''Train the trainer'' presentation


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''Train the trainer'' presentation

  1. 1. ETM 4th Project Meeting Plovdiv - Bulgaria 6th – 7th October 2011 Every Trainee Matters Leonardo Da Vinci – Partnership Raftopoulos Dimitris Strategic Leadership
  2. 2. Contents Mentored Learning Role of the Mentor in e-learning Mentor responsibilities Design & Implementation Training Program Delivering Mentored Learning6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  3. 3. “TRAIN THE TRAINER” MENTORED LEARNING6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  4. 4. Mentored Learning Mentored Learning is Focused Learning One on one mentoring Flexible scheduling Integrated delivery Mentored learning classroom: is a learning environment that incorporates tools, technologies and a Mentor in the learning process Comprehensive training environment incorporating a hybrid of: Traditional classroom instruction Hands on lab exercises One on one mentoring E-learning Reading Video based instruction6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  5. 5. Role of the mentor in e-learning (1/2) Assists the trainees to understand their role and the model of e- learning Explains & controls their obligation for participating to the educational e-course The educational e-course describes: • The educational material • The study schedule • The communication pattern • The certification Assists the trainees to study and understand the educational material The trainer is the representative of the training organisation Assists the trainees to make a time schedule Discuss with the trainees in issues presented regarding the study Assists the trainees to understand the educational means to be used Creates a community of learning Converts the training material from static to dynamic6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  6. 6. Role of the mentor in e-learning (2/2) Provides advice to the trainees on training issues The trainer interferes either personally or to the whole group so as to: • Explain the training material • Resolve questions • Suggest additional educational resources • Suggest ideas for new or additional exercises Communicates-encourages the trainees and organises the communication pattern amongst them6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  7. 7. Mentor Responsibilities (1/2) Overall responsibility for learners in the Mentored Learning Classroom Providing regular reviews to the learner, depending on the needs of that learner Monitor learners progress toward defined milestones and ultimate goal Progress reports to sales/learner to keep learners on track and note issues early Counseling learner on issues: late, sleeping, surfing internet, missing milestones Processes – Schedule and conduct audits and orientations, develops learning plans Planning – Daily classroom setup Executing – Assessments, breakout sessions, hands on-labs, MTM evaluations Monitoring – Learner progress toward defined goals6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  8. 8. Mentor Responsibilities (2/2) Mentoring – MBWA: Mentor By Walking Around, hourly interaction with learners Deliver breakout sessions and hands-on labs for topic knowledge and exam preparation Reporting – Forwards assessment and progress results to learners and sales Communicating – Sales, learner, accounting, other mentors Managing Information – learner files, updates and attendance Managing Time – Mentors should be out of the room less then 20 % of the time Provide outside study materials and additional reading suggestions to the learners in areas of weakness Certification - Mentors must hold the MCT status and should maintain certifications in the courses being delivered in the Mentored Learning Classroom (MLC)6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  9. 9. “Train the Trainer” DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  10. 10. Training Course (breakdown) Methodology User Administration Courses Administration Platform Administration Scenario of Use (live Practice of Trainees in Platform)6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  11. 11. Methodology (3 hours) Technologies used for the implementation of e-learning: Asynchronous learning platform Synchronous learning platform technical details, how to facilitate them educationally how to make the most out of the training tools Distance learning – “Theory & Practice” The educational course which he/she is called to implement Pedagogical theories, self-learning, cooperative learning Synchronous, asynchronous, blended learning Discussion coordination among the members of the learning e- community Special characteristics of written & oral communication Assessment procedures – certification of the trainees (specificities of certification)6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  12. 12. The mentors must be capable Learning a new class Prepare to learn Learn the material Plan the presentation Overcome obstacles Resolve product questions Developing a teaching outline Determine the topic order Introduce a topic Build an exercise Design a review Add closing Add opening6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  13. 13. The mentors must be capable Putting a class together Finalize the outline Develop teaching notes Design all board work Create auxiliary material Practice teaching the class Making a good class Excellent Convert the lecture into a group activity Foster a learning environment Manage challenging trainees Prepare for problems Evaluate the results6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  14. 