New Indy RS500 Reader SiP Makes Embedding RFID Easy


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Embedding RFID reader capability is easier than ever with Impinj’s new Indy RS500 reader SiP, a fully-integrated reader system in package solution. Join Indy technical marketing director Mohammed Sajid and special guest Mauricio Strasburg of Identix to learn how the Indy RS500 SiP reduces cost and complexity typically associated with embedded reader solutions on the market today.

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  • Hello, My name is Mohammed Sajid and I’ll be providing an overview of the new Indy RS500 Reader SiP and present some interesting use cases. But first I would like to introduce Impinj to those of you who may not know us. Impinj is the leading provider of UHF RFID technology with #1 market share in tag chips, reader chips and fixed readers. These products plus our software/API combine to create “GrandPrix” the Industry’s only complete RFID platform.
  • Embedded RFID will deploy broadly across consumer electronics, appliances and industrial equipment. Michael Liard, the Vice President of AutoID and data capture at VDC research thinks embedded UHF RFID will ramp quickly. I agree with him. I believe there is an enormous opportunity for UHF RFID to create value in a variety of embedded applications and the Indy RS500 can enable many of these applications because it’s small, easy to use and enables low cost.
  • The Indy RS500 is a system in package. It’s a completely integrated reader in a small surface mount package. It’s a turnkey solution because it doesn’t require external reader components and it’s fully tested to meet regional compliance. It enables low system cost because it’s SMT compatible, doesn’t require any connectors, RF cabling or mechanical hardware. It’s simply the easy way to embed a UHF RFID reader.
  • HW integration with the Indy RS500 is straight forward; just connect DC power UART communication to a host and an RF Antenna. You don’t need to be an experienced RF engineer to develop with the Indy RS500.   The new Impinj Radio Interface (IRI) makes SW integration easy as well. IRI was developed to be embedded friendly; it comes with a tool kit that includes a library of portable C code that makes SW integration easy. We’ll cover more details about IRI later in this presentation
  • Many of you may be thinking “what’s the difference between the Indy RS500 SiP, reader chips and modules?”. The RS500 has benefits of both modules and reader chips. Modules are fairly easy to use but they can be expensive. Reader chips provide the ultimate flexibility but require more development investment. The Indy RS500 SiP is small, enables low cost and requires little development.
  • Hello my name is Mauricio Strasburg from Identix and today I will introduce you 03 new products based on the Impinj RS500 SIP. Identix is a Brazilian OEM manufacturer for UHF RFID products, such as fixed readers, reader modules, etc., all of them based on the different Impinj technologies including Indy and Monza chips. On our line of RFID readers we have products based on the Indy R2000 chip and the new RS500 SIP. Next slide please.
  • The first product I want to introduce you today is the Identix miniPad which is a complete reader with integrated antennas with the size of an iPhone. It uses the Indy RS500 SIP for UHF which gives a reading range up to 45cm. The miniPad is also an HF reader for the ISO 14443 and 15563 protocols. It has a single USB port for power and data communications which can also emulate an USB keyboard. This is very useful for the integration of RFID technology with the existing software applications. Next Slide Please.
  • The second product we have based on the RS500 SIP from Impinj is the Identix rPad. The rPad is similar to the miniPad but has a different antenna. The external size is bigger but the reading distance is about the same as the miniPad. rPad has a magnetic near field antenna intended to be used with difficult to read items such as lotions, liquids and stacked items. Next Slide Please.
  • The Identix Pads have many different applications such as libraries, products authentication and specially in retail where they can be used for POS kind of applications, self checkouts, kiosks, price check stations and others needs. Next Slide Please.
  • The last product I want to introduce you today based on the Impinj RS500 SIP is the Identix qScan. qScan is a low cost UHF handheld RFID reader that connects to a smartphone of a tablet via Bluetooth. It is a compact device with an integrated circular polarized antenna which can read items up to 2.5 meters away. qScan has a motion sensor for saving energy which activates the reader only when it is in movement. It has no mechanical parts and may operate offline, disconnected from the smartphone or tablet. When the device is connected to a computer or paired with the Bluetooth device, all data is synchronized. Next slide please.
