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Micro soft word,excel notes

  1. 1. 2:52 a1/p1 TEXT SELECTIONUSING KEYBOARD: 1. LETTER WISE SELECTION. Hold down Shift key and press Right or left Arrow key. 2. Word wise selection. Place the cursor and press Ctrl + Shift + Arrow key 3. Line wise selection: From start to End of line Shift + End key From end of line to start of line Shift + Home key 4. Page wise selection: Shift + page down key 5. Selecting the whole Doc. Ctrl + A USING MOUSE Simply drag the mouse on the text to be selected by holding the left mouse button Line Wise Selection: Place the mouse pointer at the start of the line when its shape changes to Arrow click. CURSOR MOVEMENTSLetter wiseSimply by Arrow keyWord wise Ctrl +Arrow keyTo end of line place cursor at start of line and press END key.To Start of line: press HOME keyTo end of the page:- Ctrl + Pgdown keyTo Start of the page: Ctrl + pgup keyEnd of Doc Ctrl + End keyStart of Doc Ctrl + Home key STANDRAD TOOl BARCUT, COPY PASTE OPTIONSCUT: used to move the text from one location to another within theDoc or in some other Doc.Steps
  2. 2. 2:52 a1/p11. Select the text to be copied 2. Edit Menu 3. click cut option2nd Method CTRL + X3rd Method 1 on Standard Tool Bar 2. Click on cut icon.4th Method Right click on the Edit MenuUNDO Command:- used to cancel the previous commands1. Edit menu 2, undoCTRL + zREDO command: Repeats the last action performed.Click on the redo icon on the standard tool bar.Find,Replace and Goto optionsFIND: used to find the required headings or text in the Doc. Steps: 1.Edit Menu 2. find 3. type what u want to find.REPLACE: used to replace the specified text with the required one Steps. 1. 1.Edit Menu 2. replace 3. type the text to be find and type with which to be replaced. Insert MenuBreak :- Used for page break and column break. 1.insert Menu 2.Break. 3.Page Break.Page Number:- Used for Pg.numbreing 1. Insert Menu 2. Page Numbering 3.Choose the Position i.e bottom or Top and Alignment i.e (center, right or left etc).Date Time:- Used to insert Date and Time. 1.Insert Menu 2. Date and Time (different formats of Date and Time appears) Choose the format. Ok.AutoText:- Used to insert Mailing instruction, Salutation, Closing etc. directly. 1.Insert menu 2. Auto Text. 3. Choose the option OK.
  3. 3. 2:52 a1/p1Inserting Symbol:- 1. Insert Menu. 2. Symbol. ( Choose the Symbol OK) 3. Auto Correct ( will replace the symbols i.e ® , ).Foot note, End Note:- Footnotes and Endnote explain, comment on, or provide references for text in a document. 1.Foot note at the end of the page 2.Endnote at the end of the Doc. 1.Insert menu 2. Footnote Endnote. 3. Insert the F.note, E.note Example:- Javid (name in Urdu language). Options Tab:- Place at option , Number option.Inserting Picture:- User can insert the picture from Clip Art, or from another file and also Chart. 1. Insert Menu 2. Picture 3. Clip Art 4. Choose the Picture OK.Text Box:- Already done in Drawing Tool Bar.Hyperlink:- From Hyper Link the user can jump to a location in different word Doc. Or a file created in another Programme. 1. Insert Menu 2. Hyperlink 3.Browse to link to required file. Due to this the Web Tool Bar appear and user can move to Hyper Link file. Format MenuFont:- User can use different font options using this command. 1.Format Menu 2. Font 3.Choose the option i.e (Font,Font Style Effects Etc.) superscript:- usually used to give powers, valancy etc. e.g cl+3. 1.seclect the txt to be superscripted. 2. Checked the superscript option. Subscript:- Basically used in formulas. E.g H2OParagraph:- All commands are concerned with the paragraph. Alignment:- Can align the paragraph to right, left, centered, justified. Indentation:- Can indent the paragraph to Right or Left by selecting points in inches. Spacing:- Is used for line spacing in the Paragraph. .1. Before:- create line space before the selected paragraph. 2. After:- Create line spacing after the selected paragraph. 3 Lines Spacing:- create the line spacing in the selected paragraph. I.e single,1.5,Double etc.
