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Connecting with Healthcare Stakeholders Smartees Seminar


This is the full slidedeck of our 'Connecting with Healthcare Stakeholders Smartees Seminar' (28 May 2013) in Ghent. The main focus is on how to better connect with your healthcare stakeholders by …

This is the full slidedeck of our 'Connecting with Healthcare Stakeholders Smartees Seminar' (28 May 2013) in Ghent. The main focus is on how to better connect with your healthcare stakeholders by using new ways of interaction. The main theme is elaborated, followed by some interesting case studies of Merck Serono & UCB.

Published in Business , Education
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  • 1. Connecting with Healthcare StakeholdersSmartees SeminarThis is the full slidedeck of our„Connecting with Healthcare Stakeholders‟Smartees Seminar. The main focus is onhow to better connect with yourhealthcare stakeholders by using newways of interaction. The main theme iselaborated, followed by some interestingcase studies of Merck Serono & UCB.
  • 2. 5th editionHEALTHSMARTEES 2013Welcome @ InSites Consulting! Relax & Enjoy.And ask questions whenever you want!#Insites
  • 3. 5.Health SmarteesSmartees are smart sessions forclever marketers and researchers. Theyare all about learning and sharing. It isour goal to leverage existingknowledge and inspire you withcases from the business reality.
  • 4. 2009201020112012
  • 5. Founded 1997 as a business school spin-offStructure Fully independent, 7 managing partnersGrowth Average yearly growth +25%Locations USA I ROM I UK I NL I BETeam 125 passionate & talented peopleReach Global Consumer & Moderator NetworkClients +35% of 2012 Best Global Brands (Interbrand)Awards ESOMAR I AMA I ARF I MRS I MOA I AMMA
  • 6. We want tobring our clientsto the future first
  • 7. the most effectiveconsultants forany companyCustomers are
  • 8. Knowledge LeverageWe engage people to thinkharder and better. We activatethem to structurally collaboratewith us and our clients to co-create the future of brands.1.
  • 9. Internal LeverageWe drive ultimate customercentricity by engaging employeesand other stakeholders around thecustomer. By bringing customersinside organizations, we changepeople‟s hearts, minds andactions and create internalalignment.2.
  • 10. 3.External LeverageBy turning research into a uniqueparticipant experience, we create ameaningful impact on yourproduct or brand. Through deepengagement and collaboration withcustomers, we drive positiveconversations and ultimatelygrowth.
  • 11. 5.Health Smartees
  • 12. 5th editionHEALTHSMARTEES 2013ENJOY !Magali Geens, Managing Partner
  • 13. Saartje Van den BrandenCustomer Consulting Boards
  • 14. TowardsSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONThe Customer Consulting Board
  • 15. We want tobring our clientsto the future firstSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 16. the most effectiveconsultants forany companyCustomers areSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 20. 1.Changing environmentSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 21. 2.customer needSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 22. 3.Untapped potentialSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 23. 4.Fit with strategySTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 24. 4.Fit with strategySTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 25. 5.Brand building through customersSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 26. 6.Internal & external leverageSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 27. 7.Highly scalableSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 28. 8.HumanizationSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 29. 9.Globally connectedSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 32. What?What can we do with it? What is the added value of having such a „customer Consulting Board‟?How can we maximize the impact of this collaboration?1 2 3 4Embed your Customer ConsultingBoard in 4 strategic areas.STRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 33. 