14. Mentors must be trained on Asynchronous learning platform: Software with a set of “tools” that a trainer must know how to use during training (e.g.: using the platform, creating courses, creating learning activities, managing users – learners, etc) Synchronous learning platform: How to operate, Technical details, how to valorise it during the educational process (e.g.: collaborative learning, chat, transfer of learning objects of any format to the learners, etc) A Trainer must be trained on: The design & development processes of learning material (printed & electronic format) The implementation process of synchronous, asynchronous & blended learning The user characteristics that will participate in a learning program How to manage a training program How to certify the participants6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  15. 15. Users Administration (45’-50’) Browse List of Users Add New (Part 1) Edit Show User Profile Delete User Search Filters Bulk User Actions (Delete, Download, etc) Add New User (Part 2) Upload Users Create/Edit Custom User Profile fields Define Roles Assign System Roles User Policies6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  16. 16. Courses Administration (45’-60’) Add/Edit a Course Enrolments Manage Activities Manage Blocks (Add/Edit Sticky Blocks) Calendar (Add/Edit Events) Assign Roles in a Course View Grades Create/Manage Groups View/Edit Reports View/Manage Course’s Files Add a Resource Add an Activity (SCORM, Survey, Certificate) Edit “Topic Outlines”6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  17. 17. Platform Administration & ScenarioPlatform Administration (15’–20’) Site Policies (Setting for Platform’s security) Calendar (Preferences, Settings) Front Page – Settings – Site files Cleanup (Inactive Users, etc.)Scenario of Use (45’–60’) Full Practice on the previous issues live on the platform Questions6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  18. 18. Training Program “TRAIN THE TRAINER”6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  19. 19. Testing the Knowledge Phase 1 - Audit Mentor Step 1: Meeting Step 2: Overview Step 3: Learn Step 4: Discovery Step 5: Final Hand off Phase 2 - The Needs Assessment Step 1: Feedback Step 2: Needs Assessment Step 3: Close/Advance6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  20. 20. Mentor Audit (1/3) Step 1: Meeting Trainee will meet with the Mentor for an Audit Demo on the actual Training Model. Trainee will experience a: Pre-assessment Learn Reading assignment (10 pages 10’) Lecture through Video Stream (15’) Review /lab through hands on exercise (15’) Post-assessment Meet with Responsible person for Needs Assessment Step 2: Overview Classroom setup Video Content Step 3: The trainee experiences Mentored Learning Pre-Assessment Learn (Lecture) Reinforce Apply (Lab exercise using VPC display) Post-Assessment6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  21. 21. Mentor Audit (2/3) Step 4: Discovery Uncover trainee’s overall training goals and objectives Use these details to develop a personalized learning plan Include milestones and host a meeting each milestone to check progress Continue until trainee achieves their goal Step 5: Final hand–off Private Meeting with Mentor on discovery Activity 2 | 15’ Role Play Audit—Overview Classroom set up Video Content Role play in teams of 3: Education Counselor, Prospect, Evaluator6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  22. 22. Mentor Audit (3/3) Activity 3 | 20’ Role Play Audit - Trainee Experiences Mentored Learning Audit - Discovery & Turnover Pre Assessment Learn (Lecture) Reinforce Apply (Lab exercise using VPC display) Post Assessment Role play in teams of 3: Education Counselor, Prospect, Evaluator6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  23. 23. Delivering Mentored Learning INSTRUCTOR TRAINING6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  24. 24. Agenda Delivering Mentored Learning Mentor Characteristics Planning Phase Execution Phase Orientation Monitoring Reporting Communicating Managing: • Information • Time • Resources Troubleshooting Mentored Learning Instructor Tools and Resources Next Steps Exam Audit6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  25. 25. With the completion of this session… The Trainer will: Know what Mentored Learning is and its value Know how Mentored Learning is introduced Know the role of the Mentored Learning Instructor or Mentor during Pre Delivery and Delivery Phase Mentor Characteristics Pre-Delivery Mentored Learning Audit Daily delivery and Execution of Mentoring Tracking and Reporting trainee progress Be prepared to complete the Instructor Process Certification Exam6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  26. 26. Planning Phase Planning Phase is consisted by: Classroom Layout Session Logistics Vendor Logistics Trainee Mentored Classroom Hours Learning Folders Mentored Learning Manager6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  27. 27. The Mentor is also responsible for… Processes – Schedule and conduct audits Planning – Daily classroom setup Executing – Assessments, breakout sessions Monitoring – Trainee progress toward defined goals Reporting – Forwards assessment and progress results to trainees and sales Communicating – Sales, trainee, accounting, other Mentors Managing Resources – Server, images, hardware Managing Information – Trainee files, updates and attendance Managing Time – Mentors should be out of the room less then 20 % of the time 20% may consist of computer setup, research, breakout sessions6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  28. 28. Mentored Learning Floor Plan Server Rack One-Way Glass One-Way Glass Glass M e en tor or s Demo/Closing Mentor Orientation & Break-Out Room Whiteboard Hallway Sign-In Table Whiteboard Demo/Closing Mentor Orientation & Break-Out Room One-Way Glass Glass Glass Hallway6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  29. 