and resource management cycle information governance practices [to ensure] consistent costs execution of ... business optimization, agility, and transformation –  No policies for management of data growth – performance [initiatives].” degradation – Forrester Research, Inc., “Refresh Your Information –  Redundancy of data Management Strategy to Deliver Business Results” –  Disparate, complex applications and more users Rob Karel & James G. Kobielus, August 2009•  Lack of common security and privacy requirements “If you are going to protect your companys most valuable asset— –  Risk of security breaches, compliance, audit failures your data—you will begin to view data security as a component of a –  No ability to assess areas of vulnerability and prevent more comprehensive information governance strategy.” unauthorized intrusion – Hurwitz & Associates, “Why you need an information governance strategy for 2010” –  Lack of an overall protection strategy (relational / non- Marcia Kaufman, December 2009 relational data and access controls)•  Lack of trusted information “By 2013, 25% of the companies in highly regulated industries will –  No alignment of definitions across business and IT create and staff positions in accounting, human resources, –  No clear understanding of data sources & relationships compliance and audit and law that deal explicitly with the management of information via technology.” –  No standardized quality rules or threshold metrics – Gartner, Inc., “Organizing for Information Governance” –  Lack of control over test data environments Debra Logan, November 2009
  • 3. InfoSphere: Collaborative Information Governance Reusability and consistency •  Shared metadata and policies Breadth of portfolio •  Three core information governance disciplines Modular deployment entry points •  Supports business and IT priorities Flexible support for enterprise environments •  Open technology for heterogeneous supportSingle  solu+on  provider  to  Op+mize  the  Informa+on  Supply  Chain  
  • 4. Infosphere Optim, a True Enterprise Data Management solution Test Data Management Data Masking Data Growth Application Retirement4
  • 5. IBM InfoSphere Optim Solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite Financial Management Human Resources / HCM Supply Chain Management Achieve  Faster  Closes   Improved  Employee   Reduced  Order  to  Delivery  Time   Performance  Improve  Financial  &  Managerial   Reduced  Manufacturing  Costs   Repor8ng   Decreased  Cost  of  Employee   Administra8on   Improved  Demand  Forecas8ng   Decrease  Finance  Costs   Increase  Revenue  per  Employee   Reduced  Planning  Cycle  Improve  Corporate  Performance   Protect  Employee  Privacy   Decrease  Procurement  Costs  Improve  Corporate  Governance   &  Transparency   Increase  Employee  Reten8on  
  • 6. Oracle & IBM InfoSphere Optim•  Long time-partner of Oracle - Certified Advantage Partner –  Involved in Oracle’s Beta programs (early adopters of Oracle software) –  Active in the Oracle Application Integration Initiative, which validates our solutions –  Perform in-depth system tests using Oracle experts to ensure continued compatibility with Oracle’s products•  Only Oracle partner offering a single, consistent data management solution – validated by Oracle and applicable across entire Oracle stack –  Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle Retail (Retek), Siebel –  All custom and packaged applications running on Oracle databases•  The first partner selected and validated by PeopleSoft, Siebel & JD Edwards for database archiving and enterprise data management
