Retail Case Study: TEMPUR-PEDIC SEC


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Seeking an in-store experience to provide customers with the opportunity to test their complete line of products firsthand, Tempur-Pedic engaged InReality to design and produce a viable solution. In collaboration with the Tempur-Pedic marketing team, InReality designed and developed the Sleep Experience Center (SEC)—an environment that allowed customers to experience the Tempur-Pedic sleep system in a relatively private and relaxed setting.

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Retail Case Study: TEMPUR-PEDIC SEC

  1. 1. Copyright © 2015 InReality. All rights reserved. 1 Seeking an opportunity to provide their customers with a way to test their product line firsthand, Tempur-Pedic engaged InReality to design and produce the Sleep Experience System (SEC). RETAIL CASE STUDY | Sleep Experience Center TEMPUR-PEDIC ® COMPANY SNAPSHOT: Worldwide leader in premium and specialty sleep products. Founded in 1992 with products currently being sold in over 80 countries. Industry: • furniture & bedding Markets: • retail furniture centers, online & mattress retailers THE REALITY GAP: Tempur-Pedic was having difficulty: • creating and maintaining a relaxed and comfortable experience for customers during product selection • showcasing Tempur-Pedic products as part of a complete system Customers were having difficulty: • trying Tempur-Pedic products without some level of privacy • experiencing Tempur-Pedic products as part of a complete system while shopping at retail • leaving their valuables unattended while trying Tempur-Pedic products
  2. 2. CHALLENGE As a world-leading bedding provider built on product formulation originally designed for use by NASA®, Tempur-Pedic knows firsthand that looking forward is the way to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why Tempur-Pedic reached out to InReality to regain control of customer interactions with their products in the retail environment—the only remaining space where brands can still control the customer experience. In this way, Tempur-Pedic could ensure that their individual products were not getting lost in the retail shuffle and that customers would view and purchase these products as part of a complete Tempur-Pedic sleep system. SOLUTION Before diving into designing and developing a new experience for Tempur-Pedic, InReality conducted a “reality gap” analysis and research to gather insights on costumer needs and behavior. This process helped arm the team with a better understanding of the reality gaps between the existing in-store Tempur-Pedic customer experience and the actual needs and expectations of their customers. The reality gap analysis and research revealed two of the key findings, which ultimately helped shape the new experience. First, we discovered strong evidence indicating that customers who lie on a mattress at the point of sale, are more likely to purchase and remain satisfied with the mattress. Second, we found that consumers are highly unlikely, due to the lack of privacy in the retail environment, to lie for any significant length of time on a mattress they may be interested in purchasing. To combat the gaps in the customer experience and meet the needs of Tempur-Pedic, InReality’s new solution features a private and relaxing 120 square foot Sleep Experience Center (SEC), complete with an digital elements that allow customers to experience the complete Tempur-Pedic sleep system. RESULTS The SEC has been installed in over 200 locations nationwide, and continues to enable meaningful experiences designed to meet customer needs in a private and relaxing environment. The new solution also offers Tempur- Pedic renewed control of their retail experience. Copyright © 2015 InReality. All rights reserved. 2 The SEC enables Tempur-Pedic to differentiate their products while creating & managing intentional and meaningful experiences for their customers.
  3. 3. A NEW, IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE The new SEC creates a new experience more proportionate to the level of investment required for premium sleep products. In addition to the engaging digital components and relaxing experience that allows customers try the complete Tempur-Pedic sleep system, the new solution eliminates customer discomfort associated with lying on mattresses due to a lack of privacy or the retail sales associates hovering over them. It also eliminates customer uneasiness with leaving their valuables unattended while testing the products, so they are free to relax and focus on the experience. RENEWED CONTROL OVER THE RETAIL CUSTOMER EXPERIECE Another key benefit of the SEC design, is that it changes the reigns of control—shifting from a retailer- controlled experience to a Tempur-Pedic-controlled experience. Since brick-and-mortar still accounts for most sales, regaining control of customer interactions with Tempur-Pedic products in the retail space was a decisive advantage of this solution. In addition, coupled with InReality’s ongoing support and services, the SEC promises continued upkeep and relevance of the Tempur-Pedic in-store experience. Copyright © 2015 InReality. All rights reserved. 3 Strong digital elements and a relaxing experience allows customers to see and test Tempur-Pedic products as a complete system in privacy and comfort.
  4. 4. Copyright © 2015 InReality. All rights reserved. 4 InReality Retail Marketing Firm About InReality InReality transforms how customers experience brands and retailers in-store. We turn customer insights into innovative solutions for the reality of 
 21st century retail. For almost 20 years, we’ve worked with clients, 
 like The Coca-Cola Company, Tempur Sealy and 
 The Home Depot, to build stronger, more enduring customer relationships, while creating measurable results. And, we offer the real-world expertise and convenience of handling everything under one roof— from research, strategy and design to production, implementation and analytics. To learn more about our services, team, work, and latest insights, visit Follow Us @IRPost (770) 953-1500 120 Interstate North Pkwy E, Suite 226 Atlanta, GA 30339 Contact Us