Consumer Insightment Smartees Seminar 2012 (Ghent - BE)


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On November 13 2012, InSites Consulting organized a Consumer Insightment Seminar in our office in Ghent, Belgium. The main focus is on consumer insightment and how one can arrive at potent consumer insights. The main theme is elaborated, followed by some interesting case studies of AirFrance KLM and AB InBev.

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Consumer Insightment Smartees Seminar 2012 (Ghent - BE)

  1. 1. Consumer InsightmentSmartees SeminarThis is the full slidedeck of ourConsumer Insightment SmarteesSeminar. The main focus is onconsumer insightment and how onecan arrive at potent consumer insights.The main theme is elaborated, followedby some interesting case studies ofAirFrance KLM and AB InBev.
  2. 2. Thanks for being here!Hakim Zemni, Managing Director InSites Consulting BelgiumI have a passion for media, politics, music & movies.I am happily married, a proud dad, a mediocre hakim@insites-consulting.comsoccerplayer and a great facebookfriend  @hakimzemniI am often described as „an opinion on 2 legs‟I love my job because I‟m fascinated by the question“why do people do what they do?”
  3. 3. # insites# mrx
  4. 4. IMMERSIONA. Get out into the world and explore key knowledge gaps from multiple anglesB. A projective technique which allows research participants to share inner feelings
  5. 5. IMMERSIONA. Get out into the world and explore key knowledge gaps from multiple anglesB. A projective technique which allows research participants to share inner feelings
  6. 6. U&AA. Understanding & AssociationsB. Usage & Attitudes
  7. 7. U&AA. Understanding & AssociationsB. Usage & Attitudes
  8. 8. CROWD INTERPRETATIONA. Looking at and interpreting crowd behaviour captured in photo, video & storiesB. Analysis of research data by a group of research participants instead of researchers
  9. 9. CROWD INTERPRETATIONA. Looking at and interpreting crowd behaviour captured in photo, video & storiesB. Analysis of research data by a group of research participants instead of researchers
  10. 10. IWIK’sA. I Wish I Knew’sB. Insight Writing Intelligence KnowledgeC. A bunch of furry Star Wars characters
  11. 11. IWIK’sA. I Wish I Knew’sB. Insight Writing Intelligence KnowledgeC. A bunch of furry Star Wars characters
  12. 12. The Path to Insightment A holistic processNew York I Timisoara I London I Rotterdam I Ghent
  13. 13. I’m Ashley43 years, living in East Flanders, havealso lived in Amsterdam, Frankfurt,London and Sydney.Now Business Director at InSiteswithin our FMCG group and havepreviously spent many years helpingcompanies like Philips become moreconsumer centric.I also run various innovation themedworkshops – consumer insight andconcept creation formats
  14. 14. Recognise this mission statement? “The consumer is to be at the heart of all our innovation, branding and communication ”
  15. 15. The typical ‘reactions’ to this
  16. 16. I am inspired!
  17. 17. I am a bit concerned….
  18. 18. Get me out of this company!
  19. 19. 1. Who should be involved?2. Who is responsible/accountable?3. How much does it all cost?
  20. 20. Even companies that arealready consumer focusedare challenged to improvethe process to produce‘better’ insights
  21. 21. If you want success,you must besuper relevant
  22. 22. Our insightment traject 28
  23. 23. The road to success 29
  24. 24. The road to successTodays focus on insights only 30
  25. 25. The art & science of insighting© InSites Consulting 31
  26. 26. in•sight |in¡sït| Noun The capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing in•sight•ful |in-sahyt-fuhl| AdjectiveCharacterized by or displaying insight; perceptive
  27. 27. Insight  fact Insight  observationInsight  accepted consumer belief
  28. 28. Insight > observationinsight is not so much about seeing the truth, as feeling it
  29. 29. Insight  ideaone insight is the basis of hundreds of ideas
  30. 30. What are these statements? “Men aged 25 to 40 are consuming less beer than 5 years ago” FACT/TREND “When men and women drink beer together with an evening meal at home they often share a bottle of beer” OBSERVATION “As I have grown older, I like to display more sophisticated food and drink tastes. I used to drink quite regularly but feel that beer doesn’t offer as many sophisticated options as compared to wine/spirits” CONSUMER INSIGHT
  31. 31. The road to success© InSites Consulting 37
  32. 32. BriefingA crucial stage that can go wrongAre we clear about our target group?Is the business issue sufficiently defined andopportunity attractive enough?Which brands are to be involved? 38
  33. 33. The road to success 39
