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Open Core Commerce with Virtually Unlimited Flexibility - Magento Enterprise



Magento Enterprise is the e-commerce platform of choice for businesses the world over

Magento Enterprise is the e-commerce platform of choice for businesses the world over



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  • Thank you for joining us today – we’re excited to be speaking with you here at [Company Name] and to learn more about your growing business.
  • Today’s consumers and advances in digital technology are changing the rules of commerce. We’ve gone from location-centered commerce, to multi-channel, to now connected commerce. <br />   <br /> Today’s consumers are connected constantly… <br /> <br /> To their work <br /> To their home <br /> To their friends <br /> To their favorite retailers <br /> On the go <br /> On multiple devices <br /> And Wherever they are….91% have their mobile phone within reach 24/7* <br />   <br /> Source: <br /> *C3/GSI Center for Connected Commerce research, 5/2013, n=145 <br /> C3/GSI Center for Connected Commerce research 5/2013, n=506
  • And today’s consumers expect more from brands and retailers. <br />   <br /> [Personalization] - <br /> 58% expect retailers to be providing a more personalized experience because of the information technology provides them. <br />   <br /> [Convenience] <br /> 64% have made a purchase from a new retailer over preferred because of free shipping. <br />   <br /> [Connected experience] <br /> 77% of consumers expect retailers to provide a consistent, integrated experience between their in-store and online channels <br />   <br /> [Choice] <br /> 83% want choice of contact methods for customer service. <br />   <br /> <br /> Additional DATA if needed: <br /> <br /> 84% of consumers expect retailers to provide a robust engaging online experience* <br /> 68% expect a good smartphone experience* <br /> 79% expect a good tablet experience* <br /> <br /> Source: <br /> *C3/GSI Center for Connected Commerce research, 5/2013, n=145 <br /> C3/GSI Center for Connected Commerce research 5/2013, n=506 <br /> <br />
  • Without question, the Commerce revolution is here. <br /> <br /> And as a global leader in commerce, eBay Inc. is driving that revolution. <br /> <br /> <br />
  • What’s in it for merchants like you? <br /> <br /> eBay Inc. is committed to equipping businesses of all sizes with the technology and services to grow and prosper in global markets. <br />   <br /> All in the spirit of partnership, never competition. <br />
  • Today, eBay Inc… <br /> <br /> - reaches 120 Million users in 190 countries <br /> - and enables over $175 billion in commerce <br /> <br /> And in the not too distant future… <br /> - we will reach 200 Million users <br /> - and help drive over $300 billion in commerce <br />   <br /> eBay Inc is pushing the boundaries of commerce… <br />
  • …by connecting businesses and consumers through… <br />   <br /> Innovation in Omni-channel experiences. eBay partnered with Toys R Us to give their customers access to promotions and to check inventory in store, and to provide them with the convenience of pick up in store or ship to store. <br />   <br /> <br /> Innovation in Mobile. Launching the ability for Jamba Juice customers to ‘order ahead’ on their mobile device, by selecting, ordering and paying for their smoothie while on the go. An approximate time for store pick-up is provided, so customers can be in and out of the store without ever having to wait in line. <br />   <br /> <br /> Innovation in Fulfillment. eBay Now provides local delivery for thousands of products from local retailers in about an hour. <br />   <br /> <br /> Innovation in Interactive Retail Spaces. eBay Inc. partnered with Westfield Mall and retailers like Tom’s Shoes, Sony, and Rebecca Minkoff to launch 24-hour shoppable storefronts. Technology that allows shoppers to interact with huge touchscreens, purchase easily, and schedule free 1-hour delivery via their mobile phone. And a gateway for brands and retailers to reach new customers without having to open physical stores. And to collect valuable data and insights about locations and shopper behavior. <br /> <br />  
  • Magento and eBay Enterprise. <br />   <br /> The breadth of solutions that eBay Enterprise offers <br /> is truly complimentary <br /> to Magento’s offering. <br />   <br /> As merchants scale beyond $25 million - $50 million, <br /> or even a $100 million dollars in online revenue - <br /> flexibility and extensibility <br /> become <br /> mission-critical <br /> to success and survival. <br />   <br /> Merchants can now leverage new technologies <br /> to level the playing field by using eBay Enterprise expertise in omnichannel operations. <br />   <br /> Oh and by the way, <br /> you can get to market faster - and your total cost of ownership <br /> will be lower. <br /> <br /> <br />
  • Magento is a key strategic component of eBay’s Inc.’s vision to empower brands and retailers to thrive in today’s connected commerce world. <br />   <br /> <br />   <br /> And Magento Enterprise Edition – the world’s only open-core enterprise commerce platform — provides a whole different way of looking at eCommerce.
  • We founded Magento because we wanted to level the playing field. <br />   <br /> We wanted to help merchants, <br /> of all sizes, <br /> to compete with <br /> the big players in the space. <br />   <br /> We saw tremendous opportunity for more people to participate in commerce. <br />   <br /> We set out to TRANSFORM eCommerce <br /> – and WE DID! <br /> <br /> I am always humbled by what this great community has been able to achieve. <br />   <br /> YOU <br /> are the drivers of this phenomenal growth! <br />   <br /> The decision we made on the first day, <br /> to keep this platform open <br /> - was the single most important decision we made as a company. <br />   <br /> Our unwavering commitment <br /> to open source, <br /> is what ignited the growth and engagement, <br /> of a world-class ecosystem. <br />
  • Over the past 6 years, we’ve had the privilege to work with some of the world’s most innovative retailers. <br />   <br /> Merchants like Coach, <br /> Mothercare, <br /> Stella & Dot, <br /> Ford, <br /> Nike <br /> and Missguided, <br /> have looked to Magento <br /> to help transform their businesses, internally and externally, <br /> and to set them up <br /> for future and continued growth.
  • What’s incredible to consider, <br /> is the sheer diversity <br /> of the Magento merchant base! <br />   <br /> This is a source of strength for our community, <br /> as we draw on world-class references <br /> that use Magento from almost any segment or vertical
  • Consider these figures: <br />   <br /> 1) Magento merchants span the globe – across 75 countries <br />   <br /> 2) They represent over 20 industries, with the top 5 being <br />   <br /> 1. Fashion Apparel <br />   <br /> 2. Branded Manufacturers <br />   <br /> 3. B2B <br />   <br /> 4. Food & Beverage <br />   <br /> 5. Home & Garden
  • 3) Magento merchants span the full spectrum of the small to midsize segment <br /> – from $5M to more than $600M annually on the Magento Enterprises platform <br />   <br /> The depth & breadth of this merchant community is second to none! <br />   <br /> We are thrilled to have so many of you <br /> here with us at Imagine! <br />   <br /> I’d like to share with you 3 stories in particular that demonstrate the transformation that merchants are achieving. <br />
  • Let’s start with Boxpark. <br />   <br /> While multichannel is a priority for large retailers, <br /> new and growing brands are getting squeezed out <br /> of this opportunity. <br />   <br /> One of the reasons we’re growing so fast, is that we’re able to make multichannel operations accessible <br /> for growing brands. <br />   <br /> Boxpark at Shoreditch in <br /> East London, offers merchants incredibly hip retail space <br /> in retro-fitted shipping containers at a fraction of the cost. <br />   <br /> They provide all the services merchants need – retail space, <br /> Point-of-sale, <br /> and an online commerce marketplace, <br /> to get their shops up and running in about a week.
  • Jane Norman of London is a British fast-fashion brand <br /> - serving young, trendy women since 1952. <br />   <br /> Looking to better engage its digital native customers, <br /> Jane Norman decided to inspire young women through the eBay Marketplace Fashion Gallery. <br />   <br /> In the past year, <br /> eBay Marketplace has transformed itself <br /> - integrating social and discovery innovations, <br /> including feeds, <br /> curated content, <br /> and sharing. <br />   <br />
  • Another great example is <br /> Stella & Dot, <br /> who’s transformed the boutique jewelry and accessories industry. <br /> Stella & Dot had a simple idea: <br /> give women an opportunity to spend time with friends, <br /> in a fun and casual setting, while looking at beautiful jewelry. <br />   <br /> It’s like a pop-up shop in your home. <br />   <br /> This model is empowering women to be entrepreneurs all over the globe. <br />   <br /> Magento supports this model and has enabled Stella & Dot to reach fantastic highs and <br /> to challenge the boundaries of commerce. <br />   <br /> In addition to being the gateway to its customers, <br /> Magento is also a platform for its Stylists. <br />   <br /> They use it to schedule and track RSVP’s to their Trunk Shows, <br /> - to sell during the show <br /> - and to maintain connections with their customers after. <br />   <br /> This is a great example of the flexibility that Magento empowers! <br /> <br />   <br />  

