13. andré de herde shc - solar heating and cooling


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Solar Heating and Cooling
Implementing Agreement

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13. andré de herde shc - solar heating and cooling

  1. 1. IMPLEMENTING AGREEMENT DAY BELGIUM Solar Heating and Cooling A. De Herde 1Strasbourg A. De Herde 21.11.2011
  2. 2. Solar Heating and Cooling (www.iea-shc.org) 1. Members 2. Objective and benefits 3. Current Tasks 4. Completed Tasks 5. Others 2Strasbourg A. De Herde 21.11.2011
  3. 3. 1. Members - 19 countries and the EU The Solar Heating and Cooling Programme was established in 1977, one of the first programmes of the IEA. Austr., Austria, B, C, DK, Finland, Fr, Germany, It, Mexico, NL, Norway, Port., Spain, Sweden, CH, US, European Union New members: Singapore and South Africa 3Strasbourg A. De Herde 21.11.2011
  4. 4. 2. Objective and benefits The 20 members have been collaborating to advance active solar, passive solar and photovoltaic technologies and their application in buildings. (réf.: Solar Heat Worldwide - Markets and Contribution to the Energy Supply 2009 - Werner Weiss and Franz Mauthner) The benefits are, - accelerates the pace of technology development, - promotes standardization - enhances national R&D programs - saves time and money 4Strasbourg A. De Herde 21.11.2011
  5. 5. 3. Current Tasks (13) TASK 36 Solar Resource Knowledge Management TASK 38 Soalr Air-Conditionning and Refrigeration * TASK 39 Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications * TASK 40 Net Zero Energy Solar Buildings * TASK 41 Solar Energy and Architecture * TASK 42 Compact Thermal Energy Storage TASK 43 Solar Rating and Certification Procedures * TASK 44 Solar and Heat Pumps TASK 45 Large Systems TASK 46 Solar Resource Assessment and Forecasting * TASK 47 Solar Renovation of Non-Residential Buildings TASK 48 Quality Assurance and Support Measures for Solar Cooling TASK 49 Solar Heat Integration in Industrial Processes 5Strasbourg A. De Herde 21.11.2011
  6. 6. * TASK 39 Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications Els De Meersman - industry participant - Chevron Philips Chemicals The objective of the Task is the assessment of the applicability and the cost reduction potential by using polymeric materials and polymer based novel designs of suitable solar thermal systems. Subtask A: Information Subtask B: Collectors Subtask C: Materials 6Strasbourg A. De Herde 21.11.2011
  7. 7. * TASK 40 Net Zero Energy Solar Buildings Roel De Coninck - 3E Shady Attia - Architecture et climat - UCL Katrien Biesbroeck- KaHo Sint-Lieven Erwin Mlecnik - PHP The objective of the Task is to study current net-zero, near net-zero and very low energy buildings and to develop a common understanding, a harmonized international definitions framework, tools, innovative solutions and industry guidelines. Subtask A: Definitions and large-scale implications Subtask B: Design process tools Subtask C: Advanced building design, technologies and engineering Subtask D: Dissemination 7Strasbourg A. De Herde 21.11.2011
  8. 8. TASK 41 Solar Energy and Architecture Catherine Massart - Architecture & Climat - UCL The main goals of the Task are to help achieving high quality architecture for buildings integrating solar energy systems, as wall as improving the qualifications of the architects. Subtask A: Criteria for architectural integration Subtask B: Method and tools Subtask C: Concepts, case studies and guidelines 8Strasbourg A. De Herde 21.11.2011
  9. 9. TASK 42 Compact Thermal Energy Storage Johan Van Bael - VITO The overall objective of the task is to develop advanced materials and systems for the compact storage of thermal energy. Subtask A: Material Engineering / Processing Subtask B: Test and Characterization Subtask C: Numerical Modeling Subtask D: Apparatus / Components 9Strasbourg A. De Herde 21.11.2011
  10. 10. TASK 44 Solar and Heat Pumps Filip Van der Schoor - Lessius Mechelen Campus De Nayer David Winterschoven - Lessius Mechelen Campus De Nayer The objective of the task is the assessment of performances and relevance of combined systems using solar thermal and heat pumps to contribute to successful market penetration. Subtask A: Solutions and Generic systems Subtask B: Performance assessment Subtask C: Modeling and simulations Subtask D: Dissemination and market support 10Strasbourg A. De Herde 21.11.2011
  11. 11. TASK 47 Solar Renovation of Non-Residential Buildings Sophie Trachte - Architecture & Climat - UCL - Subtask Leader D Wouter Hilderson - PHP The objectives are : - develop a solid knowledge base on how to renovate non-residential buildings towards the NZEB standards in a sustainable and cost efficient way - identify the most important market and policy issues for such renovations Subtask A: Advanced exemplary projects Subtask B: Market and policy issues Subtask C: Assessment of technical solutions Subtask D: Environmental and health impact assessment 11Strasbourg A. De Herde 21.11.2011
  12. 12. 4. Completed tasks (9) TASK 8 Passive and Hybrid Solar Low Energy Building TASK 11 Passive and Hybrid Solar Commercial Buildings TASK 13 Advance Solar Low Energy Buildings TASK 18 Advanced Glazing Materials for Solar Applications TASK 20 Solar Energy in Building Renovation TASK 21 Daylight in Buildings TASK 28 Solar Sustainable Housing TASK 31 Daylighting Buildings in the 21st Century TASK 37 Advanced Housing Renovation with Solar & Conservation 12Strasbourg A. De Herde 21.11.2011
  13. 13. 5. Others 5.1. Solar update - newsletter of the IEA - SHcP For example : vol 54 - july 2011 - Solar Thermal Generates 196 GWth / 280 million square meters of collector in the world - New Method to Calculate Solar Thermal Output - Task 38 report 5.2. SHC Annual Report 5.3. Solar Heating and Cooling Conference 2012 July 9-11 San Francisco 5.4. SHC Solar Award since 2003 13Strasbourg A. De Herde 21.11.2011