  34. 34. LeverageSecondary researchPast researchObserving natural communities Getting answers without asking questions eg Social media netnography 40
  35. 35. “If we knew what we already know” Issue – no structured process or internal workshop 41
  36. 36. Connecting the dotsfrom previous research Capture existing assumptions The investigation 42
  37. 37. The road to success 43
  38. 38. ImmersionGet out into the world and explore keygaps and knowledge hotspots frommultiple angles.Issue = often limited observational orqualitative data, relying on more limitedor quanti U&A methods 44
  39. 39. Crowd interpretation is the analysis ofresearch data by a group of research participants inorder to obtain richer, more accurate insights 45
  40. 40. 20-40% additional insights only found by consumers No quality differencesbetween researchers, experts and crowd 46
  41. 41. The road to success 47
  42. 42. Insight WritingIs an art in itself 48
  43. 43. Frictions the consumeris motivated to solveFocusing on a singleMinded idea 49
  44. 44. Finding The Fresh versusThe known 50
  45. 45. Consumer Insight Writing Workshop 1.5 daysCross discipline attendees Output = draft insights 51
  46. 46. Some common issues 52
  47. 47. 1 The ‘trend’ insight Going into concept/idea creation without validated consumer insights, using trend and desk research only Consumer emotions/motivations not fully understood Risk of extending frictions to another category without a proven link. High level human truths often have a weak link with a specific category
  48. 48. 2 ‘IWIKS’ Everywhere Output of the leverage phase is a lot of ‘IWIKS’ (I wish I knew) Temptation is to rush into idea creation or insight writing based on gut feeling only
  49. 49. 3 The ‘overachieving community’ Our immerse phase is so successful we have loads of potential insights, but which ones are the most potent to pursue? Innovation dollars are not limitless Insight Validation is the next step
  50. 50. Nice story Ashley….But we don’t havea money tree 56
  51. 51. Some tips 57
  52. 52. 1.Do the leverage phase diligentlyYou might be surprised what you know already!Nethnography is a cost effective researchmethod 58
  53. 53. 2.Choose immersion overvalidationThe immerse phase (preferredtool = community) should be givenpriority over the validation phase- it is a very rich tool and can beused to „validate‟ potential insightsin a limited way 59
  54. 54. 3.At least someethnography! 60
  55. 55. Stay tunedSubscribe to daily consumer news to keep the different clientstakeholders involved throughout the field work – each personselects the desired channel to stay tuned 61
  56. 56. 3 things to remember Consumer insight generation requires a structural approach Consumers are best involved in every stage of the process Engage, inspire, act! The report
  57. 57. Click here for the case study of AirFrance KLM: The Research Carousel
  58. 58. Let’s have a coffee break!
  59. 59. Forza! Community Generating insights on the CSD marketNew York I Timisoara I London I Rotterdam I Ghent
  60. 60. Nice to meet you! Sophie Van Neck, Research Manager FMCG Nearly 30, but not just yet , joined InSites Consulting 5 years ago and working in the Belgian office and focusing on qualitative research. Background as a political scientist and a passion for American When I am not talking about FMCG or qualitative research, I am mainly focused on my love Stefan,@sophievanneck reading for the book club I‟m in or exploring the world.
  61. 61. Nice to meet you! Caroline Stout, Head of consumer insights BeNeFraLux Mid 30s and mother of 3 children. Started my career at Nielsen and moved on to several functions at Mars, yet always occupied with marketing, insights and consumer behavior. Now nearly 2 years at AbInBev as Head of Consumer In my free time, I am very active at the school of my children and love to go to the Belgian coast or skiing in the mountains.
  63. 63. AB InBev enters CSD marketAn alcohol free alternative to Jupiler
  64. 64. Consumer feedback……was positive & negative “Tastes rather watery & sweet, with a sticky aftertaste” “Actually the taste was quite good.”
  65. 65. The relaunchNew flavors
  66. 66. The relaunchNew positioning
  67. 67. Increase understanding……of Force in the CSD market
  68. 68. THE APPROACH
  69. 69. 1. Explore very individual behavior2. Explore very subconscious behavior3. Explore very habitual behavior
  70. 70. Mijn frisdrank, mijn wereldMIJN FRISDRANK
  72. 72. Funnel approach From beverages over cold beverages to CSD
  73. 73. 1 This is CSD Can you give me 10 pictures that you associate with soft drinks?
  74. 74. 2 I need a drink! Can you send me daily pictures of occasions when you drink, what you drink and why you choose that drink….
