TEDxPhnom Penh Presentation by Channe Suy


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Presentation by Channe Suy of the iLab Southeast Asia speaking at TEDxPhnom Penh. To see the video of this presentation, please go here: http://instedd.org/blog/from-the-ted-prize-to-tedxphnom-penh/

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TEDxPhnom Penh Presentation by Channe Suy

  1. 1. TED IDEASW R H O T SPREADINGBy building the capacity of local communities through knowledge sharing, we can develop sustainable solutions to improve our future.
  2. 2. Culture Shock
  4. 4. good intentions = sustainable solutions
  5. 5. Yes, an accessible nutritious food can save lives...... but adoption depends on local culture.
  6. 6. A software system that is successful in one country...
  7. 7. ...does not mean it will work everywhere.
  8. 8. Who can best understand the local needs?
  9. 9. The locals themselves.
  10. 10. But how can development be successful when there is such limited local capacity?
  11. 11. If you give a man a fish... ... he can eat for a day
  12. 12. If you teach a man a fish...... he can eat for a lifetime
  13. 13. sustainable development requires a new way of thinking
  14. 14. Understand the Context
  15. 15. Build Local Capacity
  16. 16. Develop Appropriate Technologies
  17. 17. Serve the Need
  18. 18. Welcome to the iLab:Early Detection & Response from Grassroots Level
  19. 19. Health Center:First Disease Case Detected
  20. 20. The diseases can spread faster than the report information
  21. 21. Early detection & responseis crucial in outbreak situations of diseases like H5N1, H1N1, Cholera
  22. 22. Paper based reporting takes days
  23. 23. Phone call reporting is costly for grass root level workers
  24. 24. Low cost, real time groupcommunication is essential
  25. 25. Understanding thefield requirementsand resourcesavailable is what thedesign is built on.
  26. 26. Group SMS Reporting is low cost and works in Khmer
  27. 27. On going support and training by local team
  28. 28. The ultimate goal is better healthcare for the people
  29. 29. A MODEL FOR SUSTAINABILITYUnderstand the Context Develop Appropriate Tech Build Local Capacity Serve the Real Need
  30. 30. Spreading knowledge through independent groups in Cambodia is the way forward
  31. 31. the movement is growing...
  32. 32. Sharing experiences and knowledge to improvecapacity building to bridge the gap between the academic world and real work.
  33. 33. Sharing knowledge among professionals
  34. 34. BuildingPublic Sustainable Private Solutions Individual This Starts With You!
  35. 35. a question
  36. 36. Are you willing to take as little asone hour of your time to pass on your knowledge and inspire the next generation?
  37. 37. the wheel is in your hands...
  38. 38. Help create the next generation of leaders... ... the ones you wish to have.
  39. 39. Channe Suy Product ManagerChanne@instedd.org