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Rules of engagement in Media - What can we learn from conversations taking place on Facebook, YouTube & Twitter?


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Rules of engagement in Media by Insites Consulting. What can we learn from conversations taking place on Facebook, YouTube & Twitter? Engaging consumers is key, brands try to win the hearts of …

Rules of engagement in Media by Insites Consulting. What can we learn from conversations taking place on Facebook, YouTube & Twitter? Engaging consumers is key, brands try to win the hearts of consumers through social media. What can we learn from those experiences across brands?

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. We went on a safari
  • 2. Brands try to win the What can Engaging hearts of we learnconsumers from those is key consumers experiences through social across brands? media
  • 3. Goal:Identifying what is driving consumers to engage in brandedconversations across social mediaAbout this study:We collected branded conversations on the big 3 social media:Facebook, Twitter, YouTube • Over 2 million online conversations • > 300 brands included in our study • We applied social media netnography to identify the rules of consumer engagement • Results were presented in March
  • 4. What we learnt
  • 5. Engagement ≠ number fans contentmanagement is key for activity• A large fanpage does not lead to engagement if the brand does not manage the content (0,11 correlation).• In case of good conversation and content management, this correlation increases to 0,92 showing that you can tap into your social potential with a good conversation strategy.
  • 6. Many more positive conversations thannegative conversations• 21% positive conversations vs. 15% negative conversations on Twitter• 45% positive conversations vs. 32% negative conversations on YouTube• 32% positive conversations vs. 16% negative conversations on Facebook• Don‟t forget to leverage these positive stories!
  • 7. The main drivers behind negativeconversations are badconsumer service,product failure and badadvertisements3 offline touchpointsyou can work onevery day!BUT… These were also the three most positively discussed themes!
  • 8. 1 True fanship about media content But it comes with a responsibility“Millions of men and women have been viewers Media is a very popular sector on the bigfor 60+ years now and watch these soaps with three social media. A lot of serenades aregreat enthusiasm. ABC is making a hugemistake to cancel these iconic shows. Millions of found on media content discussingfans have come together in protest of these characters, story lines, execution in detail.cancellations. You can make millions happy, aseveryone will tune in to you. Please help us and Viewers are looking also for other people‟swe will help you in turn.” (Comment on the experiences! However, disappointed fansFacebook page of NBC) hope to have an influence via social“They are the worst commercials ever. How is it media. Broadcasting companies are alsofunny to throw a soda can at someone and hitthem in the groin?” (Complaint about held responsible for the advertisementsadvertisements on NBC) they broadcast on their channels. Consumers expect a careful and ethical selection by the channel.
  • 9. Hate pages hardly existThey contain almost no conversationsand have very few fans Protest pages are more realistic Corporate Social Responsibility is key
  • 10. 2 Responsible broadcasting The societal function of television Consumers expect a television channel to broadcast programs which are in line with their ethical and moral codes. They also have a social responsibility which they should take up.Viewers complained about one of the charactersin the MTV show 16 and pregnant. Viewerspicked up her irresponsible behaviour and askedand told MTV to take responsibility as the babyseemed to be put in danger. Viewers remindedMTV of their social responsibility.
  • 11. What if it goes wrong?Most companies apologize to theircustomersConsumers areredirected tothecustomerservicedepartment The reaction of consumers? None! Don‟t expect a thank you!
  • 12. 3 When things really get out of hand Learn from PlayStation how even a disaster can turn into many likes and positive comments Last year PlayStation was the victim of a cyber attack. During our study, they launched an open letter from the senior Director corporate communications and social media apologizing for the event. This more formal apology lead to over 10,000 likes on Facebook and in this case people did express their gratitude. Clearly, in the case of mistakes that affect a larger group of customers, apologizing can be a good mean to restore the trust in your brand.