1.Get close to your customer2.3.4.Uncover new insightsGenerate & craft ideas and conceptsDrive customer experience & actionVia the Customer Consulting Board, a company gets a unique opportunity to tap into the customers‟ lives.By getting close to the customers and collaborating with them, a company can better understand thebehavior and motivations that fuel their buying and prescribing behavior. By discovering the blind spots,your company will have a better outlook on the future.The Customer Consulting Board helps to get to the hearts of customers. What are their problems? Whatmakes the difference so they‟ll buy or prescribe your products? Maximize the relevance of your offer andservices by generating insights and have an in-depth understanding of the customer needs.Today‟s customers are empowered and want to create their own future. They are part-time marketers andhave a clear idea on the products and services they want to use, the stores they want to visit and theexperience they want to enjoy.Understanding different touch points a company has with customers, a customer Consulting Board willmake it feasible to map the whole customer journey and improve the experience within and acrosschannels. The final goal is to drive the actions of customers: talking about your brand, recommendingproducts or services and ultimate buying them.STRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 34. What?What can we do with it? What is the added value of having such a customer Consulting Board?How can we maximize the impact of this collaboration?123Leverage your customerConsulting Board on 3 levels.STRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 35. In our Customer Consulting Boardswe use different creative techniquesand gamified moderation to engagecustomers to think harder and better.These techniques help tap intocustomers‟ thoughts and maximizethe outcome of the collaboration.Ultimately, this will improve andfasten decision making.1.Knowledge leverageSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 36. The findings coming from yourCustomer Consulting Board will drivea philosophy of customer centricityand will engage employees andother stakeholders around thecustomer. We bring the customer intheir heart and engage the employee.The outcomes will inspire them andultimately drive them to act andbehave differently.2.Internal leverageSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 37. By turning research into a uniquecustomer experience, we create ameaningful impact. Through deepengagement and collaboration withcustomers, we drive positiveconversations and ultimatelygrowth. As a company, you cancommunicate about the process, theoutcome and the learnings from thecustomer Consulting Board throughcarefully selected channels.3.External leverageSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 38. What?KnowledgeleverageInternalleverageExternalleverageGettingcloseCreatingRelevanceCo-creatingsolutionsDrivingcustomer actionSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowardsMaking better decisionsChanging our mindsetDriving our brand
  • 39. What?KnowledgeleverageInternalleverageExternalleverageGettingcloseCreatingRelevanceCo-createSolutionsDrivingcustomer actionSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowardsMaking better decisionsChanging our mindsetDriving our brand
  • 41. Customized approachBased on your needs, you can eitherstart with a pilot of a CustomerConsulting Board and reactivate it orlaunch a structural collaboration togain internal buy-in and fine-tune theapproach wave after wave. To gainefficiency the client team can tap intomore tactical topics while InSitesconsultants are recommended for in-depth analysis of strategic topics.STRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 42. Customized approachSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowardsIntensityFull serviceFind yoursweet spot
  • 45. ExpectedoutputSTRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowards
  • 46. STRUCTURALCOLLABORATIONTowardsGames &competitionsInternalworkshopsOnlinedashboardsBlogs & newssitesSocial mediaInspirationreportsMoviesPressImpactful reporting
  • 47. www.insites-consulting.comThank you!Saartje Van den Branden,Senior Research Manager Life Sciences & Healthcare+32 479 61 18
  • 48. Sébastien Van Laere & SarahManley, NutriciaCASE study Nutricia: PKU Teens Community
  • 49. Sofie Bruggeman & Martijn HuismanCASE study Merck: hypertension community
  • 50. Hart voor Elkaar(Heart-to-Heart Talk)How connecting with patients leads to better insightsBy InSites ConsultingAnnelies Verhaeghe, Head of Research InnovationSofie Bruggeman, Senior Research Manager Life Sciences & Healthcare teamMartijn Huisman, Research Consultant Life Sciences & Healthcare teamBy Merck n.v./s.a.Nico Smet, BU Manager Fertility & Endocrinology, CardioMetabolic Care & General MedicineLaetitia Pinton, Product Manager Fertility & Endocrinology, CardioMetabolic Care & General Medicine
  • 51. Understand the patient‟s lifestyleGet insight in the role ofhypertension in the patient‟s lifeRESEARCH OBJECTIVESFind new patient insights andtranslate them into actionable &relevant servicesBUSINESS OBJECTIVES
  • 52. The patient consulting board1 2 3123BlogCrowdInterpretationDiscussions
  • 53. SAY ‘Hi’ TOYOURPATIENTCONSULTINGBOARD55 patients1717 posts
  • 54. What is a GOOD customerinsight ?x x =Aha!! It’s me !!!
  • 55. A good insight starts withyour patientToo often companies innovate basedon a product, a technology or universaltrends. A good insight however shouldstart with the customer.
