10 Great Reasons to Use Sulf-N Ammonium Sulfate


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The key to getting ahead in farming is to make sure that fields are properly cared for. With the right amount of precipitation, care, and fertilizer there’s no reason each every field can’t produce a high yield crop. There are ten solid reasons why Sulf-N ammonium sulfate should be the first choice of fertilizer.

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10 Great Reasons to Use Sulf-N Ammonium Sulfate

  1. 1. 10 Great Reasons to Use Sulf-N Ammonium Sulfate ind-svcs.com/blog/10-great-reasons-use-sulf -n-ammonium-sulf ate/ The key to getting ahead in f arming is to make sure that f ields are properly cared f or. With the right amount of precipitation, care, and f ertilizer there’s no reason each every f ield can’t produce a high yield crop. There are ten solid reasons why Sulf -N ammonium sulf ate should be the f irst choice of f ertilizer. High Yield, Easier to Use Wheat Crop Studies indicate that winter wheat grown in f ields that have been f ertilized with Sulf -N ammonium sulf ate can be expected to produce approximately 30 additional bushels per acre than f ields that weren’t treated with the f ertilizer. Even more impressive is that the wheat grown in the f ields f ertilized with Sulf -N is the best choice f or baking, that wheat rises better, has a f irmer crust, and doesn’t crumble. Lower PH Any f ield with high PH levels will benef it f rom the Honeywell Sulf -N f ertilizer treatments. The sulf ate lowers the PH, making the area more usef ul by increasing the number of crops that will thrive in the soil. Immediate Improvement to Both Soil and Crops Producers will see a near immediate improvement in both quality and yield, making it an ideal choice when looking f or a way to quickly improve f ields that haven’t perf ormed up to expectations and is going to be used f or f orage purposes. Improve Calcium Whether the f ield is being used to produce a high yield crop, or as pasture it should have adequate available calcium in the soil. An application of the Sulf -N ammonium sulf ate increases the availability of the calcium, creating healthier plants. Add Nitrogen to the Soil There are f ew dif f erent methods f or adding nitrogen to the soil. One option is planting legumes such as clover or alf alf a which can be pricey, especially if it needs to be plowed under to make room f or another crop. Another, more af f ordable and less time consuming method f or increasing nitrogen levels is an application of Sulf -N ammonium sulf ate. Improve Cattle Health When Sulf -N f ertilizer is applied to grass that’s being used to produce hay or as pasture f or beef cattle, studies indicate that the animals bore calves that had a higher rate of gain than other calves that weren’t f ed grass grown on the treated soil. Corn grown in Sulf -N ammonium sulf ate treated f ields that is later f ed to cattle can drastically increase milk production.
  2. 2. Complete Control Over the Amount of Fertilizer the Soil Receives When spreading Sulf -N f ertilizer on the f ield, producers can rest assured that the amount of f ertilizer the machine has been set to release, will be the amount of f ertilizer the soils gets. Unlike Urea, which experiences a great deal of loss during volatilization, there’s zero loss when using Sulf -N ammonium sulf ate. No Denitrification Even if the land gets hit by an unexpected rain shower af ter the ammonium sulf ate f ertilizer has been applied, the f ertilizer will maintain it’s integrity. No Need for Heavy Application Producers can provide the soil with nitrogen and minerals by applying 100-200lbs of Sulf -N per acre. Improves Digestibility of Plants Grasses that have been grown in Sulf -N treated soil will be more easily digested by livestock, increasing both f eed ef f iciency and nutritional health. Image Credit: Wheat Crop – Wikipedia Commons Soil Samples, by Dwight Sipler Cows Eating by Steve Industrial Services Commonwealth Industrial Services, Inc. (CIS) is an industrial services company located in Hopewell, Virginia. Although historically a service business, CIS’ primary prof it center is the packaging and resale of ammonium sulf ate. Follow Us Latest posts by Industrial Services (see all) 10 Great Reasons to Use Sulf -N Ammonium Sulf ate - April 7, 2014