Open Core Commerce with Virtually Unlimited Flexibility - Magento Enterprise Open Core Commerce with Virtually Unlimited Flexibility - Magento Enterprise Presentation Transcript

  • © 2013 Page | 1 Magento Enterprise Edition Open Core Commerce with Virtually Unlimited Flexibility Jenny Homer, Channel Development Manager UK, Middle East, Scandinavia and South Africa
  • © 2013 Page | 2 The changing rules of commerce Connected Constantly Everywhere On the Go To Their Work To Their Home To Their Friends To Their Favorite Retailers To Multiple Devices
  • © 2013 Page | 3 83%Want choice of customer service contact method Choice 64% Changed retailers because of free shipping Convenience 58% Expect more personalized experiences Personalization 77% Expect consistent experiences across channels Connected Experience Consumers expect more from brands and retailers
  • © 2013 Page | 4© 2013 Page | 4 The Commerce Revolution is here.
  • © 2013 Page | 5 eBay Inc. is committed to equipping businesses of all sizes with the technology and services to grow and prosper in global markets.
  • © 2013 Page | 6 Today 120 Million Users Globally Enabling over $175 Billion in Commerce By 2015 200 Million Users Globally Enabling over $300 Billion in Commerce
  • © 2013 Page | 7 Omnichannel Fulfillment Shoppable Windows Mobile
  • © 2013 Page | 9
  • © 2013 Page | 10 Most ecommerce solutions are “one-size-fits-all.” But your business is unique.
  • © 2013 Page | 11 VP, COO at eBay’s Magento Roy Rubin “Flexibility has been our focus since day one. No constraints or limitations. Anything is possible.”
  • © 2013 Page | 12 Magento is a platform that puts you in control– not one that controls you.
  • © 2013 Page | 13© 2013 Page | 13 Magento Enterprise Edition gives you choice & control with virtually unlimited flexibility.
  • 240,000+ Businesses 300+ Partners Technology & SI ~3,000 Enterprise Merchants 6,000+ 3rd Party Extensions $26+ Billion Commerce Volume in 2013 2,800+ Certified Developers
  • MID-MARKET IR 500 #1
  • 1 Industry 3 Community 2 Business 4 Merchants
  • 1 Fashion Apparel 2 Branded Manufacturers 3 B2B 4 Food & Beverage 5 Home & Garden
  • $600M $5M
  • Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14  Responsive Reference Design Theme  Bill Me Later for US Consumers  PayPal Express Checkout Improvements  Faster Search Indexing
  •  Faster time to market  Consistent branding across all devices  SEO benefits 50% REDUCTION IN TIME TO MARKET BENEFITS OF RESPONSIVE DESIGN
  • © 2013 Page | 35 Thank You