  75. 75. 3 Cold drinks! Can you send me pictures of occasions when drink cold beverages and the need they fulfill at that moment….
  76. 76. Mijn frisdrank, mijn wereldWat betekenen frisdranken voor jou? Mijn frisdrank
  77. 77. Mijn frisdrank, mijn wereldMIJN FRISDRANK
  78. 78. THE OUTCOME
  79. 79. 649 consumer pictures435 consumer stories Ready for analysis
  80. 80. Top down taggingBottom up tagging
  81. 81. Internal brainstorm
  82. 82. Immersion workshop
  83. 83. 5 insight platforms
  84. 84. “Het is organisch wat mooi meegenomen is, maar belangrijker is dat het wel degelijk werkt ook. Je krijgt er een kleine boost van (het is geen red bull).” “In de namiddag heb ik soms problemen om geconcentreerd te “Ochtends (6 u) moet ik blijven & dan grijp ik snel koffie hebben, maar een ijsje uit de diepvries” wanneer ik rond 10 u een dip voel opkomen, dan volgt er een tweede tas.” “s Morgens is het soms moeilijk opstaan en dan kan een goeieThere are three different types of energy that warme douche deugd doen. Daarare required throughout the day. There is an word ik wakker van en dat geeft mij energie om de dag teenergy boost, the kind of energy that beginnen.”(re)charges you and then the type of energythat keeps you going. “Even wat extra kracht opdoen na een nachtje uitgaan”
  85. 85. “Leuk om te zien dat ze bij Jupiler echt wel actief aan de slag gaan met onzeinput! Ik ben benieuwd naar wat er op al die gele en roze post-its zou staan geschreven...”“Inderdaad leuk dat er wat gebeurt met onze inbreng, creatieve manier om informatie uit je doelgroep te krijgen!” “Perfect! Het leek me alleszins eenvruchtbare en creatieve vergadering :)En ja, we hebben er nog steeds zin in!!”
  86. 86. Increase understanding……of Force in the CSD market
  87. 87. 1. Explore very individual behavior2. Explore very subconscious behavior3. Explore very habitual behavior
  88. 88. Let’s talk!Sophie Van Neck Caroline StoutResearch Manager FMCG, InSites Consulting Head of Consumer Insights BeNeFraLux, AB InBev
  89. 89. Insight Validation Tool Quantification with understandingNew York I Timisoara I London I Rotterdam I Ghent
  90. 90. The road to success
  91. 91. Stay tuned! Our magic formula? Meet us in one of our 5 offices Connect on LinkedIn Become friends on FacebookAha! x It’s mecontent on Slideshare Download free x !!!= Read corporate InSites Consulting blog Read ‘Conversation Management’ blog Read ‘How Cool Brands Stay Hot’ blog Join our ‘Smartees’ events
  92. 92. Our beliefs on what constitutes a winning insight Stay tuned! Consumer Identification Is it relevant for our target? Meet us in one of our 5 offices Excitement Am I excitedConnect on solution or message? about a LinkedIn Become friends on Facebook Aha! Is it a new way of looking at things? Download free content on Slideshare Talkability Is it a topic that triggers a lot of conversations, or is often Read corporate InSites Consulting blog heard discussed? Read ‘Conversation Management’ blog Read ‘How Cool Brands Stay Hot’ blog Join our ‘Smartees’ events Insight Validation
  93. 93. Stay tuned! Freshness Relevance Meet us in one of our 5 offices Connect on LinkedInConsumerlanguage Contagiouson Facebook Become friends Excitement Download free content on Slideshare Read corporate InSites Consulting blog Your turn - judge the quality of the insight Read ‘Conversation Management’ blog Read ‘How Cool Brands Stay Hot’ blog Join our ‘Smartees’ events The trial
  94. 94. Beyond quantitative benchmarkingadvanced supporting tools and metrics Drivers & Emotions Barriers Targeting Brand Fit Enhancements Can we identify Which Is the issue or interesting emotions sentiment in Why additional does an the insight How to consumers do target groups insight trigger seen as close improve the or don’t that have even and what is the or far away quality of the identify with higher relative from my key insight your insight identification emotional brand/s and with the positioning? competitors? insight?
