Smartees Webinar: Consumer Insight Activation by Annelies Verhaeghe

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Smartees Webinar: Consumer Insight Activation by Annelies Verhaeghe



Consumer Insight Activation presented by Annelies Verhaeghe at the InSites Smartees Webinar in July 2012....

Consumer Insight Activation presented by Annelies Verhaeghe at the InSites Smartees Webinar in July 2012.

Good insights will lead to the discovery of something that is not yet obvious. They should be recognizable and can be translated into actionable business opportunities. The road to good insight is not an obvious one. A good insights starts from the consumer. Learn during this webinar about the newest techniques for consumer insightment activation!



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Smartees Webinar: Consumer Insight Activation by Annelies Verhaeghe Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Welcome!Consumer Insightment Activation By Annelies Verhaeghe Head of Research Innovation at InSites Consulting
  • 2. Your Consumer Insight Activation agent For today© InSites Consulting 2
  • 3. Our magic formula? Aha! x It’s me x !!!=© InSites Consulting Identify the suspect 3
  • 4. Observations ≠ insights Each insight should have underlying consumer evidence Insights ≠ solution Each insight can lead to new several ideas Validation of the insights insights 360° Interpretation Meaningful observations© InSites Consulting Strategy 4
  • 5. Our insightment strategy© InSites Consulting Strategy 5
  • 6. Our insightment strategy If we would only knew what we already know…© InSites Consulting Strategy 6
  • 7. Connecting the dots from previous research Capture existing assumptions© InSites Consulting The investigation 7
  • 8. Getting answers without asking questions© InSites Consulting The investigation 8
  • 9. Our insightment strategyToo often companies innovate based on atechnology or universal trends. A goodinsight however should start with theconsumer Strategy
  • 10. Consumers help you to discover insights© InSites Consulting The investigation 10
  • 11. Start from their own experience Witnesses
  • 12. Paparazzi Activation Deprivation Live reporting Investigation
  • 13. Stay tunedSubscribe to daily consumer news
  • 14. Let’s meet the other participantsReflective probingShaping insightsUnleash creativity
  • 15. Freshness RelevanceConsumerlanguage Contagious Excitement Consumers judge the quality of insights The trial
  • 16. ConsumersShould also help usin the interpretation andanalysis!
  • 17. Crowd interpretation is the analysis ofresearch data by a group of research participants inorder to obtain richer, more accurate interpretationof data that leads to insights.
  • 18. 20-40% additional insights only found by consumers No quality differences between researchers, experts and crowd
  • 19. Dear all,I really encourage all of you to spend this hour as itis not only a crucial part of the process to get yourthoughts and thinking on this but it is also a funlearning experience for yourself. I just finished itmyself and considered it time well spent despite mytoo full schedule.Maybe this is another incentive: I guess none ofyou want me to win this game…:-)Marieke Kimmels, Heinz marketing directorcontinental Europe
  • 20. Our insightment strategy It’s not just data, nor the analysis,it is what you do with it
  • 21. Stay tunedSubscribe to daily consumer news
  • 22.
  • 23. 3 things to remember Consumer insight activation requires a structural approach Consumers are best involved in every stage of the process Engage, inspire, act! The report
  • 24. Questions? E: Twitter: @Annaliezze LinkedIn:© InSites Consulting 25