Agnesian HealthCare Know & Go Showcase: daVinci Surgical System


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Dr. Santa-Cruz with Urological Services, and Dr. Miller in OB/GYN Services at Agnesian HealthCare demonstrates the world of robotic surgery and how he has leveraged its use within the AHC system.

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Agnesian HealthCare Know & Go Showcase: daVinci Surgical System

  1. 1. da Vinci® Surgical SystemKnow & Go FridayRobert Santa-Cruz, MDFond du Lac Regional Clinic Urology
  2. 2. Teams Performing Robotic SurgeryUsing the da Vinci• Urology– Robert Santa-Cruz, MD• Obstetrics & Gynecology– Ted Miller, MD
  3. 3. Our Urology TeamRobert Santa-Cruz, MDAaron Johnson, MD Christopher Tuveson, MD James Wright, MD
  4. 4. Our Obstetrics/Gynecology TeamScott Hansfield, MD Brita McCullough, MD Karen Meyer, MDSara Dennis, MD Ted Miller, MD
  5. 5. Our Obstetrics/Gynecology TeamBarbara Peschong, MD Mary Schultz, MD Robert Schuster, MD Kristen Witkowski, MD
  6. 6. da Vinci Surgical SystemWHAT IS IT?• A sophisticated robotic platformdesigned to expand the surgeon’scapabilities and offer a minimallyinvasive option for major surgery.• Provides physicians with enhanceddetail and precision• System can simulate an opensurgical environment while allowingoperation through tiny incisions.
  7. 7. Why da Vinci?• Greater surgical precision, increased range ofmotion, improved dexterity, enhancedvisualization and improved access.• Surgeons can operate through tiny incisions ofone to two centimeters.
  8. 8. What Procedures Can Be Performed?• Urologic, gynecologic, thoracoscopic andthoracoscopically-assisted cardiotomy procedures.• da Vinci Surgery is also used to treat the followinggeneral surgery conditions:– Obesity– Stomach cancer– Pancreatic disease (pancreatitis and cancer)– Achalasia (swallowing disorder)– Gallbladder disease and stones
  9. 9. Patient Benefits• Compared to an open procedure, theda Vinci procedures may lead to shorterhospital stay, less pain, less risk ofinfection, less blood loss, fewertransfusions, less scarring, faster recovery anda quicker return to work and normal dailyactivities.
  10. 10. da Vinci Procedures• Urology– Prostatectomy– Nephrectomy• OB/GYN– Hysterectomy– Fibroid removal– Ovarian removal– Endometriosis
  11. 11. UPJ Obstruction
  12. 12. da Vinci Operation• Surgeon is immersed in a3D-HD surgical field with upto 10x magnification• Surgeon directs everymovement of the tinyinstruments using consolecontrols
  13. 13. da Vinci Operation (continued)• The da Vinci® System scales andreplicates the surgeon’s handmovements, while minimizinghand tremors• da Vinci allows surgeons tooperate with enhancedvision, precision, dexterity andcontrol even during the mostcomplex procedures
  14. 14. Surgical Risks• All surgeries involve the risk of complications.Before deciding on surgery, discuss all treatmentoptions with your healthcare provider.• Surgery with the da Vinci® Surgical System may notbe appropriate for everyone; it may not beapplicable to your condition. Ask your healthcareprovider about all treatment options, as well as therisks and benefits. Only your doctor can determinewhether da Vinci surgery is appropriate for you.
  15. 15. Our Collective Goal: Patients First• Care for patients’ overall, long-term health• Ensure patients are aware of all treatmentoptions for their conditions• Provide the treatment most appropriate for eachpatient – most effective, least invasive
  16. 16. Thank You!Questions?