Personal branding via social media (by Stijn Poffé)


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Personal branding via social media, presented by Stijn Poffé (InSites Consulting) and Wim Mathues ( at KUL Bedrijfscommunicatie on December 21, 2012.

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Personal branding via social media (by Stijn Poffé)

  1. 1. Social mediaPersonal branding Wim Mathues Benelux Content Manager, Digital Entertainment Stijn Poffé Senior Research Consultant, InSites Consulting
  2. 2. Who we are?Some things you need toknow about us.
  3. 3. Nice to meet youWim Mathues,Independent Marketing & Communication ConsultantGraduated at KULeuven in the master of CorporateCommunication in 2011, started my own littlecommunication consultancy during these studies. Currentkey accounts as an independent consultant Digital Entertainment and football club Oud-Heverlee Leuven (OHL). Furthermore, I was on thepayroll at Capgemini and LUNA. My main goal is to linkmy professional skills to my personal passions anddevelop business while having fun… @WimMathues Ghent I Rotterdam I London I Timisoara I New York
  4. 4. Nice to meet youStijn Poffé, Research Consultant @InSitesI am 25 years old, giving everything I’ve got at InSitesConsulting for just over 1,5 years now. Before that Ihave been studying Applied Economics in Leuvenand afterwards, I obtained a Master in GeneralManagement at Vlerick Business School. I ampassionate about making consumers generate valuefor companies, with a specific focus on supportinggrowth of FMCG and Media & entertainment brands. Iam currently working for major brands like MTV,Unilever, AB Inbev, Coca Cola, … @stinus230 Ghent I Rotterdam I London I Timisoara I New York
  5. 5. Fact sheet: InSites Consulting Market research agency 15 years of experience and know-how Pioneer and innovator in online methods Covering any marketing domain Fully independent Ghent, Rotterdam, London, Timisoara, New York 125 passionate employees Proprietary research panel in +25 countries Most awarded agency by ESOMAR Published well-known marketing books “the conversation manager, the conversation company & How cool brands stay hot
  6. 6. What is the link between this picture… …And our story?
  7. 7. Personal brandingLet’s start with the beginning
  8. 8. What is … …Personal branding?
  9. 9. We are all CEO’s of our own company: Me Inc. “To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” Tom Peters, Fast Company “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” Socrates, 469 BC - 399 BC
  10. 10. Kristian Andersen -
  11. 11. Kristian Andersen -
  12. 12. Kristian Andersen -
  13. 13. Kristian Andersen -
  14. 14. Kristian Andersen -
  15. 15. Kristian Andersen -
  16. 16. Kristian Andersen -
  17. 17. A brand is not just a logo.It’s a collection of perceptions in the mind of a consumer… (Colin Bates,
  18. 18. Personal branding in 2012 in 2012 Personal branding “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog!”
  19. 19. Personal branding in 2012 dog  We know you are a Google will tell!
  20. 20. Personal branding in 2012 dog  We know you are a Your network will tell!
  21. 21. Networkingis nothing new!
  22. 22. “You can reach everyone in the world in just6 steps.” -- 1938 Frigyes Karinthy, Hungarian journalist
  23. 23. Urban legend or not… The rules of the game800 million 800 million have changed… (unique users each month)135 million 175 million
  24. 24. Personal branding in 2012Social Media is not personal branding. However, it can help!
  25. 25. Personal branding via Social MediaWhy should we?
  26. 26. Because you are underestimating#1 the reach and power of your network
  27. 27. INSERT Verhaal Real Madrid
  28. 28. Because companies are using it#2 more and more “Linkedin is as important to us as Jobat or Vacature. It delivers almost 10% of all our recruits on a yearly basis. For 2012 that means, we recruited about 500 people using this platform Bert Verhaert, Head of recruitment KBC
  29. 29. Because recruiters are looking for#3 you
  30. 30. Because it’s easier and more up to#4 date than this:
  31. 31. “Whatever Google turns up will determine your fate. Every Twitter-message, Facebook-status and Linkedin-update is a reflection of one’spersonality, capabilities and priorities.” Joann Pan – Multimedia journalist - Mashable
  32. 32. Personal branding via Social MediaHow can we?
  33. 33. Think before you start… …ask yourself 3 questions
  34. 34. #1 Who are you?
  35. 35. #2 What are your goals?
  36. 36. #3 What makes you different?
  37. 37. Ok, got it! I’m ready to start… …what now?
  38. 38. #1 Don’t be humble, but be honest
  39. 39. #2 Don’t hide, be visible & easy to find
  40. 40. #3 Build your network
  41. 41. #4 Be consistent
  42. 42. #5 Listen and interact
  43. 43. Personal branding in 2012
  44. 44. Personal branding in 2012
  45. 45. Branding = the combination Branding is creating a collection of perceptions in the mind of others…
  46. 46. The different Social Media platformsTips & tricks
  47. 47. “Stijn Poffé” en “Wim Mathues”
  48. 48. Facebook: Limit access to your inner circle1. Manage privacy settings2. Know who’s in your network3. ‘Don’t put anything online you don’t want your mother to see’
  49. 49. Twitter: Good branding potential 1. Be consistent: Only marketing is not enough => Act 2. Follow thought leaders 3. Listen and interact: Use hashtags and tag others 4. Be worth sharing
  50. 50. Linkedin: The ideal branding tool
  51. 51. Linkedin: The ideal branding tool #1 Your profile 1. Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date 2. Don’t be humble, but never lie 3. Add projects and extra curricular activities 4. Use skills and endorsements 5. Did you know you can take a pdf export of your profile?
  52. 52. Linkedin: The ideal branding tool#2 Your network 1. Import your offline network 2. Regurlarly check ‘people you may know’ 3. Be careful adding people you don’t know => avoid blocking 4. Personalize your invitations
  53. 53. Linkedin: The ideal branding tool #3 The tools 1. Find jobs using ‘job search’ and by finetuning ‘jobs you may be interested in’ 2. Follow companies you are interested in 3. Subscribe to groups 4. Optional: be active on ‘Answers’
  54. 54. Linkedin: The ideal branding tool#4 The routines Create a routine: 1. Daily: check your inbox, timeline, status updates (just like you probably already do with Facebook) 2. Weekly: Build your network, check your groups, … 3. Monthly: Is your profile still up-to- date?
  55. 55. Linkedin: The ideal branding tool #4 The nice-to-haves 1. Check out the mobile app 2. Check out the apps (You can add slideshare, wordpress, polls, reading lists,… to your profile) 3. Check out the tools (E.g. Outlook connector & browser toolbar)
  56. 56. Personal brandingOne last tip
  57. 57. Start networking! 
  58. 58. Let’s connect! @WimMathues @Stinus230 I Rotterdam I London I Timisoara I New York
  59. 59. Let’s connect! @WimMathues @Stinus230 I Rotterdam I London I Timisoara I New York