  • 56. 1. Online ethnographyOBSERVING hypertension patients by asking them to blog about their life
  • 57. Get immersedin the life of patientsExplore typicalhypertension momentsDiscover routineshypertension moments
  • 58. #irritated#involved#self protective#hopeful#sad#insecure#powerless#scaredDeveloping a patient typology
  • 59. Beyond the in-home visitThe impact of type of day on compliance
  • 60. Seeing the world throughtheir eyes
  • 61. The patient storytelling board
  • 62. The patient storytelling board
  • 63. The patient storytelling board
  • 64. The patient storytelling board
  • 65. 2. Crowd interpretation gameInterpret and explain the patient stories to generate more and new insights
  • 66. 1. Observation2. Meaningfulobservation3. Interpretation4. InsightLet the magic begin
  • 67. Crowdinterpretation
  • 68. 360° interpretation55 hypertensionpatients24 HCP’s50 caregivers
  • 69. Added value crowd interpretation19 insights + 25 insightsBlog (+ Discussion phase) Crowd Interpretation(3 stakeholders)
  • 70. Added value crowd interpretation6 5340 16HypertensionpatientsHCP’s CaregiversNumbers refer to the amount of insights collected perstakeholder
  • 71. Recognition?Everybodyexperienceshypertension in adifferent wayThe interpretationof fellow patientswere mostrecognizableYes No
  • 72. 3. Discussion stageFurther shape insights and explore useful services to hypertension patients
  • 73. From insight to actionReflective probing New services
  • 74. The impact on patients (…and the moderator)“I am hardly ever concerned with highblood pressure. It is hereditary and I takea pill everyday. But after two weeks ofparticipating in this project, I did start toobserve myself better.”“I have been living with high bloodpressure for years. I hardly ever pauseto think about it. But by participating inthis community I do think consciouslyabout it: how I live with it, how I fit it inwith my life, and how I keep it in mindafter all.”“I took the time to reflect onwhat hypertension means in my life.Usually you pay little or no attentionbecause your situation is quite stable.”
  • 75. “Very recognizable anddefinitely a translation ofall types of patients thatI see in my practice.”The impact on HCP’s“More openness toempower patients toself monitor their healthcondition.”
  • 76. The impact for MerckDeliverables 1717 posts (blog + crowd interpretation +community) Interactive health consumerdashboard (Pivot Viewer) with over250 tagged pictures & texts 7 (unmet) needs and frictionsacross the patient journey 6 service concept solutions(only 4 adverse events encountered)
  • 77. The impact for Merck“This methodology helps us to trulyunderstand patient needs.The active involvement of the participantsgenerated a lot of valuable insights, whichwere validated afterwards by physicians”.Nico SmetsBusiness Unit Manager Fertility & Endocrinology,CardioMetabolic Care & General Medicine @ Merck n.v./s.a.Laetitia PintonProduct Manager Fertility & Endocrinology, CardioMetabolicCare & General Medicine @ Merck n.v./s.a.
  • 78. www.insites-consulting.comThank you!Hope you likedour Heart-to-Heart Talk !Martijn HuismanResearch Consultant InSites Consulting+31 10 742 10 34Martijnh@insites-consulting.comSofie Bruggeman,Senior Research Manager Life Sciences & Healthcare InSites Consulting+32 269 14
  • 79. New York I Timisoara I London I Rotterdam I Ghentwww.insites-consulting.comOnline EthnographyEvaluating & Optimizing Health Apps
  • 80. Research questions1. CONTENT. How does the mobile app contribute tohealth management in practice?2. USAGE. What are the biggest drivers & barriers forusing the health app?3. TECHNICAL. How is the performance of the appevaluated & how can it be improved?
  • 81. IHEADACHEWhat?Through a blog platform, participants observed themselves and their environment for 4weeks by keeping track of their app usage and evaluation by taking pictures & writingdown experiences.Online ethnographyHEADACHE DIARYPROGLOOKO: DIABETESMYNETDIARY
  • 82. Participants help in optimizing the app bydrawing their ideal migraine app“The developers omit a bigopportunity: understandingWHY the attack occurred. Istill didn’t find out the mainreason for my migraine”
  • 83. www.insites-consulting.comMore to come!