  • Why we choose the RS500 SIP from Impinj? Because it is much simpler to develop a commercial product with it. Instead of having a PCB with 300 to 400 different components (which is the typical size of a circuit board based on the Indy chips - R2000 and R500), we have all RFID circuitry inside a single component, or a SIP package. This saves a lot of time and resources during the development and manufacturing phases. Also if offers the best cost/benefit in the market today in terms of features, reliability and performance. Remember, this SIP is based on the proven Indy architecture. It also has a small footprint, it is low cost, easy to use and the host software (IRI) can be easily ported to different microcontrollers architectures. Typically a product like miniPad can be developed in 5 to 6 months including all development phases. If using the R500 chip (not the RS500 SIP) the same design would take probably 12 to 15 months. Now I finished my slides and I’m going to hand over back to Mo.
  • Hello again. I’d like to provide more detail about the Indy RS500. The SiP integrates an Indy reader chip, a micro-controller, power supply circuitry, a power amplifier, directional coupler and all of the passive components required to enable a reader in a small surface mount package.   The surface mount package is SMT compatible which means PCB manufactures can use pick&place machines to handle the RS500 just like they would any other chip; this capability will save on assembly cost during manufacturing.   The RS500 has a transmit output power of 23dBm and a receive sensitivity of -65dBm at a single mono-static RF port. This will typically result in read ranges of 1-2 meters but high gain reader antennas and high sensitivity tags could yield ranges beyond 3 meters.   The RS500 will be tested in all global regions; this will ensure that your product will meet regulatory compliance.
  • IRI, the Impinj Radio Interface was developed to improve ease of use for embedded environments. IRI uses Google protocol buffers which makes the interface extensible from basic to advanced operation. The IRI tool kit is a key resource for host integration. It enables partners to easily target a variety of host micro-controllers for their various applications.
  • I would now like to present some interesting use cases that the RS500 could enable   Item level tagging in retail apparel is driving UHF RFID adoption. This has created a need to enable various retail devices with RFID capability. Devices like: reusable tag detachers, price checkers and point of sale readers.   The RS500’s combination of size, ease of use and low system cost makes it ideal for these embedded applications
  • UHF RFID can be used to authenticate consumables on fleet vehicles that are typically leased. Oil and air filters are being tagged to ensure regular maintenance with genuine parts. The reader can be embedded in the engine compartment or inside the cabin.
  • UHF RFID’s low tag cost can enable Authentication of consumables to a broad set of uses cases. From syrup cartridges to printer toners; brands can now protect their reoccurring revenue and ensure quality. The Indy RS500 is ideal for many of these types of embedded applications
  • An interesting emerging application is a self-inventorying retail kiosk for vendor managed products. These smart kiosks collect inventory data and send it to the cloud with a cellular backhaul. This avoids reliance on any retail IT infrastructure in the actual store. Vendor’s could then optimize restocking. The RS500’s small form factor, low cost and moderate read range make it ideal for this embedded application.   By the way, I’m using this picture to illustrate the concept. This is not a real application
  • UHF RFID is being adopted by the automotive industry for automatic data collection during manufacturing. Mercedes and other automobile manufactures in Germany and the US are deploying UHF RFID on assembly lines to provide real time visibility on fabricated metal parts. This is because UHF durable tags can withstand acid washes, paint, high temp bake and provide better read range than HF technology.   PLC or Programmable logic controller and sensor manufactures in the industrial automation space are embedding UHF reader capability to meet this demand. The RS500 is ideal for many of the read points required in these applications.
  • The RS500’s low cost and moderate read range can enable access control or secure work zone applications. We are seeing a lot of interest in healthcare, laboratories and other environments where it’s critical to efficiently allow access to authorized personal.
