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Performance Bottleneck Identification through Software Diagnostics- Impetus Webinar
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Performance Bottleneck Identification through Software Diagnostics- Impetus Webinar


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Impetus Webinar on ‘Performance Bottleneck Identification through Software Diagnostics’

Impetus Webinar on ‘Performance Bottleneck Identification through Software Diagnostics’

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Identifying Software Performance Bottlenecks using Diagnostic ToolsbyImpetus Technologies
    Recorded version available at
  • 2. Outline
    Typical process of bottleneck identification
    Diagnostic tools
    How diagnostic tools work?
    Diagnostic tools usage scenarios
    Server side diagnostics
    Client side diagnostics
    Benefits of diagnostic tools
    Real world examples
    Recorded version available at
  • 3. Typical Process of Bottleneck Identification
    Extensive time, resources, and efforts involved
  • 4. Diagnostic Tools
    Response time break down
    Tiers, components and layers
    Bottleneck methods, costliest queries, memory leaks
    Deployment options
    Development environment, load testing environment, production
    Differ from profilers
    Low overheads, isolates code bottlenecks
    Recorded version available at
  • 5. How Diagnostic Tools Work?
  • 6. Server-side Diagnostics: Plug-in Tools
    An extension to performance testing tools
    Diagnostic data integrates with test results
    Break down of transaction response time
    Diagnostic configuration a part of performance testing tool
    Easy analysis
    Some popular tools available- Dynatrace, Deep Diagnostics
    Recorded version available at
  • 7. Server-side Diagnostics: Custom Tools
    Not integrated with any performance testing tool
    Runs in addition to the performance tests
    Independent configuration and analysis
    Existing tools, scripts can be used
    Support for specific technology, requirements
    Some popular tools available- Glassbox, InfraRed
    Recorded version available at
  • 8. Server-side Diagnostics: Approach
    Select appropriate diagnostic tool
    Calibrate overhead of diagnostic tool
    Apply method filters
    Bottleneck identification
    Top ‘X’ methods and queries
    Response time distribution across layers
    Recorded version available at
  • 9. Client-side Diagnostics
    Vastly impacts end user experience
    Categories of client side
    Mobile diagnostics
    Measuring app performance on mobile device
    Limited hardware resources
    Browser diagnostics
    Identifies browser bottlenecks in page loading
    Recorded version available at
  • 10. Client-side Diagnostics: Approach
    Mobile diagnostics approach
    Existing tools (J2ME profiler, Android Trace)
    Custom solution
    Use of Aspect oriented frameworks (AspectME, AspectLUA)
    Use byte code instrumentation
    Re-usable aspects
    Configure aspect within application binaries
    Browser diagnostics approach
    Diagnostics plugins - Firebug, SpeedTrace, HttpWatch
    Analyze statistics
    Identify bottlenecks - Java script execution, memory leaks, page loading
    Recorded version available at
  • 11. Benefits of Diagnostic Tools
    Drill down user transactions to methods, DB queries and web service calls
    Performance visibility across complete application
    Identifies and isolates performance bottlenecks
    Costly queries, high method invocations, method execution time, suspicious memory consumption
    Enhanced collaboration
    Rich analysis dashboard
    Built-in heuristics
    Integrates with IDE
    Reduces time and efforts involved in bottleneck identification
  • 12. Case Study: Plug-in Diagnostic Tools
    The Client
    One of the leading companies in home health care
    Key Challenge
    Performance bottleneck identification from performance testing
    Lack of expertise in diagnostic tools
    Impetus Solution
    Proposed SandStorm and its diagnostic plug-in
    Calibrated diagnostics overhead (~2%-3%)
    Captures diagnostics data across method & queries during test execution
    Performed client side diagnostics using Firebug
    Consolidated data enabled quick isolation of performance bottlenecks
    Benefits Realised
    • Faster performance bottleneck identification
    • 13. Streamlined and efficient performance engineering
    • 14. No performance issues in production
  • Case Study: Custom Diagnostic Tools
    The Client
    Leading provider of financial risk management solutions
    Key Challenge
    Mechanism to isolate code bottlenecks during performance testing
    Performance monitoring of application in staging environment
    Reusing Load Runner scripts & performance center scenarios
    Impetus Solution
    Proposed implementing an extensible, custom diagnostic solution
    Built diagnostic f/w using Aspect Oriented Programming using AspectWerkz, Jamon, Jarep libraries
    Deployed and configured utility in a staging environment
    Reports generated & analysed to identify expensive queries
    Benefits Realised
    • Monitoring mechanisms in staging environment
    • 15. Cost saving as same performance testing tool was used
  • Application Diagnostics Utility
    Server side diagnostic plug-in to SandStorm
    Drill down transaction response times across multiple tiers and components
    Identifies slow performing methods and queries
    Easy configuration
    No code changes required
    User selection of monitored methods
    Low overheads
    Supports multiple Java app servers and programming stacks
    Recorded version available at
  • 16. Summing Up
    Diagnostic tools differ from profilers
    Diagnostic tools can be used in multiple environments
    Software diagnostics an integral piece of a successful performance engineering strategy
    Custom diagnostic solutions for specific requirements
    Calibrate the overhead of diagnostic tool before actual usage
    Recorded version available at
  • 17. About Us
    Strategic partners for software product engineering and R&D
    Thought leaders in cutting-edge technologies
    Mature processes and practices that are methodical, yet flexible
    Diverse domain expertise
    Holistic approach in Performance Engineering
    Recorded version available at
  • 18. Questions
    Please send in your questions using the chat panel
    Recorded version available at
  • 19. Thank you
    For more information,
    write to us
    Recorded version available at