  • 84. Katia Pallini & Carl Vandeloo, UCBCASE study UCB: revival of research surveys
  • 85. From ‘survival’ to ‘revival’ of surveys
  • 86. SURVEYS
  • 88. QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH REPRESENTS76% OF GLOBAL RESESEARCH SPENDTotal Quantitative 76%Other 6%Total Qualitative 18%
  • 90. TPPTA mappingBrand trackingPrescription trackingDynamic market mappingForecastingNPS benchmarkingPatient profiling…Typical Quantitative Measures
  • 92. CLIENTRESEARCHER PARTICIPANT= who needs the data tounderstand how to achievebusiness objectives= who collects the dataand runs analyses to fillin research objectives= who provides the datafrom his/her ownperspective upon invitation
  • 94. SURVEYS SHOULD ENGAGE PARTICIPANTSAttractive look&feelPersonal invitationWell formulated questionsPhrasing adapted to participantLimited fill-out timeNo ‘monster’ tablesNo ‘endless’ lists of optionsNot too much repetitionOnly relevant qts for participantGamified…PARTICIPANTSEngaging
  • 97. Rx Monitor largely over 1 hour completion timeCustomer Pulse limited to about 30 minutesPARTICIPANTSEngaging
  • 98. No unnecessary screening questionsWell-considered set of product / brand attributesNo ‘stated’ product / brand attribute importanceLimited number of patient cases per HCPNo questions the HCP can not answer (e.g. about unfamiliar products)No irrelevant questions in the context of the tracker (it is not an omnibus)No unnecessary overlap with other studies (e.g. patient diary study)…Much shorter surveyTo convince internal stakeholders (the CLIENT), the argumentof alignment of results has proven to be impactful.PARTICIPANTSEngaging
  • 100. ExpectedoutputCLIENTSEngaging
  • 101. ExpectedoutputTop managementGlobal cross functional teamsRegional brand leadsRegional MR teams...CLIENTSEngaging
  • 102. Different functions require different metrics & a different level of data understandingStudy should support fast and solid decision making throughout the companyNeeds to be flexible. You want the right slides at the right timeIt should be easy to ‘blend’ the study results in given context(e.g. UCB template, metrics/definitions used in other sources should be defined the same way …)Deliverables tailored to customer needsCLIENTSEngaging
  • 103. ContentsRXMonitorCustomerPULSEA 3-Step Approach:1. Online SURVEY, lean & focused on themeasurement critical management KPIs &market dynamics2. Internal result workshop with brandteams to discuss and identify needs for deeperRx understanding3. In-depth qualitative BLOG research withspecialists to understand blind spots anduncover drivers & barriers of Rx behaviourTakingCustomerConnectFORWARDUCBCLIENTRESEARCHER PARTICIPANT2.
  • 104. CLIENTRESEARCHER PARTICIPANTMORE 2-WAY COMMUNICATIONQuantitative OnlinesurveyDelivering key brandperformance metricsConsult detailed results viaInteractive Reporting toolDiscuss in internal workshops withbrand teamsIdentify knowledge gapsDiscussKey IndicatorsOnline Survey1. 2.From the early start of the processAgreement on key metricsAgreement on expected deliverablesDiscuss ‘why’ for better understandingDetect missing context to go furtherCustomer involvement is key
  • 105. CLIENTRESEARCHER PARTICIPANTMORE 2-WAY COMMUNICATION“The decision is always very complex,because it concerns highly efficient,expensive agents that also havesubstantial side effects. If the patienttolerated one biologic therapy well, than Ifind it difficult to change to anotheragent, and I also see no sense doing it.(Germany, brand prescriber)In-depth qualitative blogresearch to understanddrivers and fill in blind spotsof the surveyUncover drivers &barriersofRxbehavior2-week IndividualBlog3.Macro level - ‘Global warming’ panelsBetter data qualityTruly understand what data tellMake research actionableParticipant involvement is key
  • 107. CLIENTRESEARCHER PARTICIPANT= who needs the data tounderstand how to achievebusiness objectives= who collects the dataand runs analyses to fillin research objectives= who provides the datafrom his/her ownperspective upon invitationTHE IDEAL (SURVEY) RESEARCH ENGAGEMENT
  • 108. www.insites-consulting.comThank you!Katia Pallini,Research Consultant InSites Consulting+32 269 12 23Katia@insites-consulting.comCarl Vandeloo,Senior Customer Insights Manager Global Strategic Marketing UCB+32 2 559 99
  • 109. 5th editionHEALTHSMARTEES 2013Thank you!