Lesson plan of algebraic factorization


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Lesson plan of algebraic factorization

  1. 1. School : SMP Al-Falah Deltasari SidoarjoSubject : MathematicsGrade/Semester : VIII/1Main Material : Factorization of algebraic termsStandard of Competence : Understanding algebraic, relation,function and straight line equationsTime : 4 x 40’_________________________________________________________________________A. Basic CompetenceFactorizing the algebraic forms into its factorsB. Indicators1. To determine the factors of algebraic forms.2. To factorize the algebraic form into its factors.3. To solve the division of algebraic formC. ObjectivesAfter learning the lesson, students are able to:1. To determine the factors of algebraic forms.2. To factorize the algebraic form into its factors.3. To solve the division of algebraic formD. MaterialThe algebraic form:1.2. and3. ,For  with andFor  with andE. Learning Resources1. Students Book2. Worksheet3. Power pointF. Tools and Materials1. Algebraic Tile1Lesson Plan
  2. 2. 2. LCD3. LaptopG. Teaching and Learning ActivitiesLearning Model : Cooperative, type TGT (Team Games Tournament)Methods : DiscussionActivities Steps :Third MeetingI. Introduction (about 10’)• Greetings• Basmalah• Hamdalah• Syahadatain• SholawatPhase 1: Informing the aim and giving motivation to the students.1. Students remind factorization of algebraic form2. Tell students that they will learn about algebraic fraction (for todayfactorization by algebraic tile, for , perfect quadratictrinomials) and convey the learning direction3. Tell students solve a problem which algebraic fraction concept, forexample: Area of a football field is , determine ability of thelength and width! And we have l = and w = ; or vice versa; orl = and w = ; or vice versa.II. Main Activity (about 65’)Phase 3: Organizing students4. Organize students into groups of 4 students which heterogenic student(base on academic ability)Phase 2: Giving information5. Explain the material and use algebraic tile to demonstration how tofactorize the algebraic forms2
  3. 3. • Suppose a rectangle has the length of and the width ofthen . In other words, the factors ofare andQuestion:Factorize:a. Take the tiles+ +b. Arrange and 1 tiles as shown besidec. Put tiles to form a rectangled. Because a rectangle can be formed, can be factorized.The length of rectangle is and its width is . Thus,the factors of are and• Factorizing , whenExample:1. List all factors of 3, namely 1 and 3 ; -1 and -32. List all factors of -6, namely 1 and -6 ; -1 and 6 ; -2 and 3 ;and 2 and -33. Use the factors to form binomial4. Place the factors of 3 inside the box , and the factors of -6 insidethe circle  in the following expression (x + )(x + )5. Find the multiplication of two binomials. Its middle term, which isthe sum of outer and inner, is equal to( ) 3x2x x x 1 1x2x xx1 1
  4. 4. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Thus,6. Give worksheet 1 to student to discussion together in their teamPhase 4: Guiding practice in learning group7. Help students who has problem with worksheet 18. Students do the worksheet 1 belong 15’9. Tell the rule of tournament10. Each teams spread into four tournament tables (base on academic ability)11. Students collect points as mush as possible in tournament tables belong15’12. Students summarize points which they get from each tablesPhase 5: Evaluation13. Students and teacher discuss together for a few questions in tournamentPhase 6: Giving appreciation14. The best group (have a good result) get a prize and give motivation to thegroup whose the results are not good.III. Closing (about 5’)15. Guide students to make a summary of the learning.16. Students study the topic for next meeting that’s division and fraction inalgebraic formH. EvaluationType of assessment : Oral testForm of instrument : Subjective testExample of instrument : Questions in worksheet and quizKnown by, Sidoarjo, 17 July 2009The Headmaster of a.n. Mathematics PPL Team4
  5. 5. Al-Falah Junior High School DeltasariDrs. Sodikin, M. Pd. Izzatul YazidahWORKSHEET 1Name of Group : ………………………1. …………………………2. …………………………3. …………………………4. …………………………5. …………………………Main Material : Factorization of algebraic termsStandard Competence : Understanding algebraic, relation, function and straight lineequationsObjectives : Students are able to factorize the algebraic form into its factors.1.Determine the area of frame above, then factorize!5cmcm
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