Techbeach manly intro new startup incubator ecosystem in sydney


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A Manly based incubator ecosystem empowering high growth start-upsand forming an alumni of entrepreneurs and business professionals.

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Techbeach manly intro new startup incubator ecosystem in sydney

  1. 1. Techbeach Manly A Manly based incubator ecosystem empowering high growth start-ups and forming an alumni of entrepreneurs and business professionals.
  2. 2. Who is involved? Entrepreneurs Innovators Investors Education Institutions Local Government Local Businesses Chamber of Commerce Co-Working Spaces Techbeach Manly
  3. 3. Structure of roles and responsibility Leadership Panel Leadership Panel is the counsel of professionals in charge with defining the direction and execution ofTechBeach Manly. This panel is ultimately responsible for the success ofTechBeach Manly Digital Team Define and deliver the digital face of TechBeach Manly. Education Team Define and deliver the education initiatives of TechBeach Manly Funding Team Define and deliver the funding initiatives of TechBeach Manly Events Team Define and deliver the events initiatives of TechBeach Manly
  4. 4. Early Stage IDEA Growing Stage STARTUP Commercialisation GROWINGCOMPANY Funding • CoDesign Incubation Fund • TechBeach Fund • Angel Investors • Series B Investors Location • CoDesign • Manly Emporium • Berrins • Own Office space in TechBeach Manly Education • Short Courses Practical courses to cover all phases of product lifecycle • DetailedTechnical courses for all skills required for technical project builds • Growth Accelerators • Founder Institute • Lean Statup Machine • Business courses on all aspects of tech startups • Online training programs Events • Competitions and programs for students and entrepreneurs to engage together. • Pitch Events • Hosting workshops with experts in all fields to fast track and share expertise and trends. • Interactive sessions hosted by industry leaders such asApple, Google, Microsoft etc Growth Phases
  5. 5. IDEA CoDesign CoOperative Manly Emporium Minimum Viable Product Project CoDesign Project Board SUCCESSFUL STARTUP TechBeach Manly Success Cycle
  6. 6. DigitalTeam • DigitalTeam created • Matt Peterson • Stephen Hancock • Scott Forrest • Robert McKenzie • Initial deliverables defined • Web site • Logo • Colour Scheme
  7. 7. Funding CoDesign Incubator Fund • Total Fund: $500,000 • Funding from: • Manly Council • Private Equity • Crowd Sourcing • Project based for early idea incubation TechBeach Manly Fund • Total Fund: $5 Million • Funding from: • Manly Council • NSW Government • Corporations • Private Equity • Startups measured
  8. 8. Calendar of events Date Event Venue Tuesday Aug 13 Startup Pitch Bootcamp Manly Emporium Wednesday Aug 14 Manly Entrepreneurs - Product development . what's that lean startup thingy Berrins Tuesday Aug 20 Crap in = Crap out! Essential accounting tips to ensure your are not misled Manly Emporium Thursday Aug 22 Manly EntrepreneursCelebration of 500+ Members!! PLUS Manly Emporium Launch Party Manly Emporium Tuesday Aug 27 Lean StartupOpen Forum Manly Emporium