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Building Your Big Data Analytics Strategy- Impetus Webinar
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Building Your Big Data Analytics Strategy- Impetus Webinar


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Building Your Big Data Analytics Strategy in 2012- Impetus Webinar

Building Your Big Data Analytics Strategy in 2012- Impetus Webinar

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Building Your Big Data Analytics Strategy: Block by Block @impetuscalling Recorded version available at  1
  • 2. Outline Building a Big Data Strategy Big Data & 3V’s 3V s 3 V’s model Big Data Analytics Lifecycle Strategy Selection Technology Selection Hadoop E H d Ecosystem t Alternative Putting it Together g g Case Studies and Applications Q&A’s Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 2
  • 3. Building a Big Data Strategy Gather Requirements What needs to be done? Requirements Objectives Choose Candidate Strategy Options Candidate Strategy Patterns & Best Practices Selection Choose Tools and Technology Tools & Technology Selection Implementation I l i Operational Readiness Implementation Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 3
  • 4. Big Data & 3V’s Model What is Big Data? Define by size or volume or by ‘breakdown’ 3V’s model Variety of Data Volume of D t V l f Data Velocity of Data Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 4
  • 5. Big Data Analytics Life Cycle Ingestion Visualization Creation Analysis Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 5
  • 6. BIG Data Analytics Life Cycle: Concerns Ingestion Visualization • Storage • Tools & • Elasticity Technologies • Integrations • Testing • Channels • Monitoring • Tools & • Pre Built • In Memory • Compression p Technologies Support Solutions • Standardization • Standardization Creation Analysis Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 6
  • 7. BIG Data Analytics Life Cycle & 3V’s Simple and potent tool to analyze strategy requirements Answer simple questions of how much what type and at what rate much, Applicable to each phase Using matrix to select suitable strategy g gy Dictates the potential choice of solutions, tools & technologies Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 7
  • 8. BIG Data Analytics Life Cycle & 3V’s How M h? H Much? What T Wh t Type? ? What R t ? Wh t Rate? Creation • Storage • Elasticity • Monitoring • Compression Ingestion Analysis Visualization Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 8
  • 9. Strategy Selection Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 9
  • 10. Big Data Analytics Strategy Creation Ingestion Analysis Visualization Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 10
  • 11. Technology Selection Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 11
  • 12. The Hadoop Ecosystem Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 12
  • 13. Alternate/Emerging Options Making stuff Faster Pervasive Datarush Hstreaming Datarush, Cloud Map Reduce HPCC, Datastax Brisk, Platform Computing MARS, GPMR Major MPPs-in-database MR-Oracle, Aster etc Hadapt NOSQL Cassandra, MongoDB, Hbase Riak Redis Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 13
  • 14. Alternate/Emerging Options Graph Type DB’s Neo4j HyperGraphDB InfiniteGraph Pregel Trinity Faster SQL DB’s DB s VoltDB, Clustrix Hardware + Software Solutions Exadata , Parstream Virtualized Options of Hardware + Software Solutions such as e ou d Xeround Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 14
  • 15. Putting it Together Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 15
  • 16. Indirect Analytics over Hadoop Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 16
  • 17. Direct Analytics over Hadoop Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 17
  • 18. Analytics over Hadoop with MPP DW Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 18
  • 19. Case Studies Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 19
  • 20. Social Media Analytics Problem Statement Analytics on huge data sets populated from live streaming data Simplifying services, cost reduction, proactive analysis on customer’s feedback Challenges Live data streaming from social media websites Clustering Learn typical comments, demands, questions Value: Helps identify response / behavior anomalies Classification Learn to identify known patterns automatically Value: useful in filtering, pre-emptive addressing, gaining customer confidence Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 20
  • 21. Social Media Analytics (cont..) Approach Prepare matrix to capture How Much? What Type? What Rate Much?, Type?, against each phase Use big data solution strategy covering all concerns of big data analytics lifecycle Solution Architected a flexible and scalable solution with near real time streaming of social media d t on d il /h l scheduled j b t i f i l di data daily/hourly h d l d jobs Built a solution based on Hadoop, HBase, Hive and Mahout Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 21
  • 22. Solution Overview Creation Ingestion Analysis Visualization Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 22
  • 23. Summing Up Creating a matrix to build suitable strategy Enables creation of a platform or a solution to manage 3Vs of data Solutions, tools & technologies Hadoop based Big Data Analytics is a scalable and cost effective option Strategy selection Recorded version available at Impetus Proprietary 23
  • 24. About UsStrategic partners for software product engineering and R&DThoughtTho ght leaders in cutting-edge technologies c tting edgeMature processes and practices that are methodical, yet flexibleDiverse domain expertise Our O services in Big Data and Analytics i i Bi D t d A l ti Expert consulting Proof-of-concept & Implementation Support services Recorded version available at
  • 25. Questions Please send in your questions using the chat panel Recorded version available at 25
  • 26. Thank you y For more information, write to us at @impetuscalling Recorded version available at