Addressing Mobile Application Integration, Remote Monitoring and Security


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Quality attributes are highly critical to Mobile Apps. But what are these in terms of – Integration, Remote Monitoring and Security for Mobile Applications? Are these attributes contributing to the success of your Mobile Apps?

Take a look under the hood with the Impetus’ Mobile Maturity Model - a suite of best practices that identify and address all the significant dimensions of mobile product development.

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Addressing Mobile Application Integration, Remote Monitoring and Security

  1. 1. Addressing Mobile Application Integration, Remote Monitoring and Security By Impetus Technologies Recorded version available at
  2. 2. Agenda  Best Practices  Optimized Apps  Security  Mobile App Integration  Remote Monitoring & management  Optimized Infrastructure  Battery Smart Applications  Mobile Maturity Model Recorded version available at
  3. 3. Best Practices - Basic Apps Critical attributes for developing basic but quality apps Graphics and UI Design Interrupt Handling Memory Management Certification Distribution Performance Reliability
  4. 4. Best Practices - Feature-rich Apps Critical attributes for developing feature-rich apps Human Factor Engineering Internationalization White Labeling Licensing and Billing Device Capabilities Optimized Communication Portability Testability
  5. 5. Best Practices - Advanced Apps Critical attributes for developing highly optimized apps Security Mobile Application Integration Remote Monitoring and Management Optimized Infrastructure Battery Smart App Recorded version available at
  6. 6. Security Best practices around end to end data security Authentication and authorization Data privacy End to end security Encryption Remote security management Recorded version available at
  7. 7. Application Integration Best practices for integration with heterogeneous 3rd party systems Standardization of network infrastructure Plug-in client slide architecture Register as content handler Insert invocation command in native apps Expose command line action and interface Recorded version available at
  8. 8. Remote Monitoring & Management End-to-end monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting Application testing and debugging User behavior analysis Customer support Device data backup and restore Device/ application lock management Data wipe off support
  9. 9. Optimized Infrastructure Optimizing communication over wireless network & battery consumption Frequency and size of data packets Minimize battery consumption Using optimal communication channel Push notification rather than pull Using communication initiation request Recorded version available at
  10. 10. Battery Smart Application A check on processes to save battery in real-time Optimize display Reduce number of network calls Avoid continuous status poll Battery status awareness Switching off Bluetooth/ Wifi/ GPS Optimize GPS use Recorded version available at
  11. 11. Mobile Maturity Model
  12. 12. Mobile Maturity Model
  13. 13. Mobile Maturity Model
  14. 14. Impetus Technologies Recorded version available at
  15. 15. Questions Recorded version available at
  16. 16. Thank you For more information, write to us at Recorded version available at