  • 13. The basic marketing tricks still workAlthough social media is a relatively new area, we should not be afraid of applying existingmarketing principles that also work in the offline world.• Your fans like to share news about your company and like to be kept informed about the developments relating to their favourite brand. The newer and the hotter the news, the more conversation power.• Evoking curiosity: show consumers a little bit of what they can expect later or spread a rumour to evoke attention.• Giving away free things is used as a powerful mechanism to increase the number of fans or likes.• One of the main pillars of traditional advertising is that funny commercials work. And this is also the case on social media. „Joke of the day‟ is one of the most popular topics on Facebook pages. Jokes or funny one-liners are easily re-tweeted on Twitter. Also on YouTube we found that movies commented as being funny were often given a higher YouTube rating. Find out some more marketing tricks on the next slides
  • 14. 1 Free always works Don‟t forget about branded utility Giving away free things is used as a powerful mechanism to increase the number of fans or likes ! Do not only think about free products or service, but also for free content or experiences!“Hope youre ready for 50 Days of Summer!A free song a day for 50 days starting May3rd - right here on Walt Disney Records FaceBack page! Wahoo!”
  • 15. 2 Evoking curiosity Sneak previews are very popular „Traditional‟ sneak peeks still work: show consumers a little bit of what they can expect later. Not just on television, but also on social media. In many occasions,“Sneak Peek of tonights CSI. Christina viewers are online also rewarded with someMilian guest stars and Langstons wife exclusive content.pays a surprise visit to the crime lab! 9/8con CBS!”
  • 16. 3 Gamification Reckitt Benckiser is very active on their Facebook page and regularly offers fans games to enjoy, in the process engaging their fans and probably creating new ones. One of these games is called Urban Thrill and invites fans to perform all sorts of stunts and climb heights.“Check the wrapper of your favouriteCrunch bar to receive a promotional code “Perform stunts, climb new heights, feel the pace! We havefor the Nestle Gold Rush Game and enter launched our new free-running game - UrbAN THRILL! Play nowby clicking on the Nestle Gold Rush and enter into the prize draw to win a flight for 2 to destination ofPromotion tab on the left. You can also visit your choice worth up to £2,000. Spread the word and share to enter. game with all your friends”.Good luck!”
  • 17. The power is in the mix of media• Social media are a natural place to talk about anything related to the digital environment. So, digital initiatives from brands will be picked up easily online.• When you spread something online, make sure that you also follow the rules of social media: tweets that contain a hash tag are more likely to be spread.• Don‟t think too much in silos. Go for integration of social media types, not separation. Don‟t forget about the offline too.
  • 18. 1 Integration, not separation Go for integration between online and offline touchpoints Providing information on different offline and online platforms to patients and their families is key in the media sector. Integration, not separation of offline and online media is“Watch the world television première of needed.Iron Man 2 with director’s commentaryon Epix HD. During the première, enterto win a round trip to the première of We observed a lot of cross referencingThor by taking the EPIX Iron Man 2 quiz. between different types of media. In theFor a second chance to win, enter on case of YouTube movies, the comments onEpix HD’s Facebook page.” the best movies (rating) often contain references to television, radio and the company website. Also people mentioned more frequently that they had engaged in offline word-of-mouth, suggesting that if you integrate offline & online social media, you are more effective.
  • 19. 2 Social media, the new website? Not a good strategy if you want to reach engagement“Question to you, Visa, do you have a creditcard that works both in Europe and the Some consumers use social media as aUSA?” replacement of the company websites.“I just moved to a new address. Should I use Tactical questions do not lead tomy new address or the old address where I engagement.lived for five years?” Keep your website as the main source for“I have a question for you, Emirates Airlines. practical information about your product &Do you have plans for Boeings 747-800 service.Intercontinental? Please reply.”