  • 7. InfoSphere Optim Solutions for Oracle E- Business Suite SummaryArchiving   Test  Data  Management   Data  Privacy  Archive  the  right  set  of  data   Subset  data  based  on  test   Masking  of  data  with  out  of  the  box   requirements   algorithms  Store  data  on  any  choice  of  media   Re-­‐use  of  extract  data  for  mul>ple   Consistent  masking  across  the  data   target  environments   model  Access  the  archived  data  via   Compare  data  sets  to  see   Credit  card  number  generator  and  mul>ple  methods   differen>al  changes   Australian  addresses  Restore  the  archived  data  if   Rela>onally  edit  the  data  for  error   Common  templates  for  Oracle  required   tes>ng   environments   All  delivered  using  a  single  tool  with  a  common   interface  
  • 8. Extensive Oracle E-Business Suite Coverage E-­‐Business  Versions  Supported:  11.5.10,  12  (earlier  versions  supported  via  services)   Financial     Manufacturing  Solu8ons   HRMS   •  General Ledger §  Inventory   §  HR  &  Payroll   •  Accounts Payable •  Accounts Receivable §  Work  In  Progress   •  Fixed Assets §  Bill  of  Material   Procurement   •  Cash Management §  Purchasing   •  Global Accounting Engine •  Sub-Ledger Accounting Supply  Chain  Solu8ons   Projects   CRM  §  Order  Entry   §  Project  Cos8ng  &  Billing   §  Service  Contracts  §  Shipping  Execu8on  §  Advanced  Pricing  
  • 9. Archiving
  • 10. Archive the Right Set of DataReferential Integrity – the Complete Business Object •  Represents application data record – payment, invoice, customer –  Referentially-intact subset of data across related tables and applications; includes metadata •  Provides “historical reference snapshot” of business activity •  Federated object support across enterprise data stores
  • 11. Archive the Right Set of DataComplete Business Object Example – General Ledger GL_JE_CATEGORIES_TL   GL_JE_BATCHES   FIND_CURRENCIES   GL_JOURNAL_REPORTS_ITF   GL_JE_SOURCES_TL   GL_JE_HEADERS   GL_ENCUMBRANCE_TYPES   GL_PERIODS   GL_JE_LINES   GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS   GL_SETS_OF_BOOKS   GL_PERIOD_SETS   GL_ACCOUNT_HIERARCHIES   GL_ALLOC_BATCHES   GL_PERIOD_STATUSES   GL_IMPORT_REFERENCES   GL_ALLOC_FORMULAS   Records  in  table  removed  from   Table  is  not  processed  by  archive   database  during  archive  process   Records  in  table  selected  during  archive   Table  captured  as  reference  table   process,  but  not  removed  from   during  archive  process   database  
  • 12. Archive Data Storage Flexibility Active/Historical Online Compressed 2 - 4 Years Archives U Extract N XML I V E Archive Production Database R Database S A Restore 4 - 6 Years1 - 2 Years L On/Near-Line Non DBMS Archive Current Data IBM® Optim™ Retention Platform ATA File Server A §  Access Definitions C Additional Options EMC Centera™, DR550, Etc. §  Complete Business Object ODBC / JDBC C Business Rules Off-Line Archive §  Off-line Retention Platform XML E 6+ Years §  Validations CD,Tape,Optical, WORM HP StorageWorks™, IBM TSM S SQL NetApp NearStore® SnapLock™, S IBM Total Storage® solutions Excel (including the DR550) Access EMC Centera™.
  • 13. Test Data Management
  • 14. Challenges associated with Test Data§ Applica>on  errors  in  produc>on   § Storage  cost  spiral  due  to  cloning   § Constantly  use  produc>on  like  data  for  tes>ng  § Slower  applica>on  releases   § DBA  effort  to  maintain  non  produc>on   §  Need  new  features  ASAP   environments   § Inaccurate  test  results   §  Applica>on  becomes  “stale”   §  Age  of  data     §  Data  “recycled”  during  tes>ng   §  False  result  tes>ng?   § Extended  tes>ng  phases      
  • 15. Fully Leverage-able Solution Test Data Management Production Environment Baseline Clone IBM Optim Extract/ Archive File Test (DB2 UDB/ AIX) Dev (Oracle/ Solaris)Dynamically loadrelational intact data sets& objects based on QAselection criteria (Sybase/ Linux)
  • 16. Benefits of Optim Test Data Management solution§ Faster  applica>on  releases   § Smaller,  more  manageable  non  produc>on   environments  § Less  applica>on  release  errors   § Speed  itera>ve  tes>ng  cycles   § Ability  to  regression  test   § Power  to  refresh  data  easily     § Reduce  applica>on  errors   § Test  error  condi>ons   § Compare  data  before  and  aNer  test  cycles  
