How Co-create Transmedia Narratives


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Slides of my presentation at Colombia 3.0 2014 edition, as part of the Convergence Module.

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    Copy, Transform, Combine
  • How Co-create Transmedia Narratives

    1. 1. How Co-Create Transmedia Narratives with the Audience? - montecarlo Colombia 3.0 - 2014 -
    2. 2. Seven basic questions. About…
    3. 3. 1 …Communication
    4. 4. sender ))))) receiver
    5. 5. O)))))) ((((((O
    6. 6. me us you
    7. 7. 2 …(mass) media
    8. 8. receiver receiver receiver sender ))))) receiver receiver receiver receiver
    9. 9. - one direction - same time - same message
    10. 10. 3 …brand universes
    11. 11. products suppliers employees stakeholders customers competition
    12. 12. 4 …storytelling
    13. 13. - sense making - build tribe - ...and more
    14. 14. 5 …narrative universes
    15. 15. - rules - mechanics - aesthetics - story - character - circumstance - world games and stories
    16. 16. Immersive levels uuu
    17. 17. canon
    18. 18. 6 …laws
    19. 19. - authorship - ownership - rights
    20. 20. control
    21. 21. 7 …communication 2.0
    22. 22. - all directions - any time/place - personal message
    23. 23. from possession… …to use… …to experience
    24. 24. - peer - interaction - Player - co-creator
    25. 25. - public - influencer - co-creator
    26. 26. but remember… ¡all of them have new consumer habits!
    27. 27. ______…some examples
    28. 28. ____a tv series
    29. 29. ______
    30. 30. ______Star Trek: Odyssey The continuing adventures of Lt. Commander Ro Nevin, stranded in the Andromeda Galaxy. View the latest episodes right here! Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles Witness the exploits of the USS Helena, now under the command of Captain Theresa Faisal, and exploring the newly revealed Hidden Frontier! Star Trek: Federation One Star Trek: Federation One will be a three season series focusing on the President of the United Federation of Planets and their entourage aboard the Federation's diplomatic flagship, Federation One. The first season will be filmed, while the second and third seasons will be presented in audio format only. Frontier Guard An all new, original Sci-Fi production from Hidden Frontier Productions. Due to film in 2009, Frontier Guard is set in the 25th Century. Conner Blake has joined the Guard after being abducted in 1957 and found frozen on an Ark hundreds of years later. HF/Intrepid Crossovers Orphans of War stars the crews of the USS Excelsior and USS Intrepid as they join forces to investigate something left behind by the Archiens. Operation Beta Shield is a feature length follow up to Orphans of War and prelude to Federation One as the two crews work together Star Trek: Hidden Frontier - Episode Index 1 of 3 26/07/14 07:23 to prevent a second Archien invasion. Star Trek: Hidden Frontier The series that started our journey into the final frontier, view all seven seasons (and 50 episodes!) here! Star Trek: Grissom The Star Trek: Grissom audio show recounts the last missions of the Federation vessel U.S.S. Grissom which was destroyed as it carried out its final mission above the Genesis Planet, as depicted in the film Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Although the Grissom's story ends in this tragedy, all the excitement, intrigue, and action leading up to this ill-fated mission has not been told... until now. Henglaar, M.D. Our Henglaar M.D. audio show tells the tale of everyone's favorite Tellarite Doctor as he copes with the loss of Myra Elbrey and tries to instill some work ethic back into a young team of medical students. Star Trek Diplomatic Relations Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations picks up where Starfleet leave off and tells the story of members of the United Federation of Planets Diplomatic Corps. Star Trek Equinox Before the discovery of the Hidden Frontier, the untold story of the Starship Equinox is finally revealed! Voyages of the USS Angeles Go back to 1999 and Hidden Frontier's roots with 5 episodes of Voyages of the USS Angeles. Continue with Season 2's adventures in audio format. Star Trek: Hidden Frontier - Episode Index 2 of 3 26/07/14 07:23
    31. 31. a film__
    32. 32. a comic-book_____
    33. 33. ______
    34. 34. RAQUEL SECO São Paulo 25 JUL 2014 - 16:43 CEST Batman llega al barrio Un grupo de ciudadanos se disfraza de superhéroes para denunciar la inseguridad de Sã Paulo Su líder se presentará a las elecciones como diputado federal Archivado en: BatmanBatman São PauloSão Paulo Personajes ficciónPersonajes ficción RobosRobos Estado São PauloEstado São Paulo Seguridad ciudadanaSeguridad ciudadana ViolenciaViolencia BrasilBrasil DelincuenciaDelincuencia SudaméricaSudamérica LatinoaméricaLatinoamérica Problemas socialesProblemas sociales AméricaAmérica DelitosDelitos SucesosSucesos SociedadSociedad JusticiaJusticia De lejos parecen superhéroes, pero de cerca los trajes son de lycra y el maquillaje les hace sudar. Batman, el Hombre Araña, el Zorro, el Vampiro, y media docena de abogados, profesores y retirados brasileños llamados Loucos pela Paz (Locos por la Paz) usan su tiempo libre y su pinta estrafalaria para llamar la atención sobre una larga lista de reivindicaciones para São Paulo: más seguridad, penas más duras Vampiro y Batman el pasado 2 de julio en Itapevi (São Paulo). / BOSCO MARTÍN
    35. 35. __a book
    36. 36. it is not about, platforms, clicks, likes…
    37. 37. it is about relationships!
    38. 38. trust
    39. 39. the rule is…
    40. 40. the rule is… …there are no rules.
    41. 41. so… how co-create transmedia narratives with the audience?
    42. 42. as the zen proverb says: “the question is the answer”
    43. 43. “I don’t like your brand, I like my friends”
    44. 44. Thank you very much! montecarlo @Imastranger