  • 20. 3 Hitting the sweet spot No difference between online and offline movies For the branded YouTube movies, we looked at the correlation between the topics that were raised in the comments and the “Where and what seasons from so you think you can dance are availible ranking of the movies (1-5 scale). The on dvd yet? Of all the reality tv they results revealed that movies with a higher could put on dvd,what do we get in rating were typically judged as australia? Gotta find the good series on dvd man.” (Comment on a „original‟, „nice‟, „warm‟ and „not YouTube movie of „So you think you boring‟. People also made the link more can dance‟) frequently with their personal situation: they mentioned recognizing certain aspects in the movie or even referred to their personal memories and childhood. The elements found are also the crucial characteristics in offline advertising.
  • 21. Consumers want to collaborate withbrands• Ask consumers for feedback on your products & communication• Co-create new products or campaigns with your fans• Invite them to think along with your brand• will lead to a lot of activation on your digital platforms!
  • 22. 1 When consumers take over They love it! What about you? Sometimes collaboration is the only option. 45% of Facebook brand pages are owned by consumers across sectors.The Facebook page of Mad Men has more then 2 million fans andthere‟s a lot of action from and interaction with consumers.
  • 23. 2 Treat them as colleagues Consumers love to know the people behind the brand “Behind the scenes” gives consumers and fans a nice peak into the daily business of a company and their employees.Few media companies seem to provide a peek behindthe scenes, except for the BBC. On the Facebook pageof BBC World News, a link was shared for a behind thescenes at BBC Business.“Our friends on the BBC Business Facebook pagehave just shared a few behind the scenes shots forthis week’s Middle East Business Report.”
  • 24. 3 Be one of them Don‟t forget about the small things in life Disney: A mother‟s love is the ultimate Brands need to be a friend for comfort. consumers. They need to act as a Disney: “You aint never had a friend like me!” – Genie person, paying attention also to the Disney: “There must be more than this small things in daily life. It is a crucial provincial life!” - Beauty and the Beast (Top 3 most liked posts on Facebook across element to stress that you consider sectors) your consumer as an equal.
  • 25. It is not about your brand• It is crucial to understand the (digital) lifestyle of your fans. A customized approach is so much more powerful!• Don‟t forget about the social graph
  • 26. 1 It is about your customer Think broad! Most popular branded YouTube videos are by airplane enthusiasts filming planes taking off and landing at You should think broader than just your airports, others filming brand and product. Especially on themselves and their on-board Facebook fan pages or YouTube experiences. Such videos can receive thousands and thousands people like to talk about what the are of views. interested in in general. On many pages, music and sports are very popular themes. Especially for brand in On the TBBT website there‟s a a low involvement product strategy, this forum where all „nerdy‟ things seems to be the way to go. are shared, regardless if they Understanding the digital lifestyle of are connected with TBBT or not. People share their day-to-day your target is key! frustrations, their quirky & nerdy routines and upload personal videos and pictures to showcase their TBBT lifestyle.
  • 27. Not just me…2 Make my family or friends happy BBC, thank you for your excellent coverage of the rescue of the Chile miners. Me and my family could not stay away from the TV!” What better way than enjoying a media product with family? When consumers “I became a fan on Facebook to support enjoy a movie or TV show together with the Imagination Movers. My family and I their family, they are quick to share their love the movers. Perfect entertainment for the entire family! We sing along positive experiences and even thank together and dance and play. We went to the company responsible for their joy. the concert and had a blast! We love watching the show! Keep up the great work and thank you Disney for supporting them!”
  • 28. The rules of engagement• Content management is key for consumer engagement• Don‟t forget about your offline touchpoints. They will determine the buzz online• The basic marketing tricks still work• The power is in the mix of the media• Consumers want to collaborate with brands• Understand the (digital) lifestyle & interests of your target group
  • 29. Thank you!@InSitesmarketing@insites-consulting.com
  • 30. Research teamAnnelies Verhaeghe Martijn Huisman +32 9 269 1406 +31 10 742 10 34 @annaliezze
  • 31. Want to know more aboutresearch within themedia sector? Hakim Zemni Business Director Media +32 9 269 15 26