29. The Mentored Learning Environment6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  30. 30. The Mentor’s Schedule Mentored Learning training is scheduled in 3.5 hour sessions or time blocks Three (3) daily sessions are typically held: morning, afternoon or evening Each session is booked on a seat availability basis: Morning Sessions: 08:30 am – 12:00 pm Afternoon Sessions: 01:00 pm – 04:30 pm Evening Sessions: 05:30 pm – 09:00 pm Saturday: 08:30 am – 12:00 pm (if applicable)6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  31. 31. Mentored Learning Classroom Hours Days 8:30 am – 12:00 pm 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm 5:30 pm – 9:00 pmMonday Mentor Specialty: Mentor Specialty: Mentor Specialty: Networking & Applications Networking & Applications Networking & ApplicationsTuesday Mentor Specialty: Mentor Specialty: Mentor Specialty: Programming, Databases & Networking & Applications Networking ApplicationsWednesday Mentor Specialty: Mentor Specialty: Mentor Specialty: Programming, Databases & Networking & Applications Networking ApplicationsThursday Mentor Specialty: Programming, Databases & Mentor Specialty: Mentor Specialty: Applications Networking & Applications NetworkingFriday Mentor Specialty: Mentor Specialty: CLOSED Networking & Applications Networking & ApplicationsSaturday Mentor Specialty: Programming, Databases & CLOSED CLOSED Applications6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  32. 32. The Mentored Learning Trainee Learning File Mentored Learning trainee File for each trainee is created during the Orientation process (hardcopies) The Mentored Learning trainee File is referenced and used throughout the trainee’s training The Mentored Learning trainee File documents all: Pre and post test results Future sessions (trainee’s commitment) Attendance Class completions and other critical notes6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  33. 33. Execution Phase Execution: trainee Setup Orientation Monitoring Reporting Communicating Managing: Information Time Resources Troubleshooting6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  34. 34. Trainee Setup Process Step 1 Create the trainee Account in Active Directory (Mentored Learning classroom only) Create the trainee Workstation Login Lab Images are pushed from main server to trainee machine Step 2 Create the trainee Account for the Video Provider Create a learning plan with milestones and a final goal date: Monitor frequently to ensure milestones are being met and customer is satisfied6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  35. 35. Trainee Orientation Process The first day includes discussion of: trainee goals, expectations Timeline completion Availability “House Rules” “How to” i.e. Learning Port Scheduling Future Sessions Cancellation Policy Trainee Mentored Learning File Standard training agreements & sales orders Course Mapping Form House Rules Mentored Learning Checklist Trainee Tracking Sheet with Milestones & Goal Date Pretest–Trainee Assessments FAQs6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  36. 36. The Mentored Learning Counseling Session Types of Mentor Counseling Sessions Slow or Speedy trainee Low Test Scores Resistant trainee The trainee Write-up Orientation - Day of 1st Session Activity 1 | 45’ Role Play / Walk Through Trainee Folder, Rules, Checklist Locate the Step by Step checklist in your workbook Review the Step and Demo activities Walk through the process with as both trainee/Mentor6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  37. 37. Execution Phase Deliver Assessments to trainees Deliver Breakout Sessions as Needed Provide Outside Reading Suggestions Provide Regular Reviews to trainee Provide Capstone Assignments as Needed6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  38. 38. Daily Monitoring Trainee Progress toward defined Goals Hold trainees accountable Attendance Behavior and body language MBWA: Mentor by Walking Around Orientation Activity 2 | 45’ Role Play Counseling Session - Slow or Speedy trainee - Low Test Scores - Resistant trainee - Trainee Write-up Review the talking points of each scenario Roll play in teams of two: Mentor/trainee Role Play having each taking on the role of the Mentor/trainee6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  39. 39. Daily Reporting Daily Reporting Assessment Results Ongoing Progress Evaluations Through to Sales/trainees Results MTM6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  40. 40. Mentor Management Activities Mentor Management Activities Resources Information Time6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  41. 41. Managing Information Managing Information Trainee Folders Logons Vendor updates6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  42. 42. Managing Resources Servers Workstations Images Credentials MCT, Cisco Skills Gaps No SME6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  43. 43. Managing Time Minimum Out-of-Room Activities Audits Meetings Breakouts6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  44. 44. Mentor Troubleshooting Problem trainees Wrong Modality Handling Monday Mornings More than 1 question at a time6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  45. 45. Supporting Material for Trainers Mentored Learning Reference Tools: DVD Orientation Packet with Checklist Trainee Information Profile Mentored Learning Classroom Policy and Procedures Test Past Guarantee Mentored Learning Information Sheet Trainee Setup guide Mentored Learning Daily Survey Trainee Tracking Form Mentor Exam Audit Video Mentored Learning Manager Online Sessions6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111
  46. 46. 6-7.10.2011 Every Trainee Matters | 2010-1-ROI-LE004-0677111