  • 17. Client Success: Test Data Management About  the  Client   §  Challenges:   –  2TB  database  that  was  con>nually  growing,  therefore  a  large  volume  of  test   and  development  data  was  consuming  large  volumes  of  disk  space   –  Enormous  effort  to  con>nually  provide  test  data  for  mul>ple  environments  Industry –  Protect  the  iden>ty  of  their  customers  by  consistently  masking  all  sensi>ve  Government informa>on  LocationNew York State §  Client  Value:   –  Reduced  capacity  requirements  in  all  non-­‐produc>on  environments  by  20%  ApplicationOracle E-Business Suite –  Reduced  GL  capacity  by  90%   –  Reduced  AP  capacity  by  79%  Solution –  Reduced  PO  capacity  by  68%  Optim™ Test DataManagement Solution for –  LiWle  modifica>ons  to  out  of  the  box  templates  provided  by  Op>m  resul>ng  in  Oracle E-Business Suite a  fast  deployment  
  • 18. Optim Data Privacy
  • 19. The Corporate View of Data Privacy•  Read all about it… –  Data breaches –  Identity Theft•  Laws are multiplying –  PCI –  GLBA –  HIPAA –  Data Breach Notification Acts•  6 Data Breaches per F1000 company per year is the Industry Norm*•  Data Privacy Projects are still more reactive then proactive•  Development, Backup and Testing environments remain vulnerable!•  Bottom Line…Companies are having trouble securing sensitive data! * Source: IT Compliance Group, 2007 19
  • 20. So where is sensitive data kept?A. Everywhere •  ERP •  CRM •  Billing •  Customer Production •  Data Warehouse SIT •  Reporting UAT Perf Test Training Dev
  • 21. Database Servers Are The Primary Source ofBreached Data “Although much angst and security funding is given to offline data, mobile devices, and end-user systems, these assets are simply not a major point of compromise.” …up fromreach  Report  in 2009usiness  RISK  Team   2010  Data  B 75% from  Verizon  B www.verizonbusiness.com/resources/reports/rp_2010-­‐DBIR-­‐combined-­‐reports_en_xg.pdf   21
  • 22. What is sensitive data? •  Personally Identifiable Information (PII) •  Financial Data (General ledger) •  Strategic information (buyouts, mergers) All of it is valuable to someone who has the intent to steal it and use it to their advantage
  • 23. Data Privacy Delivered throughout your EBS environmentA comprehensive set of data masking techniques to transform or de-identify data, including:§ String literal values § Arithmetic expressions § Lookup values§ Character substrings § Concatenated expressions § Intelligence§ Random or sequential numbers § Date aging Pa>ent  Informa>on   Patient No. 112233   SSN 123456   123-­‐45-­‐6789   333-­‐22-­‐4444   Name Amanda  Winters   Erica  Schafer   Address 40  Bayberry  Drive   12  Murray  Court   City Aus>n   Elgin   State IL   TX   Zip 60123   78704   Data  is  masked  with  contextually  correct  data  to   preserve  integrity  of  test  data  
  • 24. Client Success: Data Privacy About  the  Client   §  Challenges:   –  Protect  the  iden>ty  of  individuals  within  their  database   –  3rd  party  access  and  servers  managed  by  Vic  Shared  Services  Industry –  Large  number  of  the  workforce  are  contractors  Government §  Client  Value:  LocationVictoria Australia –  Op>m  solu>on  was  3  x  >mes  cheaper  than  rival  Application –  Deployed  within  20  days  Oracle E-Business Suite –  Future  capability  to  provide  subsedng  using  the  same  tool  Solution –  Skills  transfer  of  solu>on  to  staff  to  enable  further  enhancements  Optim™ Test DataManagement Solution forOracle E-Business Suite
  • 25. Benefits of Optim Data Privacy solution§ Protected  customer  base   § Provide  a  range  of  easy  to  use  data  § Compliance  against  privacy  legisla>on   privacy  op>ons  for  masking  data   and  regula>ons   § Valid  CC  numbers   § Specific  industry  requirements   § Australian  addresses  § Audit  ready  data   § Rela>onally  de-­‐iden>fy  data  across   the  database   § Ability  to  share  data  with  3rd  par>es  
  • 26. And Questions from the floor???