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Cloud- based Services for Enterprise Mobility- Impetus Webinar
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Cloud- based Services for Enterprise Mobility- Impetus Webinar


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Impetus webinar on ‘Utilizing Cloud-based Services for Enterprise Mobility’

Impetus webinar on ‘Utilizing Cloud-based Services for Enterprise Mobility’

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. How can ISVs Utilize Cloud-based Services for Enterprise Mobility?ByImpetus Technologies
    Recorded version available at
  • 2. Outline
    Why Mobile & Cloud?
    Drivers of Mobile Cloud Computing
    Enterprise Mobility & Cloud
    Mobility Solution Development Approaches
    Our Recommendation: A Smart Hybrid Approach - Powered by the Cloud
    The Road Ahead
    Recorded version available at
  • 3. Mobility and Cloud
    Advantage Cloud
    Levels the playing field
    Provides a larger pool of resources and manages them
    Eases cross-platform development
    Anytime-anywhere availability
    A total of 302.6 million smartphone units were shipped in 2010, compared to 173.5 million units shipped in 2009, an year-over-year growth of 74.4 percent - IDC Worldwide
    Recorded version available at
  • 4. Drivers of Mobile Cloud Computing
    Launch of HTML5
    Offline mode / local caching helps reduce data traffic on network
    Greater processing power than handsets
    Download ‘thin clients’, with processing on the Cloud
    Facilitates Enterprise Mobility
    Collaborative Apps available 24/7, at any location
    High-speed networks
    4G mobile connections will exceed 500 million globally by 2015 - Yankee Group
    Recorded version available at
  • 5. Enterprise Mobility & Cloud
    Be where the clients are
    Increased reliability
    Real time updates
    Empowering employees
    Best Practices
    Proactive Security Monitoring
    Central mobility management
    Application distribution
    Design device agnostic applications
    The total market for cloud-based mobile applications will rise from $400 million in 2009 to nearly $9.5 billion by 2014, at an average annual increase of 88% - Juniper Research
    Recorded version available at
  • 6. Cloud based Enterprise Mobility
  • 7. The Game Changers
    - iCloudStorage APIs for Mobile
    - Upcoming: iCloudiPhone
    - Compute, storage, access control & other services
    - Toolkits available for Windows Phone, iOS and Android
    Recorded version available at
  • 8. Mobility Development Approaches
    Thin Client
    Entirely written using web technologies
    HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    Code is executed by the browser, not by the OS
    Various launch mechanisms
    Typing URL, clicking hyperlink, scanning QR Code or clicking home-screen shortcut
    Thick(Native) Client
    A binary ‘executable image’, resides at the file system of mobile device
    Distributed through popular app stores or via enterprise distribution mechanism
    Executed directly by the operating system
    Makes explicit use of operating-system APIs
    Hybrid App
    Native app with embedded HTML
    Selected portions of the app are written using web technologies
    Recorded version available at
  • 9. App Development Challenges
    Markup(XHTMLMP to HTML5)
    Browser capabilities
    Device form-factor
    Native user experience
    Mobile platform & OEM diversity
    We Recommend..
    smart Hybrid Approach- Powered by the Cloud
    Recorded version available at
  • 10. Smart Hybrid App - Solution Overview
    Recorded version available at
  • 11. Smart Hybrid App - Solution Overview
    Seamless integration with native applications
    Cloud-based enterprise services
    Leverages existing web presence
    Recorded version available at
  • 12. Smart Hybrid App - Key Attributes
  • 13. Comparison Matrix
  • 14. Instant Mobilizer
  • 15. The Road AheadEnterprise Cloud Services + Enterprise App Store
    Recorded version available at
  • 16. Summing up..
    Utilizing cloud for enterprise mobility
    Proactive Security Monitoring
    Central mobility management
    Application distribution
    Design device agnostic applications
    Cloud-based smart Hybrid approach for enterprise mobility
    Cost effective and highly maintainable
    Leverages existing web presence
    Effectively organize the UI for different platforms and form factors
    Benefits of native apps
    Faster time to market
    Recorded version available at
  • 17. About Us
    Strategic partners for software product engineering and R&D
    Thought leaders in cutting-edge technologies
    Mature processes and practices that are methodical, yet flexible
    Diverse domain expertise
    Our Mobile R&D Labs offers end-to-end implementation of mobile solutions for all players in the wireless value chain 
    Recorded version available at
  • 18. Questions
    Please send in your questions using the chat panel
    Recorded version available at
  • 19. Thank you
    For more information,
    write to us at
    Free Trial of Impetus Instant Mobilizer
    Recorded version available at