  • We are seeing an eruption of interest from a diverse application space. From smart toys, process control to shopping experience. More and more devices will be embedding UHF reader capability to take advantage of the low tag costs and read range enabled by UHF RFID
  • The RS500 is available in 2 SKUs: an EU SKU at 866MHz for ETSI and a GX SKU that covers the remaining regions operating in the 900MHz band which includes FCC. you can order now for sample SiPs and evaluation boards for delivery in late July. The RS500 will be in production in October.   Please visit our web page for more information. A preliminary datasheet is available for download as well
  • Just to sum things up. The Indy RS500 Reader SiP is   EASY Enables low system costs Tested for compliance And comes in a small surface mount package
  • New Indy RS500 Reader SiP Makes Embedding RFID Easy

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    10. 10. June 2013Identix rPad• Same as miniPad, except for larger antenna• Read range up to 45cm (18”)• Better near field performance for difficult to readitems
    11. 11. June 2013miniPad and rPad Applications• Retail operations– POS– Price check station– Self checkout– Information Kiosk• Libraries• Products authentication
    12. 12. June 2013qScan, Low-Cost UHF RFID Handheld• UHF RFID Bluetooth scanner (connects to Smartphone orTablet)• Read range up to 2.5m (8.5’)• Circular polarized antenna• Motion sensor for power savings• Approx. dimensions: 30cm x 11cm x 10cm• 16MB buffer of off-line operation
    13. 13. June 2013Why Use The Indy RS500?• Completely integrated reader in a singlepackage• Best cost/benefit on the market• Small footprint• Host software easily ported to microcontrollers• Easy to use, low cost, reliable (based on Indychip)
    14. 14. June 2013Fast Reader Enabler: Indy RS500• Easy to embed– Turnkey solution– Impinj Radio Interface (IRI) Tool Kit– 30x32mm2SMT package– Worldwide compliance• Capabilities– +23dBm Tx output power– -65dBm Rx sensitivity– Single mono-static RF port– RF shield– 3.4 to 5 volt supply– ~2.5watt dissipation– 1-2m typical read range (far field)PA
    15. 15. June 2013IRI – Impinj Radio Interface• Easy to use• Asynchronous message-based interface– Uses Google protocol buffers– Extensible• IRI Tool Kit enables easy integration– A portable library of functions in C provided in source– Enables a variety of host platformsHostHostIRI Tool KitIRI Tool KitPartners build libraries withIRI Tool Kit
    16. 16. June 2013Devices In Retail• Detacher for reusable tags– Read/write tag while detaching• POS devices
    17. 17. June 2013Service Vehicle Management• Authentication of consumables– Oil filters– Air filters• UHF RFID Value– Protect asset (rental/lease)– Ensure regular maintenance is performed– Ensure genuine filters are used
    18. 18. June 2013Consumables Authentication• Appliances– Beverage syrup– Printer toners– Water filters– Air filters– Batteries– Light bulbs– Brush heads• Healthcare equipment– Blood bags, more– Consumable test strips
    19. 19. June 2013Self Inventorying Retail Kiosk• RFID enables vendor managedinventory innovation– Inventory of goods at retaillocation– Reader HW embedded into stand– Data is sent via cellular backhaul– Does not rely on retail ITinfrastructure• Value– Real-time inventory awareness– Optimized restocking drives sales– Distributors save time and money
    20. 20. June 2013Industrial Automation• Factory Automation– Automatic identification of parts moving through anassembly line• UHF RFID Benefit– Enables identification of fabricated metal parts– Durable tags withstand acid wash, paint and high tempbake– Better read range than HF
    21. 21. June 2013Access Control / Secure Work Zone• 1-2m reader range enablessecure work zone• Efficient accessIdentify users before theygain access to equipment
    22. 22. June 2013Emerging Embedded RFID Apps• Entertainment– Smart toys– Gaming hardware• Hospitals– Process control• Business intelligence• Shopping experience• Diagnostics– Wireless error-codeaccess fromunpowered devices
    23. 23. June 2013Ordering Information• Indy RS500– IPJ-RS500-GX (FCC and other 900MHz regions)– IPJ-RS500-EU (ETSI)• Evaluation boards– IPJ-E4000-GX (FCC and other 900MHz regions)– IPJ-E4000-EU (ETSI)• Availability– Sample quantities - order now for July delivery– Production in October 2013Learn more:––
    24. 24. June 2013Indy RS500 Reader SiPEasyQuick and easy reader embeddingSolder it and start reading tags!Low system costsTested for complianceSmall surface mountpackage
    25. 25. June 2013Questions & AnswersMohammed SajidTechnical Marketing Director, Impinj Inc.msajid@impinj.comMauricio StrasburgPresident & CEO,