  95. 95. Reporting Examples
  96. 96. Clarity Insights are evaluated green/red, based on full database cut-off levels Score is composite weighting of: 100% top box ‘very clear’ + INSIGHTS TESTED 50% second box = ‘quite clear’Insight A 66Insight B 63………… 62 57 55 49 44 Observations, main outtakes, conclusions text Reporting
  97. 97. Colour indicates whether top Dashboard 1/5th or middle, bottom, etc. This is a composite score based on combining standardized scores KPIs INSIGHT TESTED for the KPIs at agreed weightings IDENTIFY EXCITEMENT AHA TALKABILITY 100 = average score for the tested set of insights140 Insight A136 Insight B131 …………………12412412011092 Top 20% 21-40% Observations, main outtakes, conclusions text 41-60% 61%-80% Bottom 20% Reporting
  98. 98. Deep Dive per insightIdentification Drivers and Barriers “I see discovery in life as a game that i like to play, which is why i get excited when i discover truly new tastes in food” Top 3 Words marked per country XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX Observations, main outtakes, conclusions text Reporting
  99. 99. Deep Dive per insight Identification Drivers and Barriers Net Identification Score 3%3% 5% 13% 28% 33% 16% 66% Low identification - - - -- - 0 + ++ High Identification +++Barriers DriversOpen-ended question – Could you please explain why you can not personally Open-ended question – Could you please explain why you can personallyidentify with the statement? identify with the statement? Selected verbatims Selected verbatims The main driver for identification with this insight is……….. The barriers are mainly……………….. Reporting
  100. 100. Supporting MetricsEmotions• Output consists of a relative positioning of the insights in terms of the emotional space they occupy. Social Despair Surprise Ashamed Worried Respect I feel...beersabout the amount of guilty would come in less unnecessary packaging. Insight 2 rubbish I am wasting Sad Beauty Proud Afraid Insecure Regretful Dominating Sad Pessimistic Admired Astonished Beautiful Amazed Satisfied Surprised Enthusiastic Gloomy Weak Full of contempt Resentful Tense Insight 4 Happy Love Furious Bored Disappointed Cheerful Insight 3 Aggressive Nervous Disgusted Happiness Excited Insight 5 Lonely Despair Rejected Relaxed Disgust Irritated Angry Tired Excitement Anger Relaxed Loneliness Reporting
  101. 101. Supporting Metrics Target Group Analysis • In many cases, insights will be tested within a wide target group. In can be interesting to understand if there are sub-targets for which a particular insight has even stronger resonance. • To support this, we run a Tree Classification exercise, where all relevant predictor variables can be included (socio-demo, attitudinal, consumption etc) Segments’ road map for highest score Suburbs/Villages Target group that Insight resonates How to Interpret? most strongly with: 127 Number refers to the composite LDA-30; 31-45 11% score for a specific segment 121 > Freq. drinkers City Higher frequency drinkers (more 28%% is the proportion of those who saw 132 117 than once week) the insight that lie on that segment 43% 46-65 17% Aged 46-65 151 15% Insight 46-65; 31-45 130 131 100% Female 11% 134 17% LDA-30 138 < Freq. drinkers 6% 128 58% Suburbs/Villages 112 Male 19% 125 41% City 136 22% Reporting
  102. 102. Supporting Metrics Category and Brand Fit Through a projective technique, we measure how close or far away an insight is perceived to be to a particular brand. For example, an insight that refers to healthy lifestyle aspirations will be far away from the Alcoholic Spirits category. On a brand level, Coke might be seen as distant from a sentiment that also refers to health Within the survey, we include a list of the client brands/sub brands & key competitor brands.Interpretation Brand 1 88 Brand 2 87 ......... 85 85 84 76 75 Brand 1 114 74 Brand 2 86 66 Above index 120 > Average Index average = 100 < Average Observations, main outtakes, conclusions text Below index 80 Reporting
  103. 103. Reporting includes suggestions for improving insights Word marking – Which words in this statement, if any, would you not use personally? “I like to be the center of attention when I go out socially and find beer never helps me achieve this” Top 3 Words marked per country XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX Open-ended question – If you had to describe to your friends what this statement is about, what would you tell them? Representative verbatims and analysis included hereRecommendations to improve insight: (both clarity and identification)XXXXXXXXXX Reporting 114
  104. 104. Insight ValidationValue Added Supporting Services Moderation Participating Insight writing Workshops Workshops advice InSites has experience in designing and InSites frequently Our Insight Validation tool moderating Insight includes a free review of participates in Insight Generation and Writing client generated insights writing workshops, workshops. to suggest optimisations sharing best practice on before testing. insight generation and Our team includes formulation techniques. senior marketing Our InSites team are professionals who have expert insight writers. client-side experience. Insight Validation
  105. 105. Questions? Remarks? Feedback?
  106. 106. Stay tuned!(
  107. 107. drinks!