Innovative and Pragmatic eHealth Solutions at Work: Mekong Region


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Innovative and Pragmatic eHealth Solutions at Work: Mekong Region

  1. 1. Innovative andPragmatic eHealthSolutions at Work: Mekong Region Dr. Chun Cheng Southeast Asia Senior Regional Project Manager, InSTEDD May 20, 2011
  2. 2. InSTEDD’s mission is to improveglobal health, safety and sustainable development through: Building Capacity within communities to foster a local culture of innovation Creating Collaboration Technologies for social good Collaborating with End Users through a bottom up design and development process Ensuring Usefulness and Impact through research and evaluation
  3. 3. Who: Created from Larry Brilliant’sTED Prize and funded by,Rockefeller Foundation and othersWhat: A network of internationalpublic health experts, scientists, andsoftware engineers focused onimproving health, safety and sustainabledevelopmentWhen: Founded in 2006 Where: Based in Silicon Valley, CA,USA but working in Asia, Africa, theAmericas and Europe
  4. 4. Why: Long term positiveimpact requires communitiesto continually develop theirown solutionsHow: We design and useopen source technology toolsto help partners enhancecollaboration, shareknowledge and improveinformation flow so partnerscan better deliver criticalservices in their communities.
  5. 5. Social Responsibility: We believe we have a responsibility touse all our skills, knowledge andexperience to make a positive impacton global health and safety. Collaboration: We shape our programs andtechnologies to support and enhancelocal and global collaboration aimed atachieving meaningful social impact. Agility: We work in incremental and adaptivesteps, side by side with our stakeholdersand beneficiaries, to jointly designprograms and technologies that havemeasurable impact.
  6. 6. OUR APPROACH: Understand the Context Develop Appropriate Tech Build Local Capacity Serve the Real Need
  7. 7. iLabsCommunity  |  Technology  |  Sustainability  
  8. 8. Southeast AsiaInSTEDD iLabs act as enabling environments for technology transfer and collaboration between software developers, governments, NGOs, universities, private sector companies, local communities and experts from a variety of disciplines.
  9. 9. Welcome to the iLab Southeast Asia: Early Detection Response from Grassroots Level
  10. 10. Health Center: First Disease Case Detected
  11. 11. Disease Reporting: The diseases can spread faster than the report information Disease Reporting: The diseases can spread faster than the report information
  12. 12. Early Detection Response: is crucial in outbreak situations of diseases like H5N1, H1N1, Cholera
  13. 13. Paper Based Reporting takes days in some places, weeks in others
  14. 14. Phone Call Reporting is too costly for workers at the grassroots level
  15. 15. The Need: Low cost, real time group communication
  16. 16. Understanding the field requirements and local resources is what InSTEDD’s designs are built on
  17. 17. Group SMS Reporting: low cost and works in local language Group SMS Reporting is low cost and works
  18. 18. Local Leadership Capacity Building ongoing support by the local team Group SMS Reporting is low cost and works
  19. 19. With one common goal: to improve health, safety and development of the people Group SMS Reporting is low cost and works
  20. 20. TechnologiesCommunity  |  Technology  |  Sustainability  
  21. 21. Example Tools: For social good focused on health, safety development
  22. 22. Community  |  Technology  |  Sustainability  
  23. 23. GeoChat is a collaboration tool that allows anyone to chat, report, and get alerts on their cell phone.
  24. 24. GeoChat: KEY FEATURES BENEFITS !   Realtime Chats !   Reports of structured and unstructured data !   Alerts on the go !   Works on any phone with low signal !   See your team on a map !   Message can be sent/received over email, SMS, twitter, GTalk and more !   Works even without internet !   Cheap, fast and easy!
  25. 25. GeoChat: WHO IS USING IT? Ministry of Health, Cambodia: The Cambodian Ministry ofHealth uses GeoChat to simplify report diseases, send staff alerts andrapidly escalate response to potential outbreaks. Community Health Workers, Mukdahan, Thailand:Mukdahan uses GeoChat in the whole province to connect over 600community health workers with each other and their managers toaccelerate outbreak response and spread useful information to villages. Department of Mental Health and Hygiene, New York: TheDepartment of Mental Health and Hygiene in New York built their ownapplication on GeoChat in a project with students to track alcoholadvertisements near schools. Inveneo Real Time Ground Support, Haiti: Inveneo usedGeoChat during their earthquake relief efforts in Haiti to coordinatefield teams setting up wireless services and provide remote supportfrom the USA.
  26. 26. The  Repor8ng  Wheel  
  27. 27. The Reporting Wheel is a non-electronic device that simplifies data reporting for the most remote workers, including those with literacy challenges.
  28. 28. The  Wheel  Video  
  29. 29. Reporting Wheel: KEY FEATURES BENEFITS •  Simple and accurate data reporting forcommunity workers •  Simplifies data reporting for those withliteracy challenges •  Code based reporting work with SMSor IVR (Interactive Voice Respond) •  Cheap, fast and easy!
  30. 30. Resource  Mapping  
  31. 31. Resource Mapping helps people track theirwork, resources and results geographically ina collaborative environment accessible from anywhere.
  32. 32. Resource Mapping: KEY FEATURES BENEFITS • Visualize your inventory/resource of each site on the map •  Real time update informationfrom the field via SMS •  Query your inventory/resourcevia SMS •  Public or Private group view ofavailable resources on map. •  Help to design and build whatyou need
  33. 33. Resource Mapping: WHO IS USING IT? !   Children immunizationprogram in China – Myanmarborder • Tracking malaria medicine stockfrom Health Facility in Cambodia •  Mapping malaria patient testinformation and tracking RDT andART stock from rural village inLaos
  34. 34. Verboice is a stack of applications, services, libraries and APIs that give users and developers differentalternatives to build powerful Interactive Voice Response solutions.
  35. 35. Verboice: KEY FEATURES BENEFITS •  Stack of applications, services,libraries APIs •  Users and developers havealternatives to build powerfulInteractive Voice Responsesolutions • Works for low to no literacylevels •  Customizable !   Cheap, fast and easy!
  36. 36. At InSTEDD, we envision a world where communitieseverywhere design and use technology to continuously improve their health, safety and development.
  37. 37. “What  we  do  at  InSTEDD  is  look  at  the  context  and  the  real  mo8va8ons  of  people  and  try  to  give  them  tools  that  they  can  shape.”   Eduardo  Jezierski,     Chief  Technology  Officer,  InSTEDD  
  39. 39. BuildingPublic Sustainable Private Solutions Individual This Starts With You!
  40. 40. For more information, please go to: Dr. Chun Cheng Southeast Asia Senior Regional Project Manager, InSTEDD May 20, 2011