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CCL presentation

  1. 1. Enclos Saint-Césaire – Impasse des Mourges13200 Arles FranceTel. +33 (0)
  2. 2. Centre de Conservation du Livre Contact: CCL is a non-governmental organisation, founded in Arles in 1993 to develop actions both at national and international levels in the field of documentary heritage preservation and management : collections of books, manuscripts, archives, photographs and graphic works. Its services include lifelong training, expertise and technical advice, documentation and multidisciplinary cooperations.
  3. 3. Centre de Conservation du Livre Contact: Training Professionals and post-graduates seeking advanced training can enrol in specialised courses in:  document conservation  treatment of biological damage  disaster planning  patrimonial collections management  use of new technologies, such as digitisation, for preservation and wider public dissemination of collections contents.
  4. 4. Centre de Conservation du Livre Contact: Expertise CCL’s services are frequently requested by professionals from libraries, archives and museums for on-site expert consultations in Europe and abroad by the UNESCO, the UE, the French Foreign Affairs Ministry, the French Culture and Communication Ministry… Recents expertises have be done for :  Library of Charfet (2010-2011)  National Archive of Yemen (2009)  CITE in Madagascar (2008)  Khalidi Library in Jerusalem (2007)  County Council of la Reunion (2005-2006)  And many others regional libraries and archives…
  5. 5. Centre de Conservation du Livre Contact: International cooperation CCL manages several interregional and international cooperation projects in the fields of preservation, preventive conservation, disaster planning, digitisation, cultural object trafficking, language preservation, etc. These international projects are co funded by regional and international institutions such as :  Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur  European Commission (Programme Culture, Euromed Heritage 4, Interreg IIIB Medocc and Interreg III C, etc.)
  6. 6. Centre de Conservation du Livre Contact: CCL as coordinator : STUDITE (2011 - 2013). Development of European identity and intercultural dialogue throw cultural activities of cooperation around Greek and Byzantine manuscripts. MANUMED II (Euromed Heritage IV programme, 2009 – 2012). Promotion of written and intangible heritage of the Euro-Mediterranean area. CHINDEU (Culture Programme – Cooperation with third countries, 2008 – 2012). Cross exchanges on preservations techniques. ARISTHOT (Interreg IIIB MEDOCC-PACA, 2006 – 2008). Virtual library on Mediterranean Sciences. EURINDIA (EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme, 2004 – 2007). Localisation and promotion of cultural and economic common archives in India and Europe. NOE (Interreg III C). Development of preventive actions for preservation of Heritage facing up natural disaster. ALFONSO GALLO (Leonardo programme-2001) provide solutions to various current problems faced by European experts in documentary heritage preservation. MYSTRA (Raphael Programme - 1997) provide intensive training to 10 experts in Greece on the history and techniques of Byzantine bindings preservation. PATMOS (1995). Training mission on restoration and preservation for post-graduates sent to Patmos.
  7. 7. Centre de Conservation du Livre Contact: CCL as a partner : COMST Team 5 (Culture programme – 2011) Conservation of manuscripts of Middle East. EWIL (Lifelong learning programme – 2011) Learning methods based on ICT tools in order to identify ways to increase women participation in adult learning, with focus on interactive learning. EUROPH (Culture Programme – 1.2.1) Cultural cooperation on military and religious Orders heritage, creation of a route walking through the path of the fryers and the cultural heritage they left. eMULTIPOETRY (Lifelong Learning Programme - 2008) The project aims to design a techno-pedagogical environment of deepening the knowledge on the classical and modern poetry, co-operative composing and presenting poems and producing ICT tools ready to be used by European schools based on the methods that are not entirely new. LANDSCAPE OF WAR (Culture programme - 2006) an inventory of 20th century conflict heritage sites in parts of the EU and examination of the surviving remains and their manifestations as historical areas of conflict. URME (Culture programme - 2006) the reactivation of the urban memory of seven European cities, through multidisciplinary studies that re-create the cultural atmosphere at different moments in their historical development. Using contemporary methods, URME intends to track urban sites as part of the literary and cultural heritage of the city. MILITE TEMPLI (Culture programme - 2004) Survey, valorisation and preservation of historical and artistic heritage of the Templar Order.
  8. 8. Centre de Conservation du Livre Contact: Documentation and NTIC In close cooperation with local authorities, CCL provides technical advice on preventive conservation, and operates a specialised information service which may be consulted on-site or via Internet. Among which :  E-Corpus - – A collective digital library.  Provence Digital library - Collection of documents to present all the establishments of the region Provence-Alpes-Côte dAzur preserving documentary heritage.
  9. 9. Centre de Conservation du Livre Contact: E-corpusE-corpus is a collective and heritage centred digital library that indexes and disseminates numerous documents belonging to the European written and linguistic heritage as well as the Euro-Mediterranean region : manuscript pages, antique books, archives, newspapers, photography, maps, prints, sound recordings and videos.To date, E-Corpus offers direct access to more than one million documents, available through cooperation with more than 200 institutions worldwide.Based on cutting edge technologies, e-corpus offers a simple multimedia and multilingual interface.Principal figures : 2 000 000 document corresponding to approximately 100 000 notices will be available in e-corpus by the end of 2011 180 000 visits since the creation of the platform. 357 952 researches made by the Internet users 39 virtual collections and 25 available dedicated sites An average of 490 visitors per day in 2011
  10. 10. Centre de Conservation du Livre Contact: PublicationsCCL publishes or coordinates books on conservation, preservation and restoration, catalogues of manuscripts, surveys of collections and Art books on written heritage.The CCL is also director of a collection called “Kitab Tabulae”. This collection is specialized in the domains of books, archives and libraries in particular in the Mediterranean space but also all over the world.Last publications :
  11. 11. CENTRE DE CONSERVATION DU LIVREEnclos Saint-CésaireImpasse des Mourges13200 ARLES - FranceTel : (33) 4 90 49 99 89Fax : (33) 4 90 49 66 .