  4. 4. 2:52 a1/p1Bullets and Numbering:- 1. Format Menu 2. Bullets and Numbering. 3. Choose the bullets style, Number Style or out line numbered Style.Borders and Shading:- Used to give Borders to Paragraph, Selected Text or on to a Page. 1. Format Menu 2. Borders and Shading.Coulomn:- User can type Text in the form of Column. 1.Format menu 2. Column 3. Choose the No. of Col. to be inserted. Breaking the Col.:- 1. Insert Menu 2. Break 3.Col Break.Change Case:- 1. Sentence Case:- First letter of sentence becomes Capital. 2. Lower Case:- Capital Txt Changes into Small letters. 3. Upper Case:- Text changes into Capital Letter. 4. Title Case:- First letter of every word becomes Capital. 5. Toggle Case:- First letter of the sentence becomes Small.Style Gallery:- To give different Styles to the typed Text. 1. Format Menu 2. Style Gallery. 3. Choose the Style.Back Ground:- 1. Format Menu 2. Background 3. Choose the color, Fill effects, Fill color, and Pattern to apply on the Page. Displaying and Hiding Tool Bars: 1. View Menu 2. Tool Bars 3.Display or hide Tool Bars by check or uncheck will display or hide the tool bar. through customize button tool bars will stay on the window 2nd Method:- 1. Tools Menu 2. Customize 3. All above procedure. Creating your own Tool Bar 1. Tools Menu 2. Customize (dialog box appears) 3. To create new tool bar click on New button (enter the tool bar name e.g My Tool Bar) 4. Make the tool bar available to normal Doc or to particular Doc. 6. In Customize dialog box click on Commands tab i.e File, Edit etc. Options are displayed in the right pan. Drag and Drop ur required commands t9o the New Tool Bar. Deleting the tool Bar:-
  5. 5. 2:52 a1/p1 1. Tools Menu 2. Customize 3. In Tool Bar Tab select the tool bar name. 5. Delete. Creating Macro 1. Tools Menu 2. Macro 3. Record New Macro 4.Enter Macro Name i.e NISTE. 5. Assign Macro to Tool Bar or Keyboard Choose Tool Bar. 6. Customize dialog appears (in the right pan Normal. New Macro. NISTE is displayed. Drag n Drop onto the Menu Bar. 7. Modify Selection button enables or Active Click and in Name delete everything except NISTE. Close 8. Start Recording the macro, then Stop the Recording. Your Macro is created 9. Click on NISTE will display the recorded Macro. Deleting the macro: 1.Tools Menu 2. Macro 3. Macros 4. In Macro Dialog box select the Macro to be deleted. Press delete button. Editing a Macro: 1. Tools Menu 2. Macro 3. Visual Basic editor.(when opens) Edit it) MAIL MERGE .1. Tools Menu 2. Mail Merge 3. Mail Merge helper opens ( on 1 click on CREATE BUTTON and select form letter. 4. Form letter can be created on Active Window or on New Window. Click on Active Window.5. Besides Create button Edit button appears. Click and select form letter.6. Start Typing the body of the form letter.7. At the same time a new Mail Merge Tool Bar appears.8. After creating the body of the letter click on Mail Merge Helper icon.9. Now on No.2 Data Source click on GET DATA button and select Create Data Source.10. Create Data Source dialog box opens.
  6. 6. 2:52 a1/p111. Fields Name are displayed (brief the students about the Data Base) user can Remove and Add required Fields. To Remove field name click on Remove Field Name button( no spaces, dots and dashes are acceptable in the field name.12. Click OK and save the database file with any name.13. After saving dialog box appears. Click on Edit Data Source button.14. Start entering the Record against each field name.15. To add data for 2nd person ADD NEW button.16. To delete record of a person select the particular Record and delete. OK17. On Mail Merge Tool Bar click on INSERT MERGE FIELD BUTTON. select the field name to be inserted in the form letter and place them on window.18. After inserting the field name click on View Merged data button. <<ABC>>.19. Click again on Mail Merge Helper. Choose 3 MERGE merge dialog box opens. Merge to New Doc or Printer. Select New Doc. Records to be Merged O All or O from To.20. Merge Save the File then close the file and click YES. And Save the Mail Merge File.
  7. 7. 2:52 a1/p1 Creating TableInserting Table:-1. Table Menu 2. Insert Table 3. Specify the No. of Rows and Col. OKAltering the size of Rows and Col:- When Mouse Pointer shape changes to , drag Col, and Rows to change thesize.Selecting Rows and Col:-When mouse pointer turns White and points towards Row. Click.When mouse pointer turns black and points towards Col. Click.Deleting Cells:-1. Table Menu 2. Delete Cells (dialog Box opens) brief about different options.Deleting entire row:- select the row or rows to be deleted.1. Table menu 2. Delete Row.Deleting Entire Col:- As AboveMerge Cell:- Two or more cells combined to be one.1. Select the Cells to be merged. 2. Table Menu 3. Merge Cells.Split Cells:- A single cell can be split into rows and Cols.1. Table Menu 2. Split Cells 3. Specify the No. of Rows and Cols. OK.Auto Fit command1Distribute Rows and Col. Evenly:-1. The size & width of the became Equal. Other optionsSplitting Table:- Will Split the Table from the current cursor position.1. Table Menu 2. Split Table.Sorting:- will sort the Text, Numeric values in Ascending or Descending order.1. Table Menu 2. Sort (sort dialog box opens. Optionsa) TYPE. ( 1.Text 2.Number 3.Date ) in Ascending or Descending order.)Table Auto Format:- Will Give Different Formats to Table.