Let You Down - Prologue


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The story of Saph, her friends, her life, and, of course, her powers. Her annoying psychic powers that make her feel like a freak 24/7. Joy.

INTRO. Characters are only introduced in this chapter. If you could call it a chapter. :]

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Let You Down - Prologue

  1. 1.
  2. 2. My simself in the slutty dress greets you. XD<br />Anyways, before anyone goes and gets all excited about this story, I’d like to make sure everyone knows it’s just a prologue, therefore it’s only introducing the characters and giving a little info about them. Some, more info than others. <br />Well, on with the story, then! :D Or introduction… you know what I mean. Least, you better by now, after all this frickin’ rambling. XD<br />
  3. 3. Sapphire Keller<br />This would be our main character, Sapphire Keller. Though it&apos;s not recommended to call her Sapphire. Stick with calling her Saph and you&apos;ll save yourself a death glare. She was born on March 17, 1996, making her 17 years old. Saph&apos;s a pretty optimistic person, and she loves her friends to death. You&apos;ll rarely see her sad, though she can be tense at times. She&apos;s usually only that way around people she doesn&apos;t like or has funny feelings about. Saph&apos;s parents are both alive, though she doesn&apos;t usually see her mom, because Jane&apos;s a big-wig corporate woman, causing Saph&apos;s dad to sort of take over the stay-at-home mom role, which is what he frequently calls himself, causing Saph to have hysterics. Hysteric laughter, that is. Saph loves to laugh, and she does so often, usually at Cale&apos;s expense. She loves him anyways; but not like that, before you get any ideas! Oh, and another thing about Saph: she can read minds. She&apos;s a psychic. No one -- absolutely no one knows about this, other than Saph herself and Val. Not Cale, and especially not Janae.<br />
  4. 4. Valerie Stone<br />This is Val; she&apos;s been Saph&apos;s and Janae&apos;s best friend for about three years now. She&apos;s 17 too, born on December 3, 1996. No one really knows all that much about her home life and stuff like that, just the insignificant stuff like her favorite color, type of music and so on. She doesn&apos;t really like to talk about her family, though. And neither Saph or Janae have ever been over to her house. Val&apos;s a bit of a mystery, but... that&apos;s just how she is. Val&apos;s really quiet. Yeah, now&apos;s where most people say &quot;unless you know her&quot;, but that&apos;s not that case with Val. She&apos;s always quiet. Occasionally, she speaks up, but she&apos;s mostly a listener. Val also has a tendency to be sarcastic, but she thinks before she talks. It&apos;s like she can&apos;t control the sarcasm, though. Which very well may be.<br />
  5. 5. Janae Watson<br />Janae&apos;s a really outgoing girl, and she sticks up for what she believes in, as well as being friendly to almost everyone. She was brought into this world on July 24, 1997, making her the youngest out of her friends at 16. Janae&apos;sSaph&apos;s and Val&apos;s best friend, and, though she can get annoying from talking so much, they love her anyways. It usually annoys Val a lot more than Saph, though, and, occasionally, Val will just say, &quot;Janae. Shut up.&quot; Janae usually gives her a hurt look, but then goes back to her usual cheerful self. And a few seconds later, she&apos;ll just continue talking as if nothing had happened. Janae also loves gossip, and tends to do so about almost everyone, except her friends. She tries her absolute hardest not to spill anything about them to anyone. Janae&apos;s mom walked out on Janae and her dad when Janae was only about three years old, so now Janae just lives with her dad, who tries really hard to be a good dad, but mostly he just lets Janae do whatever she wants, making her a daddy&apos;s girl, as she&apos;s often teased about by Saph.<br />
  6. 6. Cale Hamilton<br />Ahh, Cale. Cale&apos;s a ladies&apos; man, pure and simple. A casanova, as well. He has a hard time staying true to a girlfriend, if he has one, which he tries not to, considering he doesn&apos;t like breaking people&apos;s hearts, but... well, let&apos;s just say that it seems he got an overdose of hormones. Cale was born on September 13, 1996, so he&apos;s 17 years old. Other than the heart-breaking, Cale&apos;s a pretty nice guy, and he&apos;s the only guy of the little friendship of himself, Val, Saph, and Janae, though Val doesn&apos;t like him that much. Probably because Cale constantly tries to hit on her. Cale lives alone with his mom, who he rarely sees, because she&apos;s usually out, hitting various bars. She&apos;s been like that since Cale&apos;s dad died about a year and a half ago.<br />
  7. 7. Jameson Jacobs<br />Jameson Jacobs, or JJ, as she is more known as, is very... outspoken. She&apos;s not afraid to stick up for anyone, and absolutely hates all those people who act like they own the world. It just gets on her nerves, which doesn&apos;t help, because JJ, uh, has a bit of a temper. Born on February 28, 1995, she&apos;s new to Scarlet Falls, moving here with her friend, Zane. She doesn&apos;t really mind it here, but she sort of wishes she&apos;d stayed back home with her parents and younger brother. JJ&apos;s a bit skeptical of most everything, but those who spend a lot of time with her eventually get used to it. Another thing they get used to is her obsession with music, which she always talks about some time or another when she&apos;s just chatting with someone, as it&apos;s her favorite topic. JJ also has a tendency to try and change people&apos;s music tastes to match her own, but it doesn&apos;t usually work.<br />
  8. 8. Zane Anderson<br />Zane&apos;s a pretty quiet guy. He&apos;s tense, cold, and distant, so it&apos;s a wonder how he even got to be friends with JJ. He was born on March 14, 1994, making him 19 years old now. Not very much is really known about him, just that he came to Scarlet Falls the same time JJ did, and that they know each other. If JJ knows anything important about him though, she hasn&apos;t told anyone... yet. Zane&apos;s also sarcastic and occasionally rude. He doesn&apos;t like... people, really. He doesn&apos;t have much of a tolerance for them and any stupid questions or small talk they can come up with. Zane&apos;s also very smart, so it&apos;s anyone&apos;s guess why he failed a grade, causing him to still be a senior this year, considering most seniors are 18 years old -- a year younger than Zane.<br />
  9. 9. Yayination for hair that defies gravity! :D<br />Let’s hope that I can stick with this one… I make no deadlines, but if it keeps my interest and my game keeps cooperating with me, then it might be out soon. Emphasis on the might. <br />Turn the page for… well, if I tell you what it is, you won’t turn it, so…<br />
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