Rules of engagement in Services - What can we learn from conversations taking place on Facebook, YouTube & Twitter?


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Rules of engagement in Services by InSites Consulting. What can we learn from conversations taking place on Facebook, YouTube & Twitter? Engaging consumers is key, brands try to win the hearts of consumers through social media. What can we learn from those experiences across brands?

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Rules of engagement in Services - What can we learn from conversations taking place on Facebook, YouTube & Twitter?

  1. 1. We went on a safari
  2. 2. Brands try to win the What can Engaging hearts of we learnconsumers from those is key consumers experiences through social across brands? media
  3. 3. Goal:Identifying what is driving consumers to engage in brandedconversations across social mediaAbout this study:We collected branded conversations on the big 3 social media:Facebook, Twitter, Youtube • Over 2 million online conversations • > 300 brands included in our study • We applied social media netnography to identify the rules of consumer engagement • Results were presented in March
  4. 4. What we learnt
  5. 5. Engagement ≠ number fans contentmanagement is key for activity• A large fan page does not lead to engagement if the brand does not manage the content (0,11 correlation).• In case of good conversation and content management, this correlation increases to 0,92 showing that you can tap into your social potential with a good conversation strategy.
  6. 6. Many more positive conversations thannegative conversations• Finance • 17% positive conversations vs. 11% negative conversations on Twitter • 36% positive conversations vs. 27% negative conversations on Youtube • 35% positive conversations vs. 9% negative conversations on Facebook• Telco • 16% positive conversations vs. 11% negative conversations on Twitter • 32% positive conversations vs. 29% negative conversations on Youtube • 24% positive conversations vs. 8% negative conversations on Facebook• Travel • 17% positive conversations vs. 14% negative conversations on Twitter • 38% positive conversations vs. 25% negative conversations on Youtube • 21% positive conversations vs. 6% negative conversations on FacebookDon‟t forget to leverage these positive stories!
  7. 7. The main drivers behind negativeconversations are badconsumer service,product failure and badadvertisement3 offline touchpointsyou can work onevery day!BUT… These were also the three most positively discussed themes!
  8. 8. 1 Consumers are in love with your product And promote the product to the early majority Technology is a popular topic on social media with a lot of detailed reviews. A“First Strike DLC for Black high number of serenades are retrievedOps is now available on the from satisfied customers. ThePlayStation Store! Did youalready take an exclusive conversations peak with the launch oflook at the Ascensiontrailer?” (Most liked Making unboxing movies; a new a new product results also in plenty of trend where one fabricates aFacebook comment in our home-made movie while product demonstrations wherestudy within technologyPlayStation) „unboxing‟ something (e.g. the consumers explain the product benefits new Iphone 5) to others.
  9. 9. 2 Difficulties to advertize your sector? Get inspired by what AXA bank & insurances did AXA Bank and insurances create interesting videos and campaigns that stand out, while seemingly not directly linked to their financial products and services. Yet, these videos were the mostAXA declares 2011 as the year ofrenovation. And for the launch of their Consumer research conducted by frequently watched videosrespective renovation loan, AXA AXA Insurance showed that old-created one of the largest and possibly fashioned neighbourhood courtesy is in the financial sector at thealso one of the most beautiful QR becoming a thing of the past. They time of data collection andcodes in Belgium. They have achieved took to the streets to find the mostthis by assembling thousands of cans neighbourly residence in the UK and received the most positiveof paint of different colours to form a found out whos the most willing to comments.gigantic QR code. help.
  10. 10. 3 Sponsored events In order to create a better world What a great night last night at Consumers love to talk our Volunteer & Charity Appreciation Party! We had over about events and teams 800 volunteers attend, and gave sponsored by financial away more than 150 prizes! Thank you to those who were institutions. Charities able to make it, and to those who brought food for the Norton such as fundraisers Cupboard of Kindness! It took our definitely help financial staff 2 SUVs and 3 full sized cars to transport all the food to the institutions to get a betterBank of America Chicagomarathon. Especially when people pantry this AM! What a great way image and to engage their to kick off the Holiday Season!”can participate themselves, for customers. (Deutsche Bank on their officialexample in a marathon, they Facebook page)enthusiastically engage inconversations about the event,training, and so on.
  11. 11. 4 Keep your promise Or it will backfire on social media Consumers are quick to vent their anger and frustration online“I will keep posting if you delete my in case of a problem. Especiallyposts all the time! It‟s been eleven in the case of bad after-salesmonths and I am still waiting for thepayment of my lost luggage. My service or a bad customerluggage was lost eight out of eleven experience, they immediatelyflights, found seven times. And nowthey are dragging out the payment of post their grievances on socialmy claim!” media when promises are not kept. This is also the moment when price becomes a big topic of discussion.
  12. 12. Hate pages hardly existThey contain almost no conversationsand have very few fans Protest pages are more realistic Corporate Social Responsibility is key
  13. 13. What if it goes wrong?Most companies apologize to theircustomersConsumers areredirected tothecustomerservicedepartment The reaction of consumers? None! Don‟t expect a thank you!
  14. 14. 5 Webcare and offline consumer care complement each other It is common practice It is a good „best practice‟ for“Hi, were sorry to hearthat; a month is a long companies to readily reply ontime without a phone. “Dear Tino, we are very sorry to read their social media pages to about your frustrating experiencePlease e-mail us at with us. Would you please fill in the customers‟ complaints. Moreover, with your contact enclosed online form and send all they are quick to openly the necessary documents? Yourinformation and more claim will be dealt with as soon as apologize to these customers.details and well ask possible by Air Frances CustomerNokia Care management Disappointed customers are very Care department. Thank you forin Lebanon to help.” understanding. Best regards.” often pointed towards a external link or telephone number.
  15. 15. 6 When things really get out of hand Learn from PlayStation how even a disaster can turn into many likes and positive comments Last year PlayStation was the victim of a cyber attack. During our study, they launched an open letter from the senior Director corporate communications and social media, apologizing for the event. This more formal apology lead to over 10,000 likes on Facebook and in this case people did express their gratitude. Clearly, in the case of mistakes that affect a larger group of customers, apologizing can be a good way of restoring the trust in your brand.
  16. 16. The basic marketing tricks still workAlthough social media is a relatively new area, we should not be afraid of applying existingmarketing principles that also work in the offline world.• Your fans like to share news about your company and like to be kept informed about the developments relating to their favourite brand. The newer and the hotter the news, the more conversation power.• Evoking curiosity: show consumers a little bit of what they can expect later or spread a rumour to evoke attention.• Giving away free things is used as a powerful mechanism to increase the number of fans or likes.• One of the main pillars of traditional advertising is that funny commercials work. And this is also the case on social media. „Joke of the day‟ is one of the most popular topics on Facebook pages. Jokes or funny one-liners are easily re-tweeted on Twitter. Also on YouTube we found that movies commented as being funny were often given a higher YouTube rating. Find out some more marketing tricks on the next slides
  17. 17. 1 Free always works Don‟t forget about branded utility“Join us for a FREE concert at the Capital OneJamFest as part of The Big Dance Concert Series - Giving away free things is used as a powerfulSunday April 3 from 3:00 to 10:00 p.m. at Discovery mechanism to increase the number of fansGreen, downtown. At 8:45, the headliner KennyChesney will be taking the stage. Plus, be one of the or likes !first 5,000 to show us your Capital One card (debitor credit) and receive a commemorative NCAA® Do not only think about free products orMen‟s Final Four gift.” (Capital One services, but also of free content orsponsored/organized the Capital One JamFest inHouston. No less than 5000 of its customers could experiences!win a special gift.)
  18. 18. 2 Evoking curiosity Generates traffic to your other digital touchpoints The classic communication models preach that it is important to draw the attention of“Have a PlayBook? We‟ve got big news!!An update to the BlackBerry PlayBook your target group before spreading theTablet OS is coming THIS WEEK! Thinkvideo chat app, BBM, one-click calls and message. This is also true on social media.more! Read all about it here! (BlackBerryevoking curiosity and linking fans to their Brands typically first spread a rumour aboutofficial blog) something which will help them to get attention for the actual content.
  19. 19. 3 Gamification Reckitt Benckiser is very active on their Facebook page and regularly offers fans games to enjoy, in the process engaging their fans and probably creating new ones. One of these games is called Urban Thrill and invites fans to perform all sorts of stunts and climb heights.“Check the wrapper of your favouriteCrunch bar to receive a promotional code “Perform stunts, climb new heights, feel the pace! We havefor the Nestle Gold Rush Game and enter launched our new free-running game - UrbAN THRILL! Play nowby clicking on the Nestle Gold Rush and enter into the prize draw to win a flight for 2 to destination ofPromotion tab on the left. You can also visit your choice worth up to £2,000. Spread the word and share to enter. game with all your friends”.Good luck!”
  20. 20. The power is in the mix of media• Social media are a natural place to talk about anything related to the digital environment. So, digital initiatives from brands will be picked up easily online.• When you spread something online, make sure that you also follow the rules of social media: tweets that contain a hash tag are more likely to be spread.• Don‟t think too much in silos. Go for integration of social media types, not separation. Don‟t forget about the offline too.
  21. 21. 1 Integration, not separation Go for integration between online and offline touchpoints Providing information on different offline and online platforms to patients and their families is key in the health sector. Integration, not separation of offline and online media is“”Fly away with Air France” is your new needed.monthly travel magazine on this page! Thedestination in the spotlight this month, We observed a lot of cross referencingLima, features cultural events not to bemissed, practical information and travel between different types of media. In thetips to make travelling easier. Click on the case of YouTube movies, the comments onlink to discover the very first issue!” the best movies (rating) often contain references to television, radio and the company„s website. Also people mentioned more frequently that they had engaged in offline word-of-mouth, suggesting that if you integrate offline & online social media, you are more effective.
  22. 22. 2 Social media, the new website? Not a good strategy if you want to reach engagement“Question to you, Visa, do you have a creditcard that works both in Europe and the Some consumers use social media as aUSA?” replacement of the company websites.“I just moved to a new address. Should I use Tactical questions do not lead tomy new address or the old address where I engagement.lived for five years?” Keep your website as the main source for“I have a question for you, Emirates Airlines. practical information about your product &Do you have plans for Boeings 747-800 service.Intercontinental? Please reply.”
  23. 23. 3 Hitting the sweet spot No difference between online and offline movies For the branded YouTube movies, we looked at the correlation between the topics that“Hi Lisa, the episode where Louis makes were raised in the comments and theus believe he can‟t read, can only be ranking of the movies (1-5 scale). Theheard on the radio. As from today, these results revealed that movies with a higherradio spots are on air! Enjoy the radiospot!” (Comment on a YouTube movie rating were typically judged asfrom Jetair) „original‟, „nice‟, „warm‟ and „not boring‟. People also made the link more frequently with their personal situation: they mentioned recognizing certain aspects in the movie or even referred to their personal memories and childhood. The elements found are also the crucial characteristics in offline advertising.
  24. 24. Consumers want to collaborate withbrands• Ask consumers for feedback on your products & communication• Co-create new products or campaigns with your fans• Invite them to think along with your brand• will lead to a lot of activation on your digital platforms!
  25. 25. Consumer advice in 1 When consumers take over How can consumers be involved in <…> sales Getting feedback on Consumer help in your social media aftersales support strategy Can someone tell me if the DV6- 3127 is a good choice? Thanks!” (Comment on the Facebook page of HP Play) Sometimes collaboration is the only option “I just activated my new World Mastercard, what exactly is a World Mastercard? TheDeutsche Bank now presents its Social website does not provideMedia activities on a new website: “Follow much info. Can someone giveour current tweets, read our Facebook me a summary?” 45% of Facebook brand pages arenews, watch our latest video on YouTube owned by consumers, e.g. the „Brightor our photos on Flickr. Enjoy yourself and Ideas‟ page of the Facebook group ofgive us your feedback!” KLM, where people can brainstorm about all sorts of relevant topics for KLM.
  26. 26. 2 Treat them as colleagues Consumers love to know the people behind the brand “A new episode of your series „Behind the scene‟, at Air France this time, were heading to Lomé in Africa! Flight AF861 by A340 to “Behind the scene” give Paris-CDG takes off at 22:00 consumers and fans a nice peak local time...follow Manal, our station manager in the into the daily business of a Togolese capital. What are company and its employees. her responsibilities before the flights departure? She reveals all…”“Behind the scene” gives consumersand fans a nice peak into the dailybusiness of travel companies andtheir employees. Air Franceuploaded a series of behind-the-scene videos about what they do.
  27. 27. 3 Be one of them Don‟t forget about the small things in live Brands need to be a friend to consumers. They need to act as a person, paying attention also to the small things in daily life. It is a crucial element to stress that you considerAmerican Express is often referring to small events in peoples‟lives. It leads to a lot of likes and comments on their pages. your consumer as an equal.
  28. 28. It is not about your brand• It is crucial to understand the (digital) lifestyle of your fans. A customized approach is so much more powerful!• Don‟t forget about the social graph
  29. 29. 1 It is about your customer Think broad! In the financial You should think broader than just your industry, we found brand and product. Especially on some positive buzz Facebook fan pages or on YouTube, on a marathon that was organized and people like to talk about what they are sponsored by ING interested in in general. On many Bank. On many pages, music and sports are very pages, music and sports are also very popular themes. Especially for brand in popular themes. a low involvement product strategy, this seems to be the way to go.The most popular branded YouTube Understanding the digital lifestyle ofvideos are by airplane enthusiasts your target is key!filming planes taking off and landingat airports, others filming themselvesand their on-board experiences. Suchvideos can receive thousands andthousands of views.
  30. 30. The rules of engagement• Content management is key for consumer engagement• Don‟t forget about your offline touchpoints. They will determine the buzz online• The basic marketing tricks still work• The power is in the mix of the media• Consumers want to collaborate with brands• Understand the (digital) lifestyle & interests of your target group
  31. 31. Thank you!@InSitesmarketing@insites-consulting.com
  32. 32. Research teamAnnelies Verhaeghe Martijn Huisman +32 9 269 1406 +31 10 742 10 34 @annaliezze
  33. 33. Want to know more aboutresearch within theservices sector? Christophe Vergult Business Director Telco